In the cosmetology industry, you’ll often see hair designers and skincare technicians wearing black clothing or black aprons. Why is wearing a lack of color so popular among these stylists and salon professionals? Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes offers beauty school training, including a cosmetology program, designed to prepare students for success in the beauty and wellness industry. Here, we discuss the reasons why so many cosmetologists wear black.

Stain Concealment

Part of the reason why cosmetologists wear black clothing and aprons is that they show fewer stains and splatters. Throughout the day, cosmetologists may mix hair dyes, apply facial cream, or polish nails. These tasks and materials can be quite messy.

Spills, smears, and smudges are bound to happen, and it’s better if they land on black fabric, where these mishaps are less likely to appear. Even if stains do stay, many resourceful cosmetologists have learned that dotting a black permanent marker over them can conceal the blemish.

Neutral Palette

A cosmetologist’s black apron or uniform also serves as a neutral palette. When the stylist stands behind a client in the mirror, black clothing or aprons act as neutral backgrounds and provide a line of contrast. This enables the stylist to evaluate their work and see the customer’s true hair color or if a new layered look is progressing nicely without being distracted by their clothing colors, patterns, or textures. The cosmetologist’s black clothing also absorbs light, making it easier for their eyes to focus on the client’s coif and fix any flaws before finishing.

Timeless Touch, Classy Look

Another reason cosmetologists wear black is that noir never goes out of style. Think James Dean or Audrey Hepburn dressed in black turtlenecks or Coco Chanel in a black blouse. Black uniforms and aprons demonstrate sophistication, flatter any body shape or shade, pair easily with accessories and branding, and remain trendy during any season.

Additionally, they tend to be in stock more than other shades. This makes it easier to purchase uniforms and aprons in bulk for employees, which in turn creates a more uniform and professional look at the salon.

Subdued Uniformity

A cosmetologist’s aesthetic is his or her calling card. When clients enter a salon or models prepare for New York or London Fashion Week, they want to be assured that the person in charge of changing their looks has their own sense of style. A black apron or black uniform can convey that by giving clients the confidence needed to allow you to cut or color their hair.

Black aprons or clothing also bring a sense of stylish uniformity and coworker cohesiveness to a salon or styling venue. They allow the customers to shine without drawing too much attention to the cosmetologist. A black apron can also be used as a marketing technique, enabling clients to better detect your brand as the logo stands out against the black background.

Confidently Wear Black with an Education from Aveda Institutes

A stylish uniform is only part of becoming a thriving cosmetologist. You also need the proper knowledge and skills. At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, our instructors provide hands-on experience in an array of styling competencies. This training empowers our graduates to seek rewarding careers in cosmetology and confidently wear the black Aveda Institutes apron.

With flexible class schedules and campuses located in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, an exciting career in cosmetology is within reach. Contact us today to schedule a tour at one of our campuses or to explore the programs we offer.