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March 26, 2017

Aveda Institute Denver Campus News March 2017

Campus News March 2017
The content in this newsletter is intended to educate and inspire the students and team members of Aveda Institute Denver.

Earth Month Celebrations

We are thrilled to be listed at Number 2 for the entire Aveda network in our efforts to raise $50,000 for Earth Month. This is an amazing accomplishment as we are still one week away from April – the official Earth Month. Congratulations to our team and thank you to our supports. Let’s keep the momentum going! Check out the Aveda Earth Month donation page on Crowdrise and see how we are united across the country to support protecting water.

Review are in
We have seen a rise in positive reviews on Yelp and Demandforce for our students! Click here to read the reviews! Congrats to many of our students for being personally recognized and celebrated by your guests. Keep asking and encouraging your guests to support you by sharing a review on Yelp. This is one of the best ways to increase your engagement and referrals.

beacon_2017_announcement_dateBeacon Announcements!
The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) will announce the winners and honorable mentions from across the country on March 27th at 1 PM (EDT) which is 11 am our time. We will set up a live feed to listen to the announcement. Congratulations to all our student applicants – good luck!


dp15_0106_r1Spa Master Series:
Aroma and Essential Oils
with Mark Zollicoffer, Aveda Director of Spa Education and Sales

Tuesday, April 11 at 8:30 am
Open to all spa students. MWF schedule students may attend and earn additional hours. TRS schedule students will be scheduled to attend this presentation. For more information, contact JoAnn Stevens.

Essentials oils are the foundation on which the Aveda brand was built, and an unmistakable element in Aveda’s products and professional services. This course will enlighten your knowledge of Aveda’s naturally derived and functional aroma blends.
* The difference between aromatherapy and Aromaology(tm)
* The art and science of essential oils
* The physiological and psychological effects of aroma
* The sense of smell
* Essential oil extraction methods
* Tulasara aroma infusion
Chakra(tm) Balancing Blend Aromas
Professional Aroma Blends

MarcZollicoffer_mainBio: Marc Zollicoffer has more than 23 years of experience in stress-relieving spa therapies, including massage, yoga, meditation, aromaology and Ayurveda. He began his career with Aveda first as a massage therapist and then as an educator and innovator in the massage and spa industries. Marc has a passion for holistic philosophy and mind-body therapies. His specialties include deep tissue massage, acupressure, energy work and foot reflexology. He has also been trained in craniosacral therapy, facial stretch therapy, lymphatic massage and trigger point therapy. Marc is a sought-after global educator who develops and teaches spa workshops worldwide. He inspires students and spa professionals by incorporating multiple treatment modalities into his teaching. Marc seeks to treat and teach with a wide variety of products and techniques that seamlessly merge ancient wisdom and practices with modern science.

Edwin Neill II Full Potential Student Competition has officially begun!

WHAT is it?

  • A competition exclusively for Aveda Institute students to showcase teamwork, potential, technical ability, and artistry through a full transformation photo shoot.
  • Each Institute sends one image, and the winning team is sent on a trip to an exciting Aveda experience! (Award details will be released in April.)
  • Working in a team of three, each team will complete a look representing Inspire Greatness and Aveda Institute Denver using skills including; Haircut/Style, Makeup, and Haircolor.
  • Your photo shoot image (which will remain unedited) will be judged on; Creativity, Artistry, Difficulty, Presentation, Sanitation, and Product recommendation.
  • Inspire Greatness will select one image to represent each Institute (AID, AIT, AIX, AIP). This Team will submit a before and after photo of their model, along with a technical description, to a committee of judges selected by the Aveda Institute Development Team. It’s all about the transformation!
  • You can only participate in one skill category – Haircut/Style, Makeup, or Haircolor.

HOW do I apply?

  • Choose a category of Haircut/Style, Makeup, or Haircolor.
  • Submit one photo of your work, a story board inspiration, and a thorough blueprint that reflects your inspiration to edwinneill2017@gmail.com
  • Blueprints can be done on your iPad or a photo of handwritten. Please use the blueprints that are attached to this email.
  • Applications are due by midnight Tuesday, March 21st.
  • Three to six teams will be selected. Each team will consist of one person for each category.
  • Teams will be announced at All School Wellness on Monday and Tuesday, March 27-28.
  • Once teams are selected, weekly meetings will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 1:00 PM with Haley and Elena as your mentors. We will help you plan and execute your look successfully.
  • There is NO cost to you for this amazing opportunity!!

WHY should I apply?

  • You LOVE photo shoots and want more experience.
  • You LOVE working on a team.
  • You aspire to be a part of a Creative/Artistic team in the future and want more experience.
  • You want to put yourself out there and show case your technical ability and creativity to the world!
  • You LOVE creating big transformations.
  • A professional image for your portfolio.
  • It is a great resume builder!

WHO is Edwin Neill II?

  • This annual student award competition was created to memorize one of the greatest motivators in the Aveda network. A role model for all – Edwin Neill II not only believed in our mission, he lived it on a daily basis. His greatest memory will be his contribution to the youth of the beauty industry. The Edwin Neill II Full Potential Student Award emphasizes Edwin’s belief in Edward Demings’ philosophy of the team versus individual achievement, which he brought to our network.
  • Here is a video about Edwin’s contributions to the industry and the Edwin Neill II Full Potetential student competition.
  • https://youtu.be/GNhr7vDUQjI

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at hfuller@avedadenver.com or Elena at elopez@avedadenver.com.

Let’s bring home an Inspire Greatness win!

How will you use your full potential?

World Water Day
Wednesday March 22

Share your inspiration by creating posts on Social Media about Earth Month. Color, styling, body care – all involves water. Packaging, recycling and waste are all important points of difference.

Most of Aveda packaging is made from post-consumer recycled materials. Share your inspiration and use #AvedaCleanWater and Aveda will donate $1 for every hashtag, up to $10,000 towards Earth Month. Collectively, there are about 1,500 posts so far. Let’s get Aveda Institute Denver on the map. Be sure to also tag #inspireaveda and #avedastudent when you post!

This week, make Dry Shampoo and the NEW Thermal Dry Conditioner a focus! Share posts about ingredients, how to use and how much water can be saved, skipping the shower! #smellslikeaveda

shampure thermal dry condProduct Spotlight: Dry Thermal Conditioner

What could be better than dry shampoo? How about its match: a dry conditioner that is a non-aerosol spray and instantly refreshes hair! Here’s what guests will love about our new HERO product:

  • 97% naturally-derived ingredients
  • Shampure aroma, Aveda’s signature aroma with 25 pure plant and flower essences including bergamot, lavender, lemon, petitgrain and ylang ylang
  • Instantly conditions, detangles and softens hair and efreshes ALL hair types, leaving hair soft and with natural movement
  • Provides heat protection


Earth Month 2017 has officially launched and we are excited to get this party started, early! Share your inspiration by creating posts on Social Media about Earth Month. Color, styling, body care – all involves water. Packaging, recycling and waste are all important points of difference.

Most of Aveda packaging is made from post-consumer recycled materials. Share your inspiration and use #AvedaCleanWater and Aveda will donate $1 for every hashtag, up to $10,000 towards Earth Month. Collectively, there are about 1,500 posts so far. Let’s get Aveda Institute Denver on the map. Be sure to also tag #inspireaveda and #avedastudent when you post!

This week, make Dry Shampoo a focus! Share posts about ingredients, how to use and how much water can be saved, skipping the shower! #smellslikeaveda

Dry Shampoo in actionProduct Spotlight: Dry Shampoo

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo was released one year ago after nearly four years of development. The key point of difference is that most dry shampoos are aerosols which contain butane, a petro-chemical and highly flammable ingredient. Aveda’s ingredients and packaging allow for plant-power to supply high-performing results that guests want in a dry shampoo. Watch this video by Aveda to learn more >>> https://youtu.be/Bv26FO0uIA0





MFW 2017 Cat Walk for Water image

Massif Fashion Week: Aveda Institute Denver presents – Cat Walk for Water

Congratulations to our student teams! Planning and production has begun and tickets for the show are now LIVE! Purchase tickets here!

  • We will offer PRIZES to the top selling students! This means you’ll want to be sure you tell your friends and family to mention you as their referral when they purchase tickets. There will be a prompt to complete referral information through the Eventbrite purchase process.
  • Student Promo code – if you are a student and want to attend the show, you can save 20% off the General Admission ticket by entering this promo code: AvedaStudent



H A I R    T E A M M A K E U P    T E A M W A R D R O B E P R O D U C T I O N
Abigayle Carpenter Carlie Curtis Anna Mowery Danae Duran
Adasha Cherkeshbayeva Chloe Keller Becka Canez Melissa Yeager
Aisha Hurt Eva Luna Kat Unruh
Amanda Rangel Evelyn Pate Lydia Rose
April Cart Hannah McVicker Samantha DeMarco
Audrey Bissonnette Jenna Ballard Sammie Lynn
Caitlin Guillot Keana Roath Sara Seymour
Cassaluna Hagelund Kelsey Holland
Christine Anderson Kelsey Loving
Cristen Hernandez Lani Fischer
Danielle Martin Lexi Baasch
Erin Blasdel Madison Hood
Gabriella Gallegos
Jenni Brelsford
Kami Nix
Katie Medley
Kelsey Nottingham
Lacy Wurster
Lia Cooley
Lindsay Benson
Liz Messing
Mattie Murray
Molly Scher
Rayna Ortiz
Salina Pena
Shelby Devlin


Our Earth Month 20cat walk for water 2017 image17 Goal:$50,000!

Ways we will work together to meet our goal, include:

  1. Cat Walk for Water – new this year! Big changes!!! We are pleased to partner with Massif Fashion Week and will host our own showcase by opening MFW on April 5. We will work with 12 models and a local, eco designer, Kastlfel. This is our primary focus and biggest opportunity to meet our goal. Students will be able to audition to be accepted to work on this show.

Together, this Earth Month, we will launch our Earth Month Cat Walk for Water show with Massif Fashion Week, featuring clothing by designer, Kastlfel (clothing made from recycled water bottles) in our own showcase at Massif Studios!


  1. Denim for Donation – NOW CALLED PANTS FOR THE PLANT! You can enroll at any time and pay $25 donation to your Crowdrise account (must be linked to our Aveda Institute Denver Earth Month page).
  2. Silent Auction & Donations – we are seeking items of value in goods and services to be donated to our silent auction. Please submit all inquiries to Alicia Christus in Marketing achristus@avedadenver.com
  3. Master Workshop & Classes – Kasey will be announcing the special classes and workshops. Students can donate to the educator’s personal Crowdrise page and attend those classes.
  4. Experience Center Incentives – guests, team and students will be able to make additional donations for Earth Month in the EC. A donation jar will be set up as well as prizes and incentives for guests who make donations.
  5. Product Influencer – we want to focus on our Dry Shampoo and soon-to-launch Dry Conditioner as a way to save water during Earth Month. Students can be influencers by sharing on social media about these products, including our Light the Way Earth Month candle. Use the special #AvedaCleanWater hashtag because each post will be a donation of $1 from Aveda (up to $10,000) towards our collective Aveda goal!
  6. Weekly Wellness – if you are passionate about the Earth and want to share a special wellness activity, see Elisa in admissions to share your idea to present to the campus at Monday/Tuesday wellness.
  7. Appointments for the Earth on 4/20 – An impactful day of services as 100% of all service revenue is donated to Earth Month this day only. This is a HUGE opportunity to be fully booked! Please start promoting and telling your friends and family to book their appoitments!
  8. Epic 4/20 Bake Sale – in support of Appointments for the Earth we will also host a large bake sale. Stay tuned for information on what to bring.


petalogoRe-Introducing Cruelty Free Bunny Logo for Salons, Stores and Online

We’re thrilled to share that Aveda is re-introducing the PETA Bunny logo to salon, retail, online and social media storytelling to ensure everyone knows, at a glance, that Aveda doesn’t test on animals, and never asks other to do so for us.  If you are asked the question, you can confidently share that “Aveda is a cruelty-free brand.  It does not test on animals.”

To find out more about Aveda’s commitment to animal welfare visit http://www.aveda.com/living-aveda/aveda-cares and also take a look at Aveda’s Instagram page.
#AvedaMission #CrueltyFree


AM16_5422_R1Create, Post, Tag #win
Aveda Social Network – final month for the contest!!!

Aveda is hosting a social media contest for the network and has invited Institute students to also be involved! The contest launched in September and now they’re inviting students to join in October through March, so you can join anytime! Each month, Aveda is hosting a specific focus and hashtag. The prize? The artist that is chosen and has the most-liked image will be eligible for a social media photoshoot with the Aveda Global Artistic Team! View the guide here: http://www.avedapurepro.com/pdf/AvedaArtistContest_SellSheet_10.19.16.pdf

Follow the team on Instagram: @ricardodinis @ianmichaelblack @allenruizstyle @tippishorter @jgeason



Get Connected
Build your brand, build your network. Follow along and stay engaged with the Inspire Greatness Network:

Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/avedadenver/

Instagram:      https://www.instagram.com/inspireaveda/

Twitter:           https://twitter.com/inspireaveda

Snapchat:        https://www.snapchat.com/add/inspireaveda


march 2017 retail promoNew Guest Cards
Feature the NEW GUEST Promotion and should be gifted to people who have NOT been to Aveda Institute Denver. Hand them out when you are at work, the gym and events to network and invite new guests to experience a service with you.

$15 NSR Cards
This is a $15 off service (New Service Recruitment) coupon for return guests to encourage them to try a NEW service they have not yet experienced, and enjoy $15 off that service. For example, if you have a guest who is receiving a haircut and has never had a color service, this is a great card to gift them and encourage them to come back and experience $15 off a color service. Or for spa, if a guest is receiving a facial and has never had a body treatment, gift them the card and have them enjoy $15 off a future body treatment service. You can always check with the Experience Center to review a guest’s history of services.

Referral Cards
Gift these to ALL guests to encourage them to refer someone to you! Your guest will receive a $10 gift towards Aveda products when their referral uses the card. The referral will receive $15 off a new service. See the Experience Center for more details. Ask your guest to please refer someone to you!

Retail Promotion
The March retail promotion is here! Let your guests know they can enjoy a complimentary facial wax service with the purchase of any new Solstice Bloom makeup. This offer is valid through the month of March. See an Aveda Experience Center advisor for details.


Sam Rossiter teamContinuing Education Opportunity: Rossiter Massage System Certification
The Rossiter System® is a service and training organization that has been removing stress, pain, and immobility at the source since 1990. Founder Richard Rossiter, developed this work as his own journey out of pain. The injuries he received as a youth athlete and during the Vietnam war set him on a path of finding a natural, non invasive, and safe alternative to surgery and drugs. He eventually found that Rolfing helped him so much he joined the profession, and has been a Certified Advanced Rolfer since 1986. Richard developed the Rossiter System to address the short comings of Rolfing, under the guidance of a neurosurgeon.

A special certification course will be offered at Aveda Institute Denver on Sunday April 30 and Monday May 1.


Please e-mail Sam with any questions  suzsam17@gmail.com


Aveda Institute Denver is a sponsor of this fun event, happening this Wednesday at 6 am! Students, team and guests are welcome to attend a purchase a ticket online. All proceeds support a local, non-profit organization, Water for People.


All the event details are in these links. Let me know if you have any questions.

Facebook Event: “Wake Up Kickass Be Bold: Fitness/Yoga Mashup For a Cause”

Eventbrite Link: Wake up. Kickass. Be bold for change. Fitness for a Cause: Int’l Women’s Day

About the Cause:

This is a donation event to support International Women’s Day and their mission: Gender Equality. This year’s theme is #BeBoldForChange. Money raised will go to Water For People, a Denver-based nonprofit that works in developing countries to solve the global water and sanitation crisis. This matters because every day there are millions of women and girls who cannot go to school, get a job, or provide safe food for their families due to lack of safe water and sanitation.




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