Someone Like You

Referral Program

What is the Someone Like You program? Referring professionals will receive a $250 check for referring a qualifying enrollment. A qualifying enrollment receives a $50 retail voucher upon completion of their first day of school. A qualifying enrollment is an individual who has enrolled and attended the first day of their program by 12.31.21. Professionals eligible for referring bonus are salon professionals, graduates of Aveda Institutes, current team members of Aveda Institutes (excluding Admissions and Financial Aid team members in accordance with FSA as stated below). Programs eligible for Referral Program are Cosmetology, Hairstyling, Barber, Esthiology, Master Esthiology, Massage Therapy. All other programs offered by the Aveda Institutes Denver, Tucson, Provo, Phoenix are not eligible for Referral Program.


  • Referring professional shares QR code with prospective student, either via phone or print out, to lead them to this page.
  • Prospective student requests information through lead form to the left of this column.
  • Enrollment: On the day after a new start, Campus Director reviews class roster and discovers if any students are a  “Someone Like You” referral based on lead form. This can be done through file review or through Smart referral report. 
  • Campus Director shares QR code with Referring Professional after qualifying enrollment has completed their first day of school, leading them to this page where they will fill out the form on the right of this column.
  • Campus Director puts together check request to include all names of Referring Professionals and specifies delivery plan. Campus Director emails request to Director of Finance and CCs Director of Operations. 
  • Delivery Plan Process is complete when Referring Professional receives their check.


  • Referred by someone and interested in learning more? Fill out the form!
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  • Did you refer Someone Like You to join one of our programs? Once this student has begun their program this form is the final step to receiving your Referral Bonus!
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FSA Incentive Compensation Prohibition

Schools may not provide any commission, bonus, or other incentive payment based directly or indirectly on success in securing enrollments or financial aid to any individual or entity engaged in recruiting or admission activities or in making decisions about awarding FSA program funds.

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