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21 May 7 Product Essentials Every Dad Needs

Father’s Day is right around the corner. This year give dad something different! Though spa days, skin and hair care products, and gift cards are often associated with the women in your life, don’t be fooled. Treat the father you love to an Aveda product or experience. Check out these 7 product essentials, and then contact your local Inspire Greatness to see if they have these products in stock for fathers day or book his treatment at one of our student salons!*

1. invati men™ scalp revitalizer

This hair product is meant as a leave-in treatment and is perfect for men who have thin hair. When massaged into the scalp, it invigorates the follicles and disperses the signature pure-fume™ scent for hair that smells great all day long. It also instantly thickens the root of the hair. Give the gift of wonderful, full, revitalized hair!

2. aveda men pure-formance™ set

Help dad master his morning routine with this Aveda washing and styling set. This shampoo, conditioner, and styling product trio help dad cleanse, moisturize, and groom to perfection. It’s the simplicity of a shampoo and body wash, but for dad’s hair! This set makes showering and grooming effortless, simple, and fast.

3. aveda men pure-formance™ thickening paste

Dad looking for thicker, healthier locks? Look no further. This Aveda thickening paste instantly adds body and makes styling easy. This styling product will keep dad looking sharp starting from the office through to date night.

4. aveda men pure-formance™ shave cream

A clean-cut man is always in style. Dads with all skin types will appreciate this shave cream that helps provide a close, comfortable shave. It even helps protect against irritation and razor burn. The aroma this cream boasts of certified organic spearmint, vetiver, lavender, and other pure flower and plant essences just adds to the list of benefits of this product. Put this product on your shopping list for every father in your life!

5. aveda men pure-formance™ aroma spray

A man’s scent can help him create his identity, especially with the ladies. This aroma spray is made up of kunzea, citrus, and certified organic essential oils including spearmint, vetiver, and lavender. Dad can use this spray as a cologne, keeping him smelling fresh all day long. This alluring spray is sure to impress everyone on your list.

6. invati men™ system

Got a dad struggling with hair loss? It’s nothing to be afraid of, but if he wants to reduce the amount of hair he’s losing, check out the Aveda invati line. This pair combines the power of the scalp revitalizer with the shampoo for a routine that is a solution for thinning hair. These products were created to reduce hair loss, and 4 out of 5 men said their hair feels stronger and looks thicker (after a 12 week consumer test).

7. Aveda Travel Sizes

Have a globetrotting dad? He can take all the benefits of Aveda with him in his suitcase. The hair care line as well as a few body washes are available in these little sizes, perfect for on the go. These are also great for dads who frequent the gym. Your gym bag real estate is precious, so be conscious of what you pack! Just make sure your Aveda shampoo and conditioner make it in there.

Make Father’s Day Relaxing

Give the gift of relaxation to dad this year. *All of the services in our student salon are provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Aveda Institute Tucson

Treat dad to a haircut, facial, or body treatment at our Tucson student salon and spa! To book his appointment for this location, click here!

845 N. Park Ave. Suite 105
Tucson, AZ 85719

Aveda Institute Phoenix

Help dad look as good as he feels by booking a men’s cut, facial, or body treatment! Our student salon and spa is the perfect place to feel revitalized! Book his appointment here.

8475 South Emerald Drive Suite 111, 113
Tempe, Arizona 85284

Aveda Institute Denver

This location boasts its own barbering services in addition to our regular men’s cuts. You can also schedule dad a facial, body treatment, or even a massage! Make his day, click here to book an appointment.
700 16th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Aveda Institute Provo

Make Father’s Day extra special by booking him a haircut, facial, body treatment, or massage at our Provo student salon and spa! To get in touch with his and book his appointment, click here.

210 N University Ave.
Provo, UT 84601

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Aveda Beautifying conditioner.

19 Apr Inspired to Live the Aveda Mission

It’s Live the Mission at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute Denver and recently our sister locations in Phoenix, Tucson and Provo have also celebrated, in the spirit of Earth Month, the environmental leadership aspects of the Aveda mission. Say what? Basically, we are just taking a moment to truly live and inspire our Aveda mission. In Denver, we took a closer look at the world of plastic pollution, inspired by a recent video shared by the Plastic Pollution Coalition, and decided to join the cause.

In terms of plastic pollution awareness, Aveda isn’t a stranger to this cause. Aveda has never used plastic microbeads in its products – which became very popular in other brands and recently was declared by the UNEP as a pollutant. Aveda instead uses natural plant resources like jojoba, walnut shells or wintergreen-derived salicylic acid to gently exfoliate skin. (Click here to see the report issued by the United Nations Environment Program about plastic pollutants in cosmetics).

Today, many Aveda locations accept Caps for their recycling program. Those caps are then made into new Post-Consumer-Recycled (PCR) caps for products and color tubes. What about other plastics though? Like the kind that can’t be recycled or re-used or made into other pretty things?

aveda color tubes AID

A plastic straw, for example provides a very short-term service of minimizing one’s need to bring the cup to the mouth directly. After a few sips, when the drink is gone, the straw is tossed in the trash. It should end up in a landfill but often, like many plastic pollutants, the straw takes a detour and ends up in the ocean where it’s mistaken as food by sea life or birds. I “googled” daily straw use in America and found this online, “Americans use 500 million drinking straws. To understand just how many straws 500 million really is, this would fill over 125 school buses with straws every day.” This is an alarm going off and not enough people are waking up to it. As Jeff Bridges shared in his narration of the Plastic Pollution Coalition video, it’s time to open our eyes.

We challenged our students to pledge how they will take a step towards minimizing plastic pollution. Here are 50 ways our students will Inspire Greatness:

  1. To minimize plastic consumption, I will bring my reusable water bottle to the gym instead of buying a plastic water bottle -Madison Ganger
  2. I am going to lessen my carbon footprint by skipping the plastic bags in the produce section of the grocery store, and always carrying a small reusable shopping bag in my purse for things I randomly purchase. Like the mall, for example. I also keep a small reusable eating utensil in my purse so I don’t find the need for plastic disposables – Amanda Holcomb
  3. I will bring my lunch and snacks in reusable containers each day – Debra
  4. I pledge to no longer use Saran Wrap I will use reusable, sealable containers – Meeshelle Buckmiller
  5. I’m going to stop using straws! – Kayla Adamy
  6. I am going to recycle paper and plastic bottles and cans instead of throwing them away. My mom has a recycling process at work that can make this happen. We can shred and recycle the paper and recycle the bottles as well – Jocelyn Correa
  7. I plan to completely stop using plastic water bottles to help the environment  -Rheanna Rincorn
  8. I will reduce the use of plastic in my life by bringing reusable utensils to school to eat my lunch, instead of plastic utensils! – Ashley Ganje
  9. I will use a reusable bag when shopping! – Tania Sanchez
  10. I pledge to bring reusable bags to the grocery store with me – Chaele Redding
  11. I will stop utilizing plastic in my everyday life! I always use a reusable container, at school, work, and home. I also have been not chewing gum because it is a synthetic rubber (aka plastic) – Shayna Welty
  12. I will try to remove every plastic product in my possession, as well as to stop using straws or plastic forks. – Gabriella Torch
  13. The way I want to give back is to use reuseable water bottles and by reusing my makeup containers – Kaycia Neal
  14. I’m inspired to start recycling more because I’m more aware of how much plastic my family goes through in a single day. My goal now is to start using containers instead of plastic baggies, using reusable bags for groceries the next time I go to the store and to ask restaurants to please fill my reusable drink container instead of wasting a cup. I’m going to bring awareness to my parents, siblings and my boyfriend as well so we can all start recycling together!  –
  15. One way I would like to reduce my plastic use is by buying in bulk. By doing this I would not have so many throw away bags that hold items like nuts, flour, sugar etc. – Hayley Brooke
  16. I will start refusing plastic bags at the grocery store! – Amber Diller
  17. Hey I have a bad thing I always do which is buy bottled water. I’ve been slowly trying not to buy them and just use a reusable water bottle. Also, I want to start using reusable bags when I shop. – Dylan Anthony
  18. I will bring reusable bags whenever I go to the store to buy something and be more aware when grocery shopping about what my food is packaged in. I use reusables every day and when I go shopping I try to remember to bring reusable bags! – Michaela Murphy
  19. Not only do I use reusable cups wherever I go but I also use reusable bags when I go shopping. Also, when I make my coffee I use reusable k-cups. On top of that I also buy all of these things for others when they don’t have their own reusable. I believe everything we do matters, no matter how small. – Breighanne Skold
  20. Ever since I started at Aveda, I’ve started taking the train instead of using a car as much as I can, and have stopped using plastic bags. From today on out I promise I’ll always carry reusables in my purse which includes my own to-go bowls and cups, and will no longer use plastic utensils! – Whisper Bissonette
  21. I am going to make a huge effort in lowering my plastic consumption. I plan to do this by not using straws anymore! I also am going to invest in reusable grocery bags, and a water dispense. – Lauren Frost
  22. I plan on using less plastic by refusing straws every day! I never thought of that until the [Plastic Pollution Coalition] video!! Kendall Aragon
  23. I will not use a straw and I will always have a reusable! – Natalia Nali Mejias
  24. To reduce my use of disposable plastics, I will begin taking my totes to the grocery store!- Athena Hernandez
  25. I will stop using plastic bags – Jessica Baca
  26. I will not use plastic today because I brought my own glass ware with some mangoes in it -Tayla Maes
  27. I pledge to be more aware and reuse cups, bags, etc –Shane Burroughs
  28. I would like to be part of this challenge by not only having a reusable in school but when I go out to eat at my house and just every moment of everyday – Madison Baxter
  29. I would love to inspire my friends and family to fill their house with reusables and give them an understanding of why it’s so important!! – Alexi Ortega
  30. I will always use my reusable as well as recycle every day – Kaylee Bauer
  31. I am going to give back by carrying reusable utensils. I am dedicate to no longer accepting disposable plastic bags!– Cassandra Hagelund
  32. Getting the reusable paper, and spreading the word about reducing the use of plastic –Stephanie Wilhite
  33. I will do my part in minimizing plastic by always remembering to bring my reusable everywhere I go, not just here at school –Jorden Sellmer
  34. I will do my best to use reusables here and at home and educate my kids on protecting the Earth and make them aware of all the things we can do to help – Brenda Moreno
  35. Something I will do to reduce plastic usage in my life is to bring my reusable cup into Starbucks every single day from today on. I’m going to invest in one today! Thanks for keeping us aware – Hannah McVicker
  36. I am going to buy a few reusable bags for when I go grocery shopping, and also get a few more reusable so others always have one. I am starting to grow very passionate about this issue because I love the ocean, and I’m sad that the trash is filling my home. I want to cut out single use plastic from my life completely and am going to try my best to do so! – Carley Matthews
  37. Other than using a reusable cup every day, I have reusable totes for my groceries and for when I go shopping. 🙂 – Mona Buhlaigah
  38. I commit to reduce waste by switching over all cleaning products to biodegradable paper and reusable cloth. In addition, I will only use bags that are non-plastic when purchasing goods. – Mark Friend
  39. There are many way that I can eliminate plastic use in my life, first by using and bringing a reusable all the time, not buying plastic bottles, eating at places so I’m not wasting plastic containers. I live by treating the world with respect, it’s one of my best aspects. I will not by bottled soda and cut down on that so I can cut back on plastic use. I will recycle any plastic I can, and defiantly not liter. I understand how much we make an impact on the world and the ocean. I think more people should follow or live by this. – Andromada
  40. I am going to refuse plastic bags and always use my reusable cup. Avoid plastic when possible! – Whitney DESCAMP
  41. I want to make it more of a goal to use a reusable lunch bag instead of grabbing a plastic bag every day. I will continue bringing my reusable cups everywhere I go, not just to school. I want to help reverse the damage we have done to this planet. It is definitely concerning for future generations. – Nicole Gruszka
  42. Thanks for continuing to remind us that there is always something we can do to make a change. I’m going to quit using plastic bags from the grocery store and invest in reusable totes. – Raquel Valdez
  43. I will refuse plastic straws! – Alexzandra Rangel
  44. I am going to be transitioning to using reusable bags instead of plastic bags at the store! – Mackenzie Jones
  45. My name is Aundrea Quintana. I’m in nurturing. I am going to eliminate plastic by bringing a reusable bag every time I go to the grocery store. We always bring home so much plastic bags so I will bring my own from now on.
  46. I am in the process of transitioning to a water bubbler at home. I have to admit that my family buys water bottles and had been purchasing filter water products however it has been a bit pricey. So my goal is to buckle down on a one-time fee and purchase a water bubbler ? Danelle Ellis
  47. I just wanted to share that I have recently started carrying my own fabric bags to the grocery store instead of asking for paper! It really has been a focus of mine since earth month started and I like doing it! -Grey Homack
  48. I have started using a reusable snack bag made by the company konserve. I also am using reusable silverware. Yay. It feels good to care for Mother Earth. – Lacy Wurster
  49. I will contribute to helping the planet by bringing reusable bags to the grocery store. – Jen Essman
  50. I plan to take my reusable with me when I go out to eat so I don’t add more plastics to the ocean. – Stephanie Akbary

Today we became members of this coalition as set intention to take another step further to making a difference in this world. To learn more, visit Plastic Pollution

We ask all coalition members to share the following commitment:

* To work toward a world free of plastic pollution
* To work toward eliminating single-use disposable plastics
* To support initiatives to reduce the plastic footprint within your organization
* To participate in quarterly coalition meetings
* To act as a resource for other members of the coalition
* To share details regarding company-specific initiatives to eliminate the use of plastic
* To recruit new members to the coalition in order to keep new ideas flowing

courtesy Plastic Pollution Coalition

courtesy Plastic Pollution Coalition


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19 Mar Aveda Experience, Relaxed Price: The Art of Service at an Aveda Beauty School

Take time to indulge in being a guest and experience the art of service at a beauty school.
Blog originally written my team member, Alicia Christus and featured on her blog

I want to be very transparent about this post because I do work for Aveda Institute Denver. My intention in sharing this story was to highlight some of our services and shed light on what a salon/spa experience is like, at a school, being served by a student in training.

As I moved along through my services sharing pictures and quick little posts, the story became something more.

Working in the salon and spa industry so many of us rarely experience being THE guest. For those of you who are service providers I highly encourage you to take the chance to disengage  your role and truly become the guest receiving service. Think of it as a paradigm shift, an opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of your guests and see what they’re seeing, feel what they’re feeling and notice what they’re noticing. You may just tweak your process a little bit.

Some of the things that we do repetitively each day easily become monotonous. (For example, when I worked in our Experience Center and greeted hundreds of guests by standing in our front entrance with a cup of Aveda Comforting Tea and a friendly hello, I’ll admit it lost meaning for me until the day a guest share chow that welcome is what she looks forward to the oat when coming to Aveda. If it didn’t happen for her, that would change her whole experience, and it’s something so little in the grand scheme of her entire experience). Becoming the guest is a chance to read between the lines, see what you can do different or better, bring service to the next level, because after being the guest I suddenly realized how it’s the little things that truly deliver big result. Not only do I hope to give guests an inside look at some of our services, I hope to share my lessons of what it truly means to serve, to help others look and feel good about themselves in the beauty industry.

We often hear that hairstylists or spa therapists are often considered to be very  much like psychologists, teachers, mentors or even healers. Behind the chair, you suddenly become the person that is listening (truly listening), truly caring and becoming a game changer.

As a guest, or consumer, how we look and feel becomes vitally important in times of emotion and stress. In those moments, that one haircut, that one massage, that one facial becomes our whole world because we want to feel better, to be healed, to be nourished, to be taken care of. (That’s suddenly a high expectation for one service).

On the contrary, some of us might not always recognize the power of service until suddenly there’s a shift in emotion or state  being, we suddenly feel joy or sadness, we start talking about things that are stressing us out in our personal lives, we start sharing intimate details with the person providing the service (that we barely know) because if the service provider has created that safe space, we step into it and feel welcomed to tune in.

Part of this powerful expression comes from Aveda rituals incorporated into the experience. Let me begin by walking you through my day at Aveda Institute Denver. I purposely chose two services that I had never experienced and didn’t know much about: a back facial with the Ayurvedic eye treatment (enhancement). Spa services also include a complementary shampoo and style before or after the spa treatment (based on availability).

Here I am checking in at Aveda Institute Denver. I am scheduled on a Thursday morning for an Elemental Nature Back Treatment ($45) and I added the Ayurvedic Eye Treatment ($15).    

After checking in, I enjoyed the self-service Chakra experience display. Here, I can read a little bit about each Chaka, experience each of the aromas before choosing an aroma to enjoy during my service to bring me into balance before my service begins.
While waiting for my student esthetician, Aveda Advisors offer stress-relieving rituals like hand massages customized to an aroma of choice like Stress-Fix, Shampure, Rosemary Mint or Beautifying.

The sensory journey is also offered at the beginning of my service so I can choose my own aroma to enjoy. Erin, my student service provider, took me through each aroma by placing her thumb to the top of my nose and her forefinger to the crown of my head, as I breathed in the aroma she would slide her thumb up my forehead to help me breathe a little deeper. I chose Rosemary Mint to help balance my sluggish energy. After the aroma journey, we went through some questions before my service and she offered me a mini foot treatment.  After the educator confirmed our protocols, I was set up comfortably on the table while Erin left the room to prepare the products. She started with a few calming techniques, cleansed the skin on my back and applied the first treatment masque, shown here.

The table is lined with a heating blanket so I’m very warm during the service. The rooms are lined with curtains, so it’s semi-private but easy to hear conversation happening in the hallway or in the other rooms around me; however, because I know this is a school, I’m prepared to hear these other sounds so it doesn’t distract me from enjoying my experience.

During the first and then second masque treatments, I received a foot and hand massage to further indulge my relaxation and stress relief. The masques chosen for my experience were customized for my skin needs, which was focused on dry skin. One was to exfoliate while the other was to rehydrate. This is a part of my body that I have never thought about receiving much focus our attention, other than a massage. Yet the skin on my back is hard to reach and I do often feel itchy, dry skin irritation so this was a lovely way to address those concerns.   This is the tools and products for the Ayurvedic Eye treatment. After flipping on to my back and settling in, a cool cloth was placed over my eyes. Then I felt a warming roller ball massaging around my eyes. As Erin had prepared me, I felt sensations of cooling and warming at the same time.

This was my favorite enhancement I have ever experienced! I usually enjoy the Plant Peel with my facials and that has always been my favorite. After this, my eyes and skin around my eyes felt so relaxed and rejuvenated throughout the rest of the day and even into the next few days as I write this.

As my experience wrapped up, the educator came back to check in on how everything went. This is a great opportunity to truly involve yourself in the education process and give positive and constructive feedback for students to continue to be successful.

Erin then brought me back up to the experience center, where she educated me on a few key products to help continue to deliver results at home. The Intensive Hydrating Masque was recommended to help quench my skin’s thirst, which I immediately noticed in my treatment.

I was then checked-in for my complementary shampoo and style (a $12-$15 value). Luis introduced himself and guided me to his station where we began our consultation on my hair.   

Luis asked me a lot of great open questions about my hair to determine which products and solutions would be best for my dry, thin hair. He was very detailed and genuine in his consultation. His educator also helped by encouraging us to look at photos for a good result.

Before the shampoo, I received a scalp massage. Now, having worked in the experience center, I know that the scalp massage is usually one of the most anticipated and well received rituals for our salon guests. Almost every single person will mention it being their favorite part of their experience and yet it’s only a small fraction of the overall service.

This is the power of connection where the service provider is going above and beyond to create a moment of care, relaxation, stress-relief or beauty for the guest. This may also be the tipping point when guests suddenly feel safe and open to sharing intimate details of their life, expressing their concerns or challenges in life, seeking the opinion of their service provider to help them experience looking and feeling good above and beyond the actual service that is happening. Powerful.  My shampoo/style felt like a game-changer. Luis provided a great blow dry and at the end of the experience it looked as if I had had a brand-new haircut and new style. My hair was healthier and I instantly felt better about myself. I was rejuvenated and I was excited for the rest of my day.

Later that night I went on to teach my weekly yoga class and after being taken care of all day and these wonderful services, it felt good to give back and take care of my students by being their guide on the mat.

My service experience as a guest gave me perspective on identifying the little things that can make a difference when providing a service to another. I was more hands-on with my students, I had intention to leave them feeling empowered about themselves so that when they left the mat, they go out and do great things in the world.

The intention all started with inspiration from a cup of Aveda comforting tea, and a process of service began to unfold…



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Aveda Rituals book cover

24 Jan Balancing Beauty and Wellness during Kapha Season

Aveda is rooted in the traditions of Ayurveda, an ancient healing system originating in India. Ayurveda has influenced all forms of modern and alternative medical and healing practices and involves the art of balancing mind, body and being. Fast-forward to today, Aveda’s products and services are inspired by the idea of it’s founder, Horst Rechelbacher, that beauty and wellness work well together. Horst’s vision is also rooted in the Ayurvedic tradition. Products should be healthy and made of pure ingredients rather than toxic petrochemicals and synthetics. Products can be a part of the wellness process.


Ayurveda focuses on balance of the three doshas: Vata (air/infinity energy), Pitta (fire/water energy) and Kapha (water/earth energy). Each of us has a blend of all three of the doshas that govern our mind, body and soul (being). Some of us have more Vata energy so we experience more air and infinity qualities like being cold, dry, quick in movement, enjoy change, have high energy and have a lighter, thinner body frame.

Vata doshas also exhibit dry hair and skin, usually show more nervous energy and have active, restless and creative minds. Vata’s can also be inconsistent and unreliable. Those who have more Pitta energy show more fire/water qualities like being determined, strong leadership, strong focus and sustainable energy. Pitta’s usually have an athletic build, have sensitive skin and have a higher body temperature. They are natural leaders and inspire easily but can also have high tempers and get angry easily. Kapha’s are considered the most fortunate in Ayurveda because they are less likely to become ill and are able to stay in balance more so than the other doshas. Kapha’s usually have thick, lustrous skin, hair and nails. They tend to carry more weight and move slower. Kapha’s are methodical thinkers, loyal and trustworthy.

The doshas also represent the three seasons in Ayurveda and govern certain times of the day:


Kapha season = mid-January to mid-May
Pitta season = mid-May to mid-September
Vata season = mid-September to mid-January

Kapha time = 6 am to 10 am / 6 pm to 10 pm
Pitta time = 10 am to 2 pm / 10 pm to 2 am
Vata time = 2 am to 6 am / 2 pm to 6 pm

Currently we are in Kapha season so no matter what our dominant dosha is, we all experience the elements of water and earth this time of year: slow, thick, heavy, dense, cold and fluid. This is the time of year to slow down, catch our breath and reflect inward more. It’s a time to eat heavier and nourishing meals, rest more often and take time to enjoy life. There’s a delicate balance to drawing in the richness of Kapha energy to soothe and nourish without becoming too sluggish, tired or withdrawn. Daily rituals involving beauty and wellness will help to ensure there’s balance during this time of year.

Kapha daily rituals:


  • rise between 2 – 6 am, waking after 6 am is Kapha energy so it’s more difficult to wake up during heavier, slow energy
  • start with morning stretches, yoga, exercise or meditation to get the body and mind moving and unstuck
  • take pride in self-grooming with hair, skin and aroma – use only natural ingredients and non-synthetics so as not to add more toxins to the body
  • dry brush to help boost skin circulation, remove dead skin cells, and increase skin elasticity
  • drink two glasses of warm water with lemon or apple cider vinegar to help purify the body of toxins
  • enjoy a simple yet hearty breakfast every morning between 6 – 10 am
  • make lunch the biggest meal of the day between 10 am – 2 pm
  • enjoy time to be creative and inspired
  • take time to tune-in and appreciate life
  • eat a simple dinner before 7 pm and allow time for the body to digest and rest before bed
  • minimize TV and screen time, especially before bed


Too much Kapha energy can increase feelings of depression, withdrawal and disconnection. To balance the winter blues, it’s important to stay on routine and make the effort to be social and stay active. There’s less sun energy this time of year so it’s also important to enjoy sunshine by being outdoors when possible as well as increase Vitamin D3 intake. This is a great time to indulge in personal stress-relieving rituals like massage, facials, and play with new hair styles or makeup.

CoBeautifying Radiance Polishming soon to Aveda is the new Beautifying Radiance Polish – the perfect balancing solution during kapha season. This rich and luxurious body scrub will slough away dry skin cells and stimulate skin’s circulation, creating a nourished and beautiful glow.

Aveda’s services are rooted in Ayurveda and use the principles of this healing system to create balance through the products and services. Experience an Elemental Nature spa treatment that is customized to your current dosha or elemental nature of earth, water, fire, air or infinity. For more information about rituals and Aveda products visit or check out the book Aveda Rituals, by Horst Rechelbacher, founder of Aveda.

Prepared by Alicia Parks Christus for Inspire Greatness Institutes. Alicia is the marketing team lead at Aveda Institute Denver and a certified yoga instructor. She teaches Ayurveda and yoga classes and has led Ayurvedic wellness programs and yoga teacher trainings. For more information email or follow along @aliciaraeyoga.

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Indian Sunset giveaway promo

23 Dec Indian Summer Giveaway

Inspire Greatness Institutes is hosting a makeup giveaway on Instagram at @inspireaveda

Enter to win the soon-to-release spring/summer 2016 Aveda makeup collection: Indian Summer. This limited-edition, 10-piece palette highlights the warm colors that burst to life at sunset and the cool, crisp colors of dawn. The colors will create bright, sparkly and also sultry looks perfect for the new summer trends. The winner will also receive a signed copy of the collection book from Aveda Global Artistic Director for Makeup, Janell Geason!

Contest details: Visit the Inspire Greatness Instagram page at @inspireaveda and like the page, the post and tag three or more friends. That’s it! See full contest rules in the post.

Indian Sunset instagram giveaway

About Janell Geason:

Aveda Global Artistic Director for Makeup, Janell Geason, is known for her awe-inspiring creativity, her technical expertise, and her innate ability to connect and inspire her students. Janell was awarded the 2008 and 2009 North American Makeup Artist of the Year and is again nominated in 2013. Her work can be seen in publications such as ELLE, Redbook, Lucky and Women’s Health.

Janell began her career working in Minneapolis as a hairdresser after graduating from Horst Cosmetology School. Her desire to further explore her creativity led her to pursue makeup as an art form. She moved to Europe and worked internationally in the fashion, video and print industry for nearly 9 years.

Upon returning to the United States, Janell’s talent and passion for makeup and education led her to the role of Aveda as Global Artistic Director for Makeup.  She travels globally to teach professional makeup artists and do stage presentations.  Her role includes leading education for Aveda makeup, collaborating on seasonal makeup launches, shade animations and products and images. Every spring and fall, Janell works with a multitude of designers as a lead makeup artist at New York Fashion Week.

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Aveda holiday gift boxes

18 Dec Live the Mission

Live the Mission – Holiday Edition
By Aveda Institute Denver Cosmetology Educator, Danell “D”

The holidays bring a lot of hustle and bustle. This year, think Green when it comes to holiday traditions. With a little effort and imagination, we can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season.

aveda holiday imageBuy Less = Less is More

Some holiday gifts are more practical and need to be brand new but many gifts are really gestures of thoughtfulness. You can give more while spending less. Not all gifts have to be store-bought. You can give more while spending less by giving gifts that are personal and unique.

Look for locally made gifts. Many gifts in today’s marketplace come from halfway around the world, and the impact of transportation contributes significantly to greenhouse emissions and global warming. Local craft fairs and artisan shops are a good source for gifts that come without the added costs of transportation. Gifts made locally often have a story which goes with the gift, since the artisan and the origin of the gift are known.

Support a Cause

Aveda’s gift sets give back this holiday by supporting a small community in Nepal. Aveda purchases the eco-friendly hand-made Lokta bark paper which helps this community thrive. You can learn more about this story by following #LoveForNepal. Each gift set is adorned with a beautiful story about the products and packaging.

Shine Brightly – Minimize Energy

Use LED lights for house and Christmas tree lighting LED (Light Emitting Diode) holiday lights use up to 95 percent less energy than larger, traditional holiday bulbs and last up to 100,000 hours when used indoors.

Holiday candle 2015

Reduce and Reuse  

Large wrapped presents usually have large enough uncreased sections to be reused for wrapping smaller gifts. If you open large gift packages with care, the paper can be set aside for re-use for other gift-giving occasions. Fancy ribbons and bows, of course, can be stored in a box till next year when you’ll appreciate having them around and not having to buy new ones. Aveda gift sets boxes, designed with handmade Lokta bark paper from Nepal, are easily reusable for future gifting or storing holiday ribbon, ornaments and treasures. Another easy tip is to re-use holiday gift cards. Simply cut out the portion that wasn’t written on and re-use as a postcard or make it into a new card, or even a beautiful paper ornament. Get crafty! 

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Aveda Chakra essential oils

09 Sep Take 10: Chakra 2 Balancing Body Mist

Enjoy this Take 10 from our Aveda Institute Denver Marketing Team Lead and Ayurveda guru, Alicia Christus!

“As we move along through our chakra journey, the second chakra is next in line. However, we don’t necessarily focus on balancing the chakras in order. Often our chakra energy will be out of or in balance in no particular order. Today, the second chakra may be in need of balancing but tomorrow it could be chakra 7.

Take 10 to learn more about your second chakra: Svadhisthana


The second chakra translates to mean “her favorite standing place or sweetness.” It’s all about connection the the 5 senses and relationships to others. It’s located above the pubic bone and below the naval.

The energy is water, the color is orange. The demon that lives here is shame. This is also a place to focus on our connection to touch and feeling safe around others. Feeling nourished, supported and able to relate.

When you are balanced in the first second chakra you have strong connection to your senses, you feel stable, alert, tuned-in and have a balanced emotional state.

When you are imbalanced you may have difficulty with relationships, lack trust in others, and guard against others. You may have trouble understanding safe relationships and trouble with sexuality or reproduction.

Hip opening poses and forward folds are great postures for invoking balance within the second chakra. Aveda’s Chakra Spray is a blend of sandalwood, organic orange and geranium and will help bring balance through a sensory experience and guided meditation. Visit to experience different mantras, meditations and even nutritional options to help balance.

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26 Jun Take 10: Sun Care After Sun Hair Masque

Enjoy this Take 10 from Aveda Institute Denver Advisor Melanie!

It’s summer people and you know what that means? SUNSHINE. All day errr day. I know a lot of us spend time outside and are always putting on SPF or after sun lotions to take care of our beautiful skin, but what about our hair? How often are you actually putting product in your hair before and after you’re out at the pool, hiking, camping, or even a day on the lake wake boarding? Probably not many of us at all! So this week I’m telling you about…

Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque!!!


Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque

An intensive cream masque that restores the look of sun-exposed hair, moisturizes, and helps defend against free radicals.

  • part of a three-part defense and recovery system
  • morikueTM protein helps restore weakened hair
  • plant oils help moisturize and condition
  • anti-oxidant blend including vitamin E helps protect against free radicals
  • refreshing, citrus aroma with 100% certified organic essences of neroli, ylang ylang and cistus

Let’s all start taking care of our hair while spending as much time in the sun as we can because before you know it… Winter is Coming… (Game of Thrones? Anyone?)

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20 Jun Take 10: The Science of Stress-Fix

Every wonder how the Aveda Stress-Fix aroma of certified organic lavender, lavandin and clary sage from the French Alps actually works in the body? Here are also some valuable facts from Aveda Institute Denver EC Team Lead, Yogi, and Ayurveda guru, Alicia Christus, that you can use to educate guests while offering them a Stress-Fix ritual of renewal.

First, understand these systems:

1. Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) = “fight or flight” response = increase heart rate, body temp and blood pressure. This means that the body/mind is stressed. These days more and more often we live in the SNS which means we are constantly under stress.

2. Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) = “rest and digest” response = once SNS is activated, PSNS comes back in to play once the mind/body addressing the SNS. Meaning, once you recognize you are stressed and you begin to calm down, PSNS activates.

How does it work? Stress-Fix triggers the SPNS to activate so that the body/mind can calm down. During the rituals, guests may feel they can relax their body, take deeper and longer breaths, become present and thus slowing the heart rate and regulated body temp and blood pressure.

It’s not just a great-smelling lotion, Stress-Fix is clinically proven to reduce the signs of stress. This could just save your life!image1

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21 May Product Focus: Thickening Tonic Before and After

Have you heard about our newest product, Thickening Tonic?  It is awesome!  Amanda Martinez, Aveda Institute Tucson cos graduate, EC Advisor, and Marketing Coordinator gave current cosmetology student Alondra a blowout using Thickening Tonic.  Learn how to get these results in Amanda’s own words:

“I shampooed Alondra’s hair with Color Conserve and followed with the Invati Thickening Conditioner.  I towel dried her hair and sprayed the revered Thickening Tonic on her crown and combed it through her mid lengths and ends. Then I applied one pump of Phomollient to her mid lengths and ends.  Using a large round brush, I sectioned and blow dried her hair while lifting up at the roots. I finished with Air control.





For her Finishing Touch, I applied Balsa concealer to her under eye area and on areas where she needed coverage. After, I lightly swept Honey pressed mineral powder on her T-zone. I used Rose Gold on her lids and Coriander in the crease. I put Peach Lights on her cheekbones and Apricot Whisper on the apples of her cheeks. I pressed Rare Orchid into the center of her lips and diffused it with Magenta Berry.”

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