Cosmetology is an exciting field and growing fast. It’s no surprise that many people are considering a career in cosmetology. For someone with a passion for artistry, improving people’s lives, and building relationships, cosmetology is a great choice! You do not need many years of training to become a cosmetologist in Arizona. In fact, you can finish training in as little as a year. Here’s our roadmap of how you can get from where you’re at right now to becoming a cosmetologist.

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Basic Requirements

Before enrolling in cosmetology school, you have to fulfill a few standard requirements. These include:

  • A high school diploma or GED is usually required
  • Government-issued ID
  • Filling out a student application

Enrolling in Cosmetology School

Researching cosmetology schools is an exciting and essential part of the process to becoming a cosmetologist. While you are looking at different schools, there are a few important factors to consider:

  • Is the school accredited, and does it have a good reputation?
  • What financial aid options are available?
  • Does the school teach the courses you are interested in?

Choosing an accredited school is important for various reasons, including the validity of your degree, rigorous coursework, high licensing exam pass rates, and job placement. Choosing to go to a school with a good reputation matters because employers will see your school’s name and recognize you have been trained well. Attending a reputable school gives employers a reason to trust your skills and helps you achieve your dream job more easily.

Accredited schools also have financial aid options, whether federal government student aid or school-based aid and scholarships. Accredited cosmetology schools will have someone available to help you learn more about what financial aid is available.

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Cosmetology Programs

When you’re looking at different schools, it’s important to make sure the school includes courses and programs you are interested in. Cosmetology schools often include esthetics programs or other supplementary classes in related areas.

Choosing to get an additional license can be beneficial for your career and job opportunities in the future. You may even be able to get a tuition waiver from the school if you complete multiple programs.

State Licensing Requirements

Each state’s requirements to become a licensed cosmetologist vary slightly. In Arizona, to be licensed you must:

  • Graduate from an accredited cosmetology school with training on important aspects of cosmetology like hair cutting, hair coloring, salon management, makeup, and skincare.
  • Complete 1600 hours of training
  • Pass the state exam, which includes written and practical components

Accredited cosmetology schools train you to sit for the state exam, and they usually have high pass rates for students. Choosing a good school will help you be more prepared for the exam.

Transferring a License from Another State

If you’ve already gotten your license in another state, you can transfer your license through the Arizona Board of Cosmetology’s license-for-license reciprocity program without enrolling in cosmetology school again. This licensing process includes:

    • Submitting an application to the Arizona Board of Cosmetology for a cosmetology, esthetician, or nail technician license
    • Submitting proof of licensure in your home state or country. However, those requirements must be comparable to Arizona’s.
    • Paying required fees

    We Can Help

    If you’re wondering how to become a cosmetologist in Phoenix, we are here to help you! At Aveda Institute Inspire Greatness, we prepare students to sit for the state exam and become trained cosmetologists. Get in touch with us and we can answer your questions about enrolling in cosmetology school, financial aid, the state exam, and more.