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November 20, 2017

How to Help Your Hair Beat Winter Weather

When you talk about the changes that happen in the winter season, the most noticeable change is in temperature. For most places around the country there is also an abundance of snow. One of the biggest changes in winter that often goes unnoticed is the change in humidity. All of these changes work together to create a new hair care nightmare! We’ll look here today at a handful of tips that can help your hair put the “win” in winter!

Don’t Skimp on the Scalp

We wouldn’t be doing justice without considering all parts of the hair, especially the part where the hair grows out! The winter season can mean drier, arid climates in many places around the country. If you live in a place Arizona …

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November 16, 2017

Why do People Love Cosmetology?

Cosmetology is a very exciting and creative field, but what is it about cosmo that people love most? Everyone has a different reason for choosing beauty school, but many people have common passions. Which one of these passions is yours?

The Love of Beauty

Beauty isn’t just the way that something looks, it’s a form of personal expression. Cosmetologists enter this field because they love helping people to show themselves in their brightest and most beautiful form. For many stylists, cosmetology is a place where they can explore their creative side and create masterful works of art!

The Passion for Service

One of the most common things cosmetologists say they love about their job is the opportunity to serve other people. It isn’t just about doing something …

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Inspiration from the RetroActive Collection NAHA 2017

Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute Represented at NAHA

The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) have come and gone once again, and what a blast it was! We couldn’t be more proud of Aveda Institute and its students for the awe-inspiring collections they created this year. As always we set high standards for the students and they blew right past them. The judges were wowed as three of the five best student collections nominees were Aveda Institute students. Aisling Campbell even went ahead to win!

It was not only our privilege to observe these students as they successfully competed, but we got in a little competition of our own! Our extraordinarily talented team at Inspire Greatness worked …

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October 17, 2017

Student Spotlight shines bright on Jessica Baldwin from Aveda Institute Phoenix


Aveda Institute Phoenix Student Jessica Baldwin

Aveda Institute Phoenix Student Jessica Baldwin captured Aveda’s attention this September when she had the rare opportunity to assist Antoinette Beenders on a Facebook live tutorial with American Salon, garnering over 240K views! Jessica was part of the Inspire Greatness delegation working behind the scenes with Aveda at New York Fashion Week. We invited her to share a little about her background and experience as an Aveda Institute student. In her own words, here is Jessica’s story.

I left the world of Investment Banking/Finance/Marketing having been a Personal Executive Assistant over the years to finally pursue my heart’s desire and passion to immerse myself in the world of the beauty industry. I was also a military spouse for ten years, living around and outside the US in a supportive role to my then …

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October 2, 2017

2017 NAHA Student Hairstylist of the Year

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Aisling Campbell is an Inspire Greatness graduate from our Tucson, Arizona campus. She is an example of what it means to be not only an amazing beauty school student, but a leader in the industry.

What makes Aisling stand out as a beacon of beauty industry leadership? She recently competed in the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). This competition brings in world renowned hairstylists and well-known fashionistas from around the world. Competing in NAHA is a big deal. Winning NAHA is a huge deal and that’s exactly what Aisling did!

Here are some of the details about what NAHA is, how the competition is run, and what Aisling did to receive this great honor for her family, friends, peers, school, and self.

Student of the Year

NAHA has sixteen …

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