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27 Sep Financial Aid for Beauty School Students

Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

So you’re wondering how you can pay for beauty school in an easy and efficient way? At our Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, we’ve got some simple tips on how you can apply for financial aid to get you started down the path of a beauty education. Check out how simple the process is and learn how to get started by filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®)!

What Is the FAFSA® and How Do I Complete It?

Beauty school students have a lot to learn as they make their journey towards becoming beauty professionals. Applying for student aid should be simple, so rather than stressing about having to pay for school, you can focus on your learning!

The first thing to understand is where you can get financial aid from. There are plenty of private scholarships that are offered to students, even scholarships for beauty school-specific students.

But there are other options too! Federal student loans could be a good option to help students pay for beauty school. FAFSA® stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid after all, so it’s completely free to fill out!

One of the most frequently asked questions about the FAFSA® is “Where can I go to fill it out?” The official website, Fafsa.ed.gov, is the place to start your financial aid process. Keep in mind that if you are single and under the age of 24, your parents’ information is mandatory to complete it. If you are married and have dependents you are completely supporting on your own, you won’t need your parents to fill out the FAFSA® form.

If you decided to start a FAFSA® application, you’ll need to create a FAFSA® ID and to provide basic demographics, your social security number, and a tax return for the previous year. To submit the FAFSA® you’ll most likely need the code to the school of your choice.

Here are the codes for each of our locations:

Denver – 041671
Phoenix – E40394
Provo – 040723
Tucson – 041945

Once it’s all signed and completed then you’ll be finished until someone can review your application!

The nice thing about the FAFSA® is that it doesn’t take very long to fill out and it’s effortless. You can even fill it out on a mobile app on your phone.

What’s the Process Like With Student Loans?

There are more ways to pay for school than scholarships and FAFSA® money. Student loans are a viable option as well when searching out ways to pay for schooling.

First, if someone decides to take out direct federal loans, there is a requirement that the student has to complete an entrance counseling process and promissory note to receive their loans. Both only take about 30 minutes to complete.

Luckily, at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, we have financial counselors who can review info about loans and give you more knowledge on interest rates, cost of living and what loans can look like in the end for you. The promissory note is a document that you sign promising that you will repay your loans when the time comes. Both actions are mandatory to be able to be eligible for student loans.

The End of a Beauty School Journey!

If you’re accepted into beauty school, you can expect to complete exit counseling for your direct loan. You can log in to studentloans.gov with your id username and password. Select “exit counseling for undergraduate borrowers” and it can give you great information on repayment options, the total debt owed, your grace period and a loan servicer. If you have questions you can always contact your financial aid office.

Are You Looking Into Beginning an Education in Beauty?

There are a lot of secondary education options available out there, but there’s nothing quite like an education and a potential career in beauty. If you are looking into a future of beauty, it’s important to research beauty schools with extra opportunities and resources, like financial aid assistance! At all four of our Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes locations we offer financial aid to those who qualify. See if you have what a beauty professional is made of and what kind of program is best for you!

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Girl with blonde hair

21 Aug Our Students’ Take on Current Beauty Trends!

At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute, we have plenty of great and talented students who learn how to create and express themselves through beauty. Here are some of the best 2019 trends from our talented students you need in your life right now!

Platinum Hair

Look created by @lexietinamarie at Aveda Institute Denver.

What’s a better way to make a beauty statement than going platinum? Named after one of the most precious metals, this hair color can make you feel priceless.


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Balayage Is Still Here

Look created by @stylesbyriles at Aveda Institute Tucson.

If you’re looking for more depth to your hair but want to keep it simple and chic, balayage is the way to go! Have you ever seen someone who doesn’t look great with a perfect balayage? We haven’t!


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Rose Gold Gal

Look created by @hairbyanna_xo at Aveda Institute Denver.

Rose Gold is a classy and beautiful look that brings out the soft pink tones in your complexion. It’s versatile and can go with many different skin tones.


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Minimalistic Manicures

Look created by @inspiredbeautybykatlyn at Aveda Institute Provo.

There’s nothing better than a simple and elegant manicure to make you feel put together and beautiful! Keep the colors and patterns clean to tie together any and every outfit you pair your new nails with.


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Beautiful Braiding

Look created by @bohemebeauty_ at Aveda Institute Tucson.

This look is the perfect balance of fun and high-class. Who can resist a low maintenance braid that makes you feel like a queen?


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New Color, New You!

Look created by @estheticsby_brookeoneill and @estiianaa at Aveda Institute Phoenix.

Coloring your hair can always give you a good change in your life. Even though the hair color trend has been going for a few years, it’s still going strong! We love all color changes, but this hair transformation is something we adore.


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Scrunchies and Braids!

Look created by @maddie.dew.hair at Aveda Institute Provo.

Scrunchies have become all the rage this year. So what’s cuter than pairing it with the perfect braid and using multiple scrunchies? Nothing!


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Want a Similar Look?

Visit our student salon to get pampered by our students under the direct supervision of licensed professionals. These trends are perfect to incorporate into your look for the rest of 2019. Visit our blog to see why these services are especially great if you’re a college student.

Do You Love Creating?

At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute, we encourage our students to create their original ideas. Are you someone that has a passion for creativity? Take our quiz to see if an education in cosmetology might be right for you. You can also learn more about how cosmetology can help fuel your excitement for cultivating beauty.

Ready to learn how to get started? Check out our programs at the campus closest to you.

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Allison Olean, Aveda Institute Provo's admissions team lead.

14 Jun Meet Allison Olean! Aveda Institute Provo’s Admissions Team Lead

At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, we love working with passionate people. Whether it’s a student, staff member, or educator, there’s nothing better than seeing someone who truly loves what they’re doing. Allison (Alli) Olean, admissions team lead at Aveda Institute Provo, is a stellar example of that kind of devotion.

Alli’s Background

Growing up, Alli spent a lot of time at the salon/spa where her mother worked as a neuromuscular rehabilitation massage therapist. However, she didn’t really get a taste of the personal, creative side of beauty until she was older. “My mother was very particular about me partaking in the beauty industry,” Alli says. “She wouldn’t allow me to wear makeup, color my hair, get my nails done, etc. until I was a senior in high school. Not being able to experience that world made me so curious.” By the time she was 18, Alli was completely immersed in all things beauty and knew she wanted to pursue a career in the industry.

Allison Olean in front of the Aveda sign.

“I guess you could say [that] being so restricted as a teenager caused my slight obsession as an adult!”

in 2015, Alli enrolled at Aveda Institute Denver in the esthiology program. After graduating, she worked as an admissions advisor at the institute and a spa team lead at an Aveda Lifestyle Salon (Glam at the Grove Aveda Salon and Spa). Working both jobs put her at about 80 hours per week, making it difficult to focus her efforts on either position. She relocated to Aveda Institute Provo in 2018 to be the admissions team lead. This gave her the opportunity to devote 100% of her time to the campus and students.

Allison with a group of staff, Alumni, and educators.

Dedication to Students

As the admissions team lead, Alli spends her days working with current and prospective students. It’s a busy job with a lot of responsibility and she loves every single minute of it. “[My favorite part of my job] is the connection I have with my students,” she says. “These students have seriously changed my life– the way I see other people, the way I see myself, and the way I view community.” From taking prospective students on tours, answering emails, and reviewing applications, to handling financial aid estimates and actual enrollments, Alli serves as an advocate and resource for students from day one.

Sharing the Aveda Love

When it comes to her love for Aveda schools and the brand as a whole, Alli has no problem sharing her enthusiasm. “What don’t I love about Aveda?” she says. “I love how Aveda integrates wellbeing and philanthropy into an industry that can oftentimes be viewed as vain. I love the products, I love their successful business models, I love their education, I love the way they give back, and I love the culture.” While it’s fantastic that our schools have high completion, licensure, and job placement rates, we also have a friendly, inclusive culture that fosters growth and creativity.

Allison Olean using an Aveda product.

“I truly believe we have the best students in the nation,” Alli says. “We produce salon owners, NAHA and Edwin Neil winners, and New York and London Fashion Week stylists. Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute is incomparable.”

The Aveda North America Artistic Team

Just when we thought our incredible admissions team lead couldn’t get any more impressive, she proved us wrong. After rigorous auditions in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Alli was invited to become part of the Aveda North America Artistic Team! “My goal for being a member of the North America Artistic Team is to create excitement and awareness around what Aveda spa and skin care has to offer,” she says. “Going through auditions in Minnesota was not easy, but it reignited my passion for education and has shifted the way I talk to my students about career goals post-beauty school.” As an Aveda graduate, brand ambassador, and someone with experience in both a treatment room and a classroom, she hopes that her unique perspective can provide insight to the team.

Allison Olean and Brad Van Dyke.

Looking for some inspiration and positivity? Follow Alli on Instagram @allimaebabe!

If you’re interested in any of our programs at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute, contact us today for more information! We’ve got awesome staff members like Alli at all of our campuses and they’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Reach out to us today to learn about pursuing an education in beauty!

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Woman getting a massage.

23 May Why Our Massage Therapy Program Stands Out

When you think of massage therapy, what comes to mind? At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute, we see massage as part of an overall wellness journey. Our massage therapy program is rooted in Ayurveda, one of the oldest holistic healing systems in history. This practice is centered on the belief that health and wellness can be achieved when the mind, body, and spirit are balanced as one. The Ayurvedic system isn’t the only thing that makes our massage program stand out. To get a better idea of what makes our massage therapy program so special, we talked to Liz Aigner, a massage educator at our Denver campus.

Liz Aigner with Brad Van Dyke and Amanda of Aveda Institute Minneapolis.

Shaping Well-Rounded Massage Therapists

Before coming back to Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute in 2016, Liz Aigner was a lead licensed massage therapist and manager at a massage studio in downtown Denver. While she held this position, she noticed that many massage therapists had gaps in their knowledge. This propelled her to pursue massage therapy education at Aveda. “I knew that going into teaching would help me mold, facilitate space, and create a new generation of talented, sufficient massage therapists,” she says. “I knew this could change the landscape of excellence in bodywork and massage practitioners.”

Our Massage Curriculum

The Aveda massage program is one-of-a-kind. With its focus on holistic wellness, the curriculum incorporates anatomy, physiology, and guest customization techniques. This 600-hour program teaches multiple modalities so students can learn the various types of massage. To make sure every student gets the support they need, we keep our class sizes small and offer one-on-one attention. In addition to normal classes, we provide master classes to enrolled students and alumni. These advanced courses take the curriculum to the next level, with techniques like fire cupping and Thai massage. “Aveda sets up students so they can enter into any niche they feel drawn to,” Liz says. “Spas, wellness centers, chiropractic practices, gyms, yoga studios, and rehab facilities. We set up a solid foundation for students so they can decide what fits their style best.”

Practicing fire cupping.

A Focus on Wellness

If you’re interested in healing and wellness, massage therapy could be a great choice for you. “As people, we don’t get enough human touch,” Liz says. “Healers of all practices benefit from educating society on the power of touch, the importance of a healthy body, creating a quiet and calm mind, and opening the spirit through healthy touch.” Liz also says that one of the most important things massage therapy students can learn in our program is the act of self-care. “When we take care of ourselves, we have the stamina to take care of our guests, family, and friends,” she says. “This program is meant to open you up to new experiences and self-exploration!”

Start Your Massage Therapy Journey

Massage therapy can be a great choice for those who are flexible, compassionate, and dedicated to wellness. With continuous chances to grow, it’s a career path with plenty of opportunities for growth and learning. To learn more about applying to our program, contact Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute today! We offer massage therapy at our Provo and Denver locations. We’d love to help you pursue your goals in health and wellness.

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02 Mar 2019 NAHA Student Hairstylist of the Year: McKell Hird

McKell Hird, a cosmetology student at Aveda Institute Provo, won Student Hairstylist of the Year at the 2019 North American Hairstyling Awards this January. As we celebrate her big win, she explains more about her story and the inspiration behind her designs.

2019 NAHA Winner McKell Hird

Getting Started in Beauty

While McKell has always been interested in beauty, she only recently started on the path to becoming a cosmetologist. Her parents wanted her to try traditional college, so she spent a semester at college in Idaho. Her time in Idaho helped her realize it was not the place for her. It solidified her desire to go to cosmetology school.

Why Aveda?

Because she still wanted to be part of college life, McKell chose to go to cosmetology school in Provo, which is home to two universities and is known for being a college town.

“I toured a lot of schools in Provo, but Aveda was just so different,” she says. “I loved the feel of the school. It’s about more than just doing hair. I really liked the mission statement and beliefs of Aveda.”

Now that she is finishing up school, she is glad she chose Aveda Institute.

“Choosing to come to Aveda Institute Provo was the BEST decision I’ve ever made. I chose Aveda because they are more than just a beauty brand. Aveda is a network of inspired people with global goals of greatness. I never would have had so many amazing opportunities with any other school!” she said.

Journey to NAHA

NAHA Aveda Team

On McKell’s fifth day of school last spring, her instructor Heggy Gonzalez pitched NAHA to the students. She told them about the competition and showed pictures of past finalists.

“I looked at all of the pictures of the hair and said ‘this is something that I want to do. I’ve only been in school for five days but I’ll still try,’” McKell says.

A few weeks after submitting her video application she found out she was selected to be Aveda Provo’s rep for NAHA. Then just a short time later, in August, she created her collection to enter the competition.

Inspiration Behind the Designs


McKell was in the middle of watching a movie about Marie Antoinette when she got the email saying she was selected as her school’s rep for NAHA. With Marie Antoinette as her inspiration, McKell wanted to make her collection based on female empowerment.

“With my collection ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ I wanted it to be more than just pretty hair. I wanted the images to tell a story that I believe in, feminine empowerment. I wanted it to be soft and girly with an overabundance of pink, lace, and pastels. But, fierce with the models’ stance and facial expressions. While women can be frilly and refined, they are also bold and powerful. Womanhood is a strength, not a weakness,” she explains.

The Awards Event

McKell describes the actual NAHA event where she received her award as a surreal experience.

“The first time I heard of NAHA was when I submitted the video to create a collection. I didn’t understand how huge it was going to be,” she says.

NAHA is one of the largest hair awards events, and McKell enjoyed meeting Aveda leaders from around the world.

“Everybody was so nice, they were immediately like family. Aveda is more than a brand, it is a family,” she says.

Future Goals and Plans

McKell with winning design

McKell graduates this April. She isn’t sure exactly where she will go yet, but she knows she wants to stay with Aveda.

“There’s honestly nowhere else I’d rather be,” she says.

When McKell started cosmetology school she had no idea she would earn the awards she’s earned so far. She wants other students to know they can achieve their dreams too.

“Go with your gut and never think your dreams are too big,” she says. “It’s easy as a student to think there’s a lot you can’t do, but just go for everything. When we were making my collection things didn’t go perfectly at all, but we worked through it. Everything will work out in the end if you are passionate and work hard.”

Interested in Cosmetology School?

If you have a creative passion and big dreams, cosmetology school could be the right fit for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about the opportunities available to you at Aveda Institute Provo, Denver, Phoenix, or Tucson.

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Clean, white, minimalist salon interior.

01 Mar Why Choose a Career in Cosmetology?

Demand for Cosmetologists in the Future

The number of cosmetology jobs available is growing fast. Careers in the field are projected to grow by 13%, manicurist and pedicurist jobs are expected to grow by 13%, and esthetician jobs are projected to grow by 14% by 2026. Compared to an average growth rate of 5-9%, cosmetology and related fields are experiencing rapid growth. Because of this, cosmetology has a very low unemployment rate. Many people consider beauty school a good investment for future opportunities.

What to do After Cosmetology School

As the demand for cosmetologists in the future grows, beauty school can prepare you for many different career paths. Cosmetologists can choose to become business owners, creative artists, skilled educators, and more.

Be a Business Owner

Many beauty students have a dream of opening their own salon and being their own boss. After working at a salon and building a clientele, some stylists go on to start their own business. If a stylist already has loyal clients, opening their own salon gives them more creative freedom, choice of products to use and sell, and flexibility. However, starting a business can be a more expensive and riskier choice than working for someone else’s business, so stylists turned salon owners are usually experienced with industry connections.

If your dream is to open your own salon, you can start preparing now by gaining loyal clients who would follow you to a new salon. It’s also important to build your own brand. If you go to different salons you can see that each has a different vibe: some salons are modern and edgy, others are upscale and classy, while some have a casual, urban-chic feel. Developing a style now can help ensure your brand is strong and recognizable when you’re ready to open your own salon.

You can start developing a brand with social media, like Instagram. It’s a great way to make industry connections and show off your work. The best time to start building a brand on Instagram is during cosmetology school. A good first step is connecting with students and instructors at school and posting your classwork.

Become an Editorial Stylist

While some stylists love to help ordinary people become their most beautiful selves, others want to experiment and push the boundaries of style. Editorial stylists create avant-garde looks for the fashion industry, advertisements, and sometimes even just for the purpose of creating art. While editorial looks are not traditionally pretty, they are often designed to symbolize something else or tell a story with shape and color.


McKell Hird, a student who attends Aveda Institute Provo, won Student Hairstylist of the Year at the 2019 North American Hairstyling Awards. She created this editorial collection to contrast the delicate pastel hair and clothing with the models’ fierce expressions. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the collection is meant to show women can be both pretty and powerful.

At a fashion show, the hair and makeup of the models has to further the designer’s vision and aesthetic. Next time you are looking at pictures from a high fashion runway, take a look at the models’ hair and makeup. Are the shapes continuing the lines of the clothing? Is the designer contrasting the style of clothing with the hair to make a statement? How does color coordinate between the clothing and the hair or makeup? Understanding why stylists and designers make their editorial decisions is the first step to becoming an editorial stylist.

If you want to practice coming up with creative ideas but you don’t have a model and photographer, you can try sketching out some looks on paper. There are resources available online for face charts and body outlines, so you don’t need to be a professional artist to sketch out your editorial ideas! Recording your ideas will help you exercise your creativity and prepare you to make great designs.

Freelancing and Working from Home

Many students choose cosmetology because they want flexibility in their career. Unlike some jobs, cosmetologists do not necessarily have to work for a specific company from 9-5 each day. Even stylists working at a salon often have the flexibility to work part-time or choose nontraditional hours.

A stylist can also operate a salon out of their home if they follow the relevant licensing procedures. This is attractive to people like moms who want to be at home with their kids or part-time stylists who have a different day job. They get to enjoy the convenience of taking clients throughout the day without having to drive to work.


Besides working from home, cosmetologists can also freelance for fashion, film, or the wedding industry. In the wedding industry, there is a demand for cosmetologists skilled in multiple areas like hair styling, makeup, nails, or lashes. Brides and wedding parties are willing to pay generously for a cosmetologist who can come to the venue and take care of all their beauty needs.


If you are interested in working in the wedding industry, it’s a good idea to diversify your skills. You can start making connections by collaborating with wedding photographers, dress shops, accessories stores, and florists. Many of them are also looking to build a portfolio and they appreciate the help. To get in touch you can always start simple and send out Instagram direct messages. Not everyone will respond, but many of them will be in great need of a stylist for their next shoot and they’ll be glad you reached out.

This is another reason it’s a good idea to start growing your Instagram now because your profile will become a portfolio people will look at when deciding whether they’d like to collaborate with you. Use pictures of the best work on your feed, and try to only post photos and videos that you would want a potential client to see.


Are you wishing cosmetology school would never end? After you get some experience working in the field, you can come back and learn to become an educator. You will get to teach and inspire the newest generation of cosmetologists. Instilling your creative passion and skills into the students can be a very rewarding career.

Interested in a Career in Cosmetology?

These are only a few of the many career options in beauty. One great benefit of cosmetology is the variety of career choices available to you. If you have a passion for cosmetology and want to work in a growing field, beauty school may be for you! At each of our locations (Aveda Institute Provo, Aveda Institute Denver, Aveda Institute Phoenix, and Aveda Institute Tucson) we want to give you an education designed to set you up for success. Let’s get in touch about your future cosmetology options!

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31 Dec How to Make Finger Waves

Collage 1

Collage 2Collage 3

One of our very talented educators here at AIP, Britton Valle, put together a really easy and fun tutorial on how to make finger waves. Have you ever wanted the look of a fun finger wave, but don’t have the time or skills to pull it off? We’ll show you how to get the finger wave look with just using your flat iron!




CLIPS (for pinning hair where you need it while working.)


1. Comb through the hair, and make a V section of hair for your finger wave.

2. Hold the hair in your hand and give the hair a little “push” straight up. While you push it up, you are giving it lift. Start to heat up the top of what will be the finger wave with your flat iron.

3. Continue to hold the hair lock in your hand and change the direction of the hair while you continue to press the flat iron down the hair to hold the style. Make sure you are creating a wave when guiding the hair.

4. Continue pressing the hot iron down the whole lock of hair while adjusting the shape with your other hand.

This leaves you with a fun play on a finger wave done super quickly with the ease of your flat iron! You can comb it out to add some fun volume, or keep the fun tight wave! Now you know how to make finger waves.

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Alumni Spotlight Liz Farnsworth

27 Dec Alumni Spotlight: Liz Farnsworth

The success of our students and graduates is more important to us than anything else, so when we hear about amazing alumni and the incredible things they are up to, we like to brag about them. This month we had the opportunity to talk with Liz Farnsworth, a graduate from Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute in Provo, to hear about her story and journey so far. She’s an exuberant and talented cosmetologist that helped remind us what being a beauty professional is all about!

A Destiny in Beauty

Liz was acquainted with the beauty world from a young age. Her friend’s mother worked in an Aveda salon, so she was able to see first-hand what being a professional cosmetologist looked like. Liz was always fascinated by the many different services she watched, and couldn’t help but ask questions. Despite this keen interest from a young age, Liz felt pressure to attend a “real” school after graduating high school. She enrolled at Utah Valley University (UVU), but decided that wasn’t for her. Just after classes at UVU began, Liz visited the Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute in Provo for a service, and she fell in love immediately!

Liz loved the look and feel of the school from the moment she walked through the door. She liked how clean, modern, and professional the school felt, and she could tell that Inspire Greatness Aveda was where her “real” school would be. The director of admissions at the school worked with her to find financial aid options to make her beauty school dream come true, and it definitely came true!

Flexibility as a Cosmetologist

One of the things that Liz has enjoyed as a licensed cosmetologist is all of the freedom to perform different services day by day. She has the opportunity to perform any kind of service, ranging from your typical haircut to exciting hair coloring. Liz most enjoys taking care of a client from beginning to end, so being able to provide any service required has made it so she can work with someone from start to finish. Studying cosmetology has allowed Liz to be a more well-rounded and flexible beauty professional.

The Aveda Education

Graduating from beauty school is only the first step to becoming a completely-booked beauty professional. Networking, finding your first position, and building your book of business are the next steps to become a successful cosmetologist. Liz currently works as the Landis Lifestyle Salon in Salt Lake City. Landis is an Aveda salon, and as such has a high standard for the stylists it hires. The salon is prestigious and well-known in the area for the quality and standard of service. Were it not for Liz’s background with Aveda products through Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, she would have had a harder time securing the opening at Landis. Getting that Aveda education is a great way to set yourself apart from your competition!

Advice For Future Students

Choosing to enroll in beauty school can be daunting for many people, but there are many professionals who wish they had gotten started sooner. Liz advises anyone with a passion for beauty to take the plunge and get started on their education:

“If you want it, just do it. There’s a reason you’re thinking about beauty school and are passionate about beauty. If you’re meant to do it, you can change someone’s life, and you can change your own life along the way.“

Liz’s passion for beauty and energy for helping others is a great reminder of what it really means to be a cosmetologist. You can enjoy a career where you help other people feel and look like their best selves. Getting started can be intimidating, so Liz recommends getting in touch with the financial aid advisor at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes. They can help you find ways to fund your future in beauty!

Learn Cosmetology

Many cosmetologists today will tell you that they wish they had started their cosmetology career path sooner. Don’t be another one of those cosmetologists, learn more about the beauty programs at Aveda Inspire Greatness Institutes today! Our campuses in Provo, Phoenix, Tucson, and Denver offer a host of programs to choose from. Contact us to learn about the program you’re most interested in!

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13 Jun New Upcoming Transportation Options for Students in Provo

If you have driven anywhere near the Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute in Provo recently, you probably noticed that much of the road is under construction! While we may not love the eyesore that construction brings, we’re very excited for the completed project. This construction project will be bringing the new Utah Valley Express (UVX) transportation system right past our school!

What is the UVX?

The UVX is a new style of bus transportation that is scheduled to open the first routes in August of 2018. What makes this system unique is that it uses large accordion busses that have dedicated lanes to speed up transit times. The buses are hybrids, using both electricity and gasoline, which can help cut down on emissions and improve the air quality. The new routes are intended to cover longer stretches than conventional bus routes. The buses are also 60 feet long instead of 40 feet like ordinary buses, allowing for more people to use them. The bus stops are also going to be built on raised platforms to provide easier wheelchair and general disability access.

We’re particularly excited about the UVX project because the route between Orem and Provo can open up transportation options for students who do not have their own cars. The UVX could also be a more cost-effective and planet-friendly alternative allowing people who do own cars to change their commute. This would allow those students to ride their local UVX and hop off right next to Inspire Greatness Aveda!

What Does the Construction Mean for Aveda?

We’re especially excited about this transportation project because of the options it will open up for our students. Students can come from farther away, or they can choose affordable housing in other cities or towns and commute. The additional options can enable our students to afford school more easily by providing new transportation options!

University Avenue, the street in Provo that Inspire Greatness Aveda is located on, is in a near-constant state of construction. This can make finding parking confusing for some, so here is a diagram that shows places where people can park for free.

The areas highlighted in green are places for people to park as recommended by the Utah Transit Authority while the project is underway. The nearest place to park is the parking garage located across the street from the school located on 200 N and just off of N University Ave. There are several other locations highlighted in green within a block or two from the school that you can choose from as well, such as parking along Center Street. With the way that roads can close and redirect for construction, keep a few places in mind just in case these change.

You can visit the Utah Transit Authority website for more updates on the UVX progress.

Plan Your Education Today

We’re thrilled about this new transportation project because of the earth friendly option it provides for people in the entire community. Will this new UVX project open up an opportunity for you to attend Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute in Provo? Contact us to begin planning your future today!

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21 May 7 Product Essentials Every Dad Needs

Father’s Day is right around the corner. This year give dad something different! Though spa days, skin and hair care products, and gift cards are often associated with the women in your life, don’t be fooled. Treat the father you love to an Aveda product or experience. Check out these 7 product essentials, and then contact your local Inspire Greatness to see if they have these products in stock for fathers day or book his treatment at one of our student salons!*

1. invati men™ scalp revitalizer

This hair product is meant as a leave-in treatment and is perfect for men who have thin hair. When massaged into the scalp, it invigorates the follicles and disperses the signature pure-fume™ scent for hair that smells great all day long. It also instantly thickens the root of the hair. Give the gift of wonderful, full, revitalized hair!

2. aveda men pure-formance™ set

Help dad master his morning routine with this Aveda washing and styling set. This shampoo, conditioner, and styling product trio help dad cleanse, moisturize, and groom to perfection. It’s the simplicity of a shampoo and body wash, but for dad’s hair! This set makes showering and grooming effortless, simple, and fast.

3. aveda men pure-formance™ thickening paste

Dad looking for thicker, healthier locks? Look no further. This Aveda thickening paste instantly adds body and makes styling easy. This styling product will keep dad looking sharp starting from the office through to date night.

4. aveda men pure-formance™ shave cream

A clean-cut man is always in style. Dads with all skin types will appreciate this shave cream that helps provide a close, comfortable shave. It even helps protect against irritation and razor burn. The aroma this cream boasts of certified organic spearmint, vetiver, lavender, and other pure flower and plant essences just adds to the list of benefits of this product. Put this product on your shopping list for every father in your life!

5. aveda men pure-formance™ aroma spray

A man’s scent can help him create his identity, especially with the ladies. This aroma spray is made up of kunzea, citrus, and certified organic essential oils including spearmint, vetiver, and lavender. Dad can use this spray as a cologne, keeping him smelling fresh all day long. This alluring spray is sure to impress everyone on your list.

6. invati men™ system

Got a dad struggling with hair loss? It’s nothing to be afraid of, but if he wants to reduce the amount of hair he’s losing, check out the Aveda invati line. This pair combines the power of the scalp revitalizer with the shampoo for a routine that is a solution for thinning hair. These products were created to reduce hair loss, and 4 out of 5 men said their hair feels stronger and looks thicker (after a 12 week consumer test).

7. Aveda Travel Sizes

Have a globetrotting dad? He can take all the benefits of Aveda with him in his suitcase. The hair care line as well as a few body washes are available in these little sizes, perfect for on the go. These are also great for dads who frequent the gym. Your gym bag real estate is precious, so be conscious of what you pack! Just make sure your Aveda shampoo and conditioner make it in there.

Make Father’s Day Relaxing

Give the gift of relaxation to dad this year. *All of the services in our student salon are provided by students under the supervision of licensed professionals.

Aveda Institute Tucson

Treat dad to a haircut, facial, or body treatment at our Tucson student salon and spa! To book his appointment for this location, click here!

845 N. Park Ave. Suite 105
Tucson, AZ 85719

Aveda Institute Phoenix

Help dad look as good as he feels by booking a men’s cut, facial, or body treatment! Our student salon and spa is the perfect place to feel revitalized! Book his appointment here.

8475 South Emerald Drive Suite 111, 113
Tempe, Arizona 85284

Aveda Institute Denver

This location boasts its own barbering services in addition to our regular men’s cuts. You can also schedule dad a facial, body treatment, or even a massage! Make his day, click here to book an appointment.
700 16th Street
Denver, CO 80202

Aveda Institute Provo

Make Father’s Day extra special by booking him a haircut, facial, body treatment, or massage at our Provo student salon and spa! To get in touch with his and book his appointment, click here.

210 N University Ave.
Provo, UT 84601

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