People don’t enter the field of cosmetology because they want an ordinary job. They enter it to do creative work and help people look and feel their best. A great stylist can boost someone’s confidence and help them find a look that works. Despite what you may think, great stylists aren’t born – they’re made. One way instructors at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes help students is by sharing what makes a great stylist. 

Communication Is Key

As with most careers, open communication is key in becoming a top stylist. This is important with clients as well as other staff in the salon. Being easy to work with will make it easier to deal with supervisors, assistants, and front desk staff. It also makes you look more professional. Whether you’re communicating with co-workers or clients, you should be patient, ask the right questions, and listen to their needs. 

Manage Client Expectations with Care

It’s important to manage the expectations of clients. They may want a haircut or style that isn’t best for their hair texture. For example, some people have a lot of very thin hair that becomes frizzy easily, but they request cuts like bobs. It’s difficult to care for and manage such a short style with thinner hair. Long layers can be a wiser choice, especially if the client has a round face shape. It’s much more flattering and easier to care for. 

It’s very important to be able to communicate this type of information in a caring and understanding way. Most clients will appreciate a stylist explaining why a style won’t work and will be open to suggestions from you, the expert. 

Never Stop Learning

One thing that sets instructors at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes apart is their passion for cosmetology. Our instructors are still interested in their trade and inspired by it. They keep learning techniques and styles that are bubbling up from the wider culture. 

Too many stylists get complacent in their careers. Some are not enthusiastic about learning new cutting techniques. They’re not interested in new ways to color hair with less damage. They want to stay comfortable. Often, these are the people who leave their clients with dated looks. They don’t work at the best salons. People at the top of their field are open to taking continuing education units (CEUs) not only because they are sometimes required for license renewal but also because they are motivated to expand their technical skills. 

Be a Great Stylist with Aveda Institutes

If you’re passionate about hair, from cuts to color, and you enjoy interacting with clients who will inspire and challenge you creatively, you might have what it takes to be a great stylist. Enroll today in our hairstyling programs at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes to take the first step toward success as a stylist. We have locations in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona; Denver, Colorado; and Provo, Utah.