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The Aveda Institute is more than a beauty school. It’s an internationally renowned, cutting-edge, eco-friendly Cosmetology and Spa institution dedicated to shaping the future of beauty, our industry, and the world. Schedule your tour to learn more!

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The Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes are now enrolling NIGHT CLASSES for all campuses. Schedule your tour to learn more!




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I am thankful for Aveda Institute of Tucson because it was the beginning of my amazing career.


Cosmetology Graduation

Aveda Institute Phoenix was a dream school that I had my eyes on since a young age.


Cosmetology Graduate

Aveda Institute Phoenix has made a huge impact on my journey in the beauty industry!


Cosmetology Graduate

My Life, as a whole, is changed and better because of my time at Aveda Institute Provo.


Cosmetology Graduate

My experience at Aveda Institute Provo has helped me be successful in the industry after graduation.


Esthiology Graduate

I love Aveda for helping me develop a love for this industry and continuing education.


Cosmetology & Master Esthiology Graduate, Esthiology Educator

I highly recommend Aveda Institute Denver to anyone who is interested in going to Cosmetology school.

Sunny Longmeyer

Cosmetology Graduate
Game-Changing Curl and Coil Care!
Have you heard the news? Aveda’s Be Curly line has a new formula, new look, and – gasp, yes – new products! 
Meet Be Curly Advanced! 
Here at Aveda, we believe in the principle, “When you know better, you do better.” And that’s exactly what Be Curly Advanced is. We’ve reformulated the line to better suit wavy, curly, and coily hair needs.
If you’re currently using Be Curly products, here’s what you need to know to migrate from the old line to the new line.

Be Curly Shampoo 🟰 Be Curly Advanced Shampoo
Be Curly Co-Wash 🟰 Be Curly Advanced Co-Wash | Note: The bottle is larger than the shampoo bottle, based on consumer feedback. Our customers reported using more Co-Wash than Shampoo.
Be Curly Conditioner 🟰 Be Curly Advanced Conditioner
Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque 🟰 Be Curly Advanced Intensive Curl Perfecting Masque
Be Curly Style Prep 🟰 Be Curly Advanced Curl Perfecting Primer | Note: Yep, it’s a spray now!
Be Curly Curl Enhancer 🟰 Be Curly Advanced Curl Enhancer Cream & INTRODUCING A NEW PRODUCT for our customers with tight curls and coils: ✨Be Curly Advanced Coil Definer Gel✨
Be Curly Hairspray 🟰 Air Control Hairspray + Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil | Note: We’ve discontinued the Be Curly Hairspray, and feel that truly the best alternative is a combination of Air Control and the Hair Oil.
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Where are our students who are mothers while going to school? Sound off in the comments!
What’s been the hardest part of being a mom going to school? 
What is the best thing about attending Aveda Institute as a mother?
What advice would you give to prospective students who are also mothers? 
ENTER THIS MONTH’S T!KT0K GIVEAWAY! Note: This one is only for our students who are moms! 
Make a video of a day in the life as a mom going to hair school/esthetician school/massage therapy school. Be sure to use the tags mentioned in the image! We can’t wait to see what you post 🤩 Reposting from @avedainstituteprovo and @morgancutshair 
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Congratulations to our @avedainstitutetucson campus for winning our 2024 Earth Month Trashion contest! Campuses designed and constructed a look using at least 80% recycled materials and we just LOVE the inspiration taken from the 2024 Limited Edition Botanical Repair Strengthening Overnight Serum! 🖤Model: @cosmo.byella
Hair & Makeup: laceytucsonhair @yazi.choppa.choppa 
Photography: @mikaelramirez
Fabulous Tube Top Painted by: @liliumesthetics 

A HUGE shout out to Christine's March PM Esthi Class all their support creating the look!
(At least on April 22 for #NoWashDay) 
Why skip a wash? Because did you know that skipping one shower can save up to 6 gallons of water?! (Scroll down if you want to get to the product Directions…)
This #EarthMonth, by participating in No Wash Day, we want to bring awareness to the clean water crisis across the globe. We all deserve clean water 🫶 That’s why all 5 Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute campuses are raising money to donate to @charitywater as well as @westernresourceadvocates 🤝💚💙🌎🚰🚿🛁
Option 1: Scalp Solutions Refreshing Protective Mist. Spray at the roots of little sections of your dry, second-day hair. Rub it into roots to distribute product. Use brush to distribute product even more. Style hair like normal.
Option 2: Shampowder Dry Shampoo. Divide hair into small sections. Gently squeeze/compress the bottle until a puff of dry shampoo come out. Focus on areas that tend to get the most greasy. Rub into roots to distribute product, and brush through. Style hair like normal. May also apply night before you go to bed to absorb any sweat you might have during the night. 
Option 3: Pull beanie on head. Adjust to maximum comfort. *Beanie Optional’* Works with any hat! BONUS: Also the most time-efficient option 😉 Give yourself an excuse to get 20 minutes more sleep! 
What products do you use on a no-wash day? Do you have any great dry shampoo recommendations? Share them below👇#aveda #avedaartists #seconddayhair #conservation #motherearth #cleanwaterforall #cleanwater
If you’re a current Aveda Institute student, listen up!
Pledge to be more Earth conscious this month, make a vid of your efforts and enter our T*kT0k giveaway for a chance to win Earth Month-themed gift basket! 
Giveaway only on TT. Screenshot the last 2 still images for ideas for pledging and further details necessary to enter the giveaway. Good luck! 
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What makes Aveda Institute different from other schools is that we deeply care about our students’ overall well-being. 
We believe that we learn our best, perform our best, and can be our best when we focus on complete wellness. This includes what we are feeding our bodies, minds, and even spirits. 
In fact, “Aveda” means “knowledge of the whole,” and that’s what Aveda’s founder, the late Horst Rechelbacher believed in. He believed in achieving beauty through wellness, and we uphold those same standards in our Institutes. 🫶
Drop a 💚 if complete wellness is something you’re passionate about!! 
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Reply ADMISSIONS in the comments to be DM’ed a link to find out more admissions information for Aveda Institutes in your area!
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WANNA WIN A $150 SALONCENTRIC GIFT CARD?! Here’s how! This giveaway is for TiKT0K only
Competition ends the last day of March. The lucky winner will be chosen randomly and contacted within 48 hours! 
Have fun and good luck! 
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We are so excited to wish our very own @avedainstitutetucson Campus Director, Anne Skubis @anneskubis congratulations on her NAHA Nomination for Makeup Artist of the Year! We’re so proud! 🖤
Hair: @manely.morgann
Photo/Styling: @hmgproductions
Team: @heggyhair @persianprince87 @pinandcurl @hdrussell @mirsalviano
We are so excited to wish congratulations to @avedainstitutetucson Graduate Maddie Storm @azstormbeauty on her NAHA Nomination for Student Hairstylist of the Year! We are so proud! 🖤 
Makeup: @anneskubis
Photo/Styling: @hmgproductions
Team: @heggyhair @persianprince87 @pinandcurl @hdrussell @mirsalviano
WANNA WIN $100 IN BACKBAR?! Here’s how! This giveaway is for TikTok only! 🖤
@aestheticsbylex__ ready to take on the day at our beautiful Avondale, AZ campus. ✨ @avedainstituteavondale





NAHA Nominations

We are excited to announce that we have two finalists for the 2024 North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA)! The NAHA is a prestigious award that honors some of the best students and beauty professionals for their makeup and hair styling skills from around the United States.

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