03 Dec The Aveda Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone

The holiday season creeps up on people each year, bringing with it the excitement (and anxiety) of finding the perfect presents for the important people in our life. How can you manage? Use Aveda as your one-stop shop for all of your holiday shopping this year! We have products that work for anyone and that make excellent gifts. You can also gift beauty services to create unforgettable memories. Here are some of the trickiest people to buy gifts for with some suggestions on what to get them.

Your BFF

Nobody in life has a relationship with you quite like your BFF does. Your BFF is someone you can be yourself around to unwind and let loose. Your gift should be both practical and useful because you know your bestie won’t be afraid of giving you grief over a lazy present! You can give them the gift of silky smooth skin with Aveda Beautifying products. The body moisturizer can soften and moisturize skin with a blend of certified organic ingredients for an all-day aromatic glow.

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If you and your BFF need a day out together, consider dropping by the Aveda Institute student salon for an Aroma Spa Pedicure. It’s a great way for you catch up on all the latest news and gossip while getting your feet pampered without breaking the bank.

Your Mom & Stepmom

Being a mother is one of the most difficult and rewarding things a woman can be. Between everything they have to juggle in day to day life, it can be hard for mothers to find time to take care of themselves. Help your mom have a peaceful and aromatic start to her day with the calming power of the Aveda Shampure line of shampoos and hair products. A moment of peace, calm, and aroma can be all a mom needs to start her day supercharged!

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Want to create a lasting memory with your mom? You can schedule a full hour Aveda Tulasa̅ra facial with our student student salon to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world!


Your mother-in-law would love to be pampered with a thoughtful gift from you this holiday season! Aveda Air Control is a line of light hold hair spray designed to last. Not only is it an excellent product, but it is also produced with a net-zero impact on the earth’s climate. This way your in-law receives something that she can use and enjoy while reducing her impact on the earth.

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Need to earn some extra points with your mother-in-law? Schedule a manicure for her in our student salon to help brighten her mood and help her feel appreciated!

The Man in Your Life

We know, some men can be very difficult to shop for. The Aveda Men Pure-Formance line is designed specifically with male hair and health in mind. Men have different skin and hair from women, so they need to be treated a little differently. These products are an excellent way to upgrade the options for the men in your life. From styling gels and creams to shampoos and conditioners, there’s something for everyone here!

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Need to get the man out of the house and into the spa? Take them into the Aveda Institute student spa for an Aroma Treatment Body Wrap. It’s a relaxing experience that incorporates massage that can anyone can enjoy!

Treat Yourself

Don’t forget to get a present for yourself! As a major fan of all things beauty, the Aveda Color Conserve line is a great gift for yourself. These gentle hair products are designed to give hair a delicate clean while reinforcing vibrant color while nourishing hair and scalp. It’s the perfect way for you treat yourself during the holidays.

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With your new Color Conserve products in hand, why not consider a trip to the salon? You can try out new colors and styles at the Aveda Institute student salon on a budget!

Schedule Your Services With Aveda Institutes

Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes can be your one-stop shop for all of your holiday shopping this year. Bring the people you love in for a stunning service in our student salon and pick up presents for everyone else while you’re here. We have locations in Denver, Provo, Tucson, and Phoenix for you to choose from.

Are beauty products and services your passion? You can make it into a lifelong career for yourself. Contact us to learn more about our beauty school programs!

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Aveda holiday gift boxes

18 Dec Live the Mission

Live the Mission – Holiday Edition
By Aveda Institute Denver Cosmetology Educator, Danell “D”

The holidays bring a lot of hustle and bustle. This year, think Green when it comes to holiday traditions. With a little effort and imagination, we can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season.

aveda holiday imageBuy Less = Less is More

Some holiday gifts are more practical and need to be brand new but many gifts are really gestures of thoughtfulness. You can give more while spending less. Not all gifts have to be store-bought. You can give more while spending less by giving gifts that are personal and unique.

Look for locally made gifts. Many gifts in today’s marketplace come from halfway around the world, and the impact of transportation contributes significantly to greenhouse emissions and global warming. Local craft fairs and artisan shops are a good source for gifts that come without the added costs of transportation. Gifts made locally often have a story which goes with the gift, since the artisan and the origin of the gift are known.

Support a Cause

Aveda’s gift sets give back this holiday by supporting a small community in Nepal. Aveda purchases the eco-friendly hand-made Lokta bark paper which helps this community thrive. You can learn more about this story by following #LoveForNepal. Each gift set is adorned with a beautiful story about the products and packaging.

Shine Brightly – Minimize Energy

Use LED lights for house and Christmas tree lighting LED (Light Emitting Diode) holiday lights use up to 95 percent less energy than larger, traditional holiday bulbs and last up to 100,000 hours when used indoors.

Holiday candle 2015

Reduce and Reuse  

Large wrapped presents usually have large enough uncreased sections to be reused for wrapping smaller gifts. If you open large gift packages with care, the paper can be set aside for re-use for other gift-giving occasions. Fancy ribbons and bows, of course, can be stored in a box till next year when you’ll appreciate having them around and not having to buy new ones. Aveda gift sets boxes, designed with handmade Lokta bark paper from Nepal, are easily reusable for future gifting or storing holiday ribbon, ornaments and treasures. Another easy tip is to re-use holiday gift cards. Simply cut out the portion that wasn’t written on and re-use as a postcard or make it into a new card, or even a beautiful paper ornament. Get crafty! 

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