The Aveda brand is all about what our products and people are made of, which has us asking: what are beauty professionals made of? Everyone who comes into an Aveda school is uniquely different, but many of them have similar traits and goals. So what are Aveda beauty professionals made of? Here are just some of the more common “ingredients” we’ve seen in our incredible students:


One of the biggest drives for people to start a career in beauty is the opportunity to help people each and every day. Whether you choose cosmetology, esthetics, or another discipline, you can have a role in helping other people feel like their best selves. You can provide haircuts that boost confidence for job interviews, makeup for weddings, or skincare treatments for truly healthy skin! Helping people feel great is what beauty careers are all about! Many of our students possess that passion for people and work hard every day to brighten the lives of people around them.


The beauty industry is always growing and evolving, so it’s important for beauty pros to be learning as they continue to develop in their careers! New products, styles, techniques, and trends are coming out all the time, so continuing education after graduation can make you an outstanding cosmetologist, esthetician, or other beauty pro. This is one reason why we offer travel abroad opportunities to our graduates as well as our current students. We want people to have the opportunity to continue to learn and develop themselves even after graduation has come and gone!


Many of our students enter beauty school because they want to be actively physically engaged in the work they do. They love being on their feet, active, and involved in whatever they’re doing. Their days go fastest when they’re physically occupied with something. If you enjoy working with your hands and being busy throughout the day, beauty school could be the perfect place for you to build a career!


Our school attracts many artistically gifted students who love working with color and styles. It’s partly why we do some of our extracurricular activities, such as the North American Hairstyling Awards competition and the London or New York Fashion week excursions. Many beauty pros love art and artistic expression, so if that sounds like you then cosmetology, makeup, or esthetics could become your new future.


Students at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes don’t simply learn beauty, many of them also become innovators. They come up with new and inspiring ways to make the world a healthier, more beautiful place. Some students even reinvent themselves along the way, becoming more mindful of others and creating a lifestyle of Aveda beauty around them.

What Are You Made Of?

Knowing what we’re made of is an important piece of what makes us unique . Not only are Aveda products built with the purest ingredients the earth can offer, our students and staff are built the same way, each unique and beautiful in their own right. Some students are made up of strength, courage, and tenacity, compassion, fervor, or selflessness. What are you made of? Visit our Facebook page to learn more about what we’re made of and get inspiration for yourself! If you think you’re made of the right stuff to be an outstanding beauty professional, contact us at any of our Tucson, Phoenix, Denver, or Provo campuses for more information on how you can begin your future with Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes!