If your dream job is working in the beauty industry giving facials or other skin care treatments, earning a cosmetology degree is something to consider. Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes provides a range of in-demand programs in Denver, CO, Provo, UT, and the metropolitan area of Phoenix to help aspiring beauty professionals learn the skills needed to succeed in the industry. Here, we discuss how cosmetology programs can benefit someone interested in a skincare career.

What Do You Learn in a Cosmetology Program?

Cosmetology programs offer training on four main aspects of the beauty industry: hair, makeup, skin, and nails. Students learn a wide variety of subjects and topics to prepare them for many different careers in the field, including hairstylists, nail artists, makeup artists, facialists, and more. Common lessons in cosmetology programs include:

  • Hair cutting, coloring, and styling
  • Hair removal including shaving, waxing, and threading
  • Manicures, pedicures, gel nails, and artificial nails
  • Skin anatomy and facials
  • Makeup lessons such as lash and brow tinting, color theory, and makeup application

Cosmetology programs use both in-classroom instruction and hands-on training to teach aspiring beauty professionals about techniques, business tips, and safety processes that are crucial to succeeding in the industry.

How Does a Cosmetology Degree Prepare You for a Skin Care Career?

A cosmetology program is well known as a way to become a hair stylist or manicurist, but many people don’t realize it can also prepare students who are looking to work in skin care. There are a few ways that a cosmetology degree prepares students for a skincare career, including:

Providing a Solid Foundation

Having a cosmetology degree provides a solid foundation for almost any career in the beauty industry because the programs provide extensive training on many areas and topics. Unlike a more specific program like esthiology, which focuses mainly on skincare services, cosmetology programs are more wide-ranging and cover many different aspects, from hair and skin to nails and makeup. Cosmetology programs also tend to be longer than esthetician and esthiology programs, therefore offering students more experience and training than they’d receive in another program.

Teaching Versatile Skills

Getting a cosmetology degree over a more specific program can provide graduates with more versatility when it comes to their careers. A cosmetologist can work as a manicurist, hairstylist, or esthetician, while someone who completes a narrower program is trained only to perform certain services. Having more skills leads to more job opportunities, as well as a higher income.

These are the two main ways that a cosmetology degree can help aspiring skincare professionals prepare for their careers. Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes provides cosmetology, esthiology, hairstyling, and more programs to choose from.

Enroll in a Cosmetology Program in CO, UT, or AZ

If you’re interested in a successful career in the skincare or beauty industry, obtaining a cosmetology degree is a reliable way to learn the skills you need and gain valuable experience. Enroll in the cosmetology programs at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, an accredited institution with locations in Denver, CO, Provo, UT, and the metropolitan area of Phoenix.

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