Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute students and staff have the opportunity to attend the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) each year as both viewers and participants. We use this as a unique opportunity to help our students learn new beauty techniques and stay in the know with the latest trends. This event can be a thrilling experience when one of our own students competes!


What Is NAHA?

NAHA is a timeless event that’s been showcasing some amazing looks in beauty for over 30 years!

Participating in NAHA is worth it because it’s one of the most glamorous events in the beauty industry. We are always excited to see the magnificent hairstyles, stunning models, artistic nail designs, and breathtaking makeup.

NAHA is one of the most well-known award shows in the beauty industry because of its reputation for challenging brands to go above and beyond. This competition encourages participants to push the limits of their creativity in order to take their talent to the next level. For a beauty professional or student, winning one of these awards can feel like winning an Oscar! It’s a great way for talented individuals to show off their skills and gain more exposure.

Individuals and brands can gain large amounts of viewers through the live broadcasting of the show, and people posting about the show on social media. This can be incredible exposure and marketing for your brand! Learn about building your brand by enrolling in our beauty programs such as barber or cosmetology.


What Goes on at NAHA?

NAHA can be a thrilling and exciting experience for everyone participating because they get to showcase their talents! During the show, participants compete in several categories. The categories can change each year, but from 2019, the categories were:

  • Avant Garde
  • Editorial/Session Stylist of the Year
  • Haircolor
  • Haircutting
  • Hairstylist of the Year
  • Makeup Artist of the Year
  • Master Hairstylist of the Year
  • Men’s Hairstylist of the Year
  • Nail Professional of the Year
  • Newcomer Stylist of the Year
  • Salon/School Design of the Year
  • Student Hairstylist of the Year
  • Styling & Finishing
  • Team of the Year
  • Texture
  • NAHA Moment

Each one of these categories have rules that the participants must follow. Every participant can express creative freedom and showcase their talents to the best of their ability.


Who Participates in NAHA?

Any licensed beauty professional can compete in the show as long as they are willing to take their passion and make it into a creation! Our graduates have the unique opportunity of participating in NAHA. We have had 4 winners and 18 NAHA nominees across our locations! We are so proud of our talented students and the dedication they have put toward their education. Contact our school to find out how you can be involved in an education that can lead to NAHA.

There is one category where current Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute students can participate in what is called the Student Hairstylist of the Year Category. Student representatives from each school are chosen to compete.

We also encourage our students to participate in another event hosted by the Professional Beauty Associate called the Beacon Student Program. This is an elite program only for students who are currently in beauty school. Winners of the Beacon Award will receive tickets to NAHA.


How To Apply to NAHA

If you are interested in competing next year, you should go for it! You can start by building a collection of your work that you will submit before the show. It is wise to have this done months before the show so you don’t miss the deadline!

This can be a fun project because you can get creative by having a theme for the photos and you can even add a touch of your own personality to make it your own style. The last step is to apply to the category of your dreams and cross your fingers that you made it. We can’t wait to see you at the show!

If you are applying as a student you will shoot your work with an industry photographer and work with the Inspire Greatness Artistic Team. This work will then be submitted to NAHA in the Student Hairstylist of the Year category.

Who Is the Professional Beauty Association?

The Professional Beauty Association is a group defined by the members that join. Hair stylists, distributors, makeup artists, and others can all join this group, as long as they are passionate about their work. They work to uplift others and provide the right resources and connections for their members so that you can be passionate and successful in your career.

Their mission is to help connect you with some of the greatest beauty industry leaders who can help you and your brand grow!

Participate Next Year

Could you see yourself competing in NAHA? Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute students can participate each year, and you could have that opportunity too. Start by learning about other unique opportunities we have like Fashion Week or Study Abroad. To learn more about our programs, get in touch with us today!

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