Beauty professionals excel at thinking outside the box to create new looks, techniques, and even job opportunities. But what cosmetology students may not realize is that there are some unusual and unique jobs available in the beauty industry. Despite the unusual circumstances, these jobs still underscore the beneficial skills that cosmetologists bring to their clients and communities. At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, our programs prepare students for a variety of career paths. Here, we explore some of the more unusual paths cosmetology students can follow.

Movie Makeup Artist

This is a specialized branch of cosmetology. Plus, there are sub-specializations for those who work in specific genres, such as horror or science fiction, that may require elaborate, fantastical characters. The movie makeup artist works long hours as part of a production team. They operate with instructions from stylists, directors, wardrobe specialists, and others. This is an exciting cosmetology job for those who enjoy artistic challenges and can work collaboratively and under pressure.

Fashion Show and Runway Stylist

This fast-paced career choice is especially appealing to beauty school students who have a passion for fashion. Professionals who work in clothing and accessory design, modeling, and event planning all provide collaborative input for hair and makeup. Once the show starts, everyone is on a tight schedule, making efficiency a necessity for those working in fashion.

Students and graduates at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes compete annually for a chance to experience this cosmetology job performed at a high level. Applicants who are chosen work with the Aveda hair and makeup teams backstage during Fashion Week in both New York and London.

Cruise Ship Cosmetology Jobs

If you have been on a cruise, you know that dressing up is part of the experience. Family photos, spa dates, special dinners, and dancing in grand ballrooms are all part of the fun. This is a great career for cosmetologists who like to work with a wide variety of people. On a cruise ship, your clientele changes with every trip! These beauty professionals provide makeup, hair treatments, and facials for guests aboard the ship, helping them look and feel their best during a restful, fun vacation.

Tattoo Artist

Where do skincare and artistic sensibility join together for the long term? When planning, choosing, receiving, and maintaining the latest tattoo. These artists make long-lasting images that reflect their clients’ personal experiences, periods of growth and change, and cherished beliefs. Clients return to the same artist, again and again, utilizing their skills and creativity to depict important life stories. A solid background in one of our several skin care programs is essential to this living art.

Mortuary Cosmetologist

Cosmetologists who work in the funeral space carry a great responsibility. It takes great skill and technique to make the body of the deceased look as it did in life. Since viewings are the last public appearance of the deceased, they carry great meaning and emotion for family and friends. Plus, if the deceased held a place of honor in the community, a large crowd may walk by the casket to pay their respects. One of the first steps to becoming a mortuary cosmetologist is to attend an accredited beauty school that offers a cutting-edge cosmetology program.

Expand Your Horizons in Cosmetology

These unique cosmetology jobs are just a few of the positions held by innovative beauty industry creators. Professionals in hair, makeup, and skincare help people across all industries and sectors, sometimes in surprising ways. Are you ready to find out more about admissions and enrollment at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes? With flexible class schedules and campuses in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah, achieving an exciting career in the beauty industry is possible. Contact us today to get started and learn more.