About us

Get To Know Us and Our Team

We are proud of our unique story, and we’d love for you to become part of it! Everything we’ve come to do and love is inspired by our love for the Earth and the community around us. Experience what makes us different at each of our campuses.

Our Mission

Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes’ mission is to provide quality, professional education and training to successfully pass the state licensure exams by:

  • Creating an environment of trust and respect;
  • Encouraging a commitment to teamwork;
  • Promoting personal and professional development;
  • Inspiring the continuous quest for knowledge and growth and;
  • Inspiring greatness.


By supporting our students in this manner, we prepare them for successful careers within their respective fields and enable them to provide services that exceed our guest’s expectations.

Two instructors evaluate client hairstyle as provided by beauty student in salon

Our History

Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes started its humble beginnings as one school: Aveda Institute Denver, opened by our owner, Dale Le Monds when he was just 27.

Once Aveda Institute Denver started thriving, it was time to build a bigger community of beauty schools who share the same mission and passion to support students in their dreams of pursuing a career in the beauty industry.

As we added other locations to our brand, we knew we needed a name to unify us and our mission.

Inspire Greatness
We took this name to inspire each and every student, and we strive to live this in everything we do. This helped unify each of our schools to help meet our mission at each location. No matter where you attend an Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute campus, as a guest or a student, you can expect to receive the same experience!

Meet Dale LeMonds

Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes was founded by our very own Dale LeMonds. Dale grew up in the industry with the Aveda Brand, and his wife is a licensed cosmetologist, so they decided to open up a beauty school together!

Dale has a B.S. in Finance and an MBA. He’s also a World Class Coach and a proud father of six.

Get Inspired

As our schools grew, we strived to create a beautiful school experience our students would be proud to be a part of.

Along with knowing our students get to use world-renowned Aveda products, we wanted our students to feel confident that their education would prepare them for any future career, whether it’s as a licensed cosmetologist for a fashion show or an esthetician in a relaxing spa.

As part of an education at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, we’ve made it possible for our students to:

We wanted our students to stand out, both during school and after graduation as they become beauty professionals. That’s why we choose to participate and organize as many events as we can, like our annual hair and makeup shows and professional photoshoots for each soon-to-graduate student.

Imagine putting “Participated in New York Fashion Week” on your beauty resume! At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, a few choice students can*. Our top students can choose to participate in:

*Participation in these events is based on a competitive application process. This is not included in the program and requires additional fees.

Everyone at each school is unified in one effort: to see our students succeed. From our Admissions Dream Makers to our instructors, we want each student to feel like they have the confidence they need to make their mark in the beauty industry.

Want a little Aveda greatness in your life? You can follow our brand account or the school closest to you:

We share some of our favorite looks created by students, our top products, and event announcements like master classes with renowned licensed professionals.

We would love to meet you! If you have a passion for beauty and want to take the next steps, learn more about each of our programs to find the perfect fit for you. Searching for a new look? Feel the full Aveda experience by scheduling an appointment in one of our student salons and spas.

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