If you are already a student at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute or you want to enroll, take a moment to consider dual licensure! Pursuing two complementary programs (esthiology and massage therapy/cosmetology and esthiology) can be a great way to enhance your skills and become a sought-after professional.

Benefits of Dual Licensure

According to Brad Van Dyke, Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute’s Director of Education, dual licensure can create a career that is successful, diverse, and long-lasting.

“As the owner of three salon/spas, I know I would hire a dual-licensed professional over a single licensed individual,” he says. “I’ve worked alongside other dual-licensed estheticians/massage therapists and in every single case I grew my business [at least] three times faster than someone with a single license.”

More and more students are choosing dual licenses because they want to diversify their skillset and mix up their daily tasks. When we talk about longevity in a career, we aren’t just talking about time– we’re talking about actual health and stamina. “Working in other domains helps create longevity in the career,” says Brad. “You’re not putting your body through the same repetitive motion. Even on a body mechanic standpoint [you’re] working your own body muscles and moving a lot more. Repetitive movement is when your muscles break down. Breaking it up with other modalities helps keep the body and muscles fresh.”

Woman receiving a facial.

Program Requirements

The length of your dual licensure depends on the programs you choose. Esthiology and massage take about a year to complete, while cosmetology and barbering (offered only at our Denver location) dual licenses can take up to 15 months. At all of our locations besides Denver, students need to finish one program before starting the other. Get in touch with an admissions representative to determine the exact prerequisites for each program.

Career Possibilities

With a dual license, a variety of career possibilities could open up to you. “When you go to resort spas/cruise ship spas people want dual-licensed people,” Brad says. “They just want to go to [a single] professional for services. Resorts and cruise ships are where it is most appealing. [But] even in salon/spas in cities, owners see it as really valuable to their business.” The boom in massage, esthetics, and advanced skincare modalities is huge right now. Why not combine skill sets so you have a more diverse service menu to offer your future clients?

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Want to learn more about dual licensure at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute? Contact us to get more information! Becoming a dual-licensed beauty professional could help you secure a fulfilling future in the industry. We’d love to talk with you about dual-license options, so reach out to us today!