The Aveda education is unique among other beauty school curriculums, so people often have questions. Can I work in any salon with an Aveda education? Do I learn the same things as another beauty school? What is unique about the Aveda education? These questions and more are common among people investigating their beauty school options. Here we’ll cover just a few of the ways that Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes strives to give students an advantage in their education.

Practical Practice

We don’t want our students to just know about cosmetology, esthetics, or other beauty professions, we want them to practice it extensively. Practice is the key for skilled and satisfying services, so we strive to give our students lots of opportunity to practice until things feel second-nature. The clinic floor at Inspire Greatness is designed to simulate what it would be like for graduates to work in professional salons after graduation. This makes it so that the practice that students get in school can help prepare them for the real thing after they complete their program!

Learn the Aveda Way

The Aveda products and practices are one of the big ways that the Aveda education really stands out. In addition to teaching the services and practices required by the state licensing board, the Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes usually incorporate education about the Aveda brand, products, and practices. Aveda products and services have a large focus on natural and healthy ways to achieve desired results. Aveda education can give students the opportunity to learn the Aveda way in addition to learning practices that are required for state licensure.

Build Business Basics

Regardless of where your beauty career takes you are, you’ll likely either work for a business or own a business. This is why learning a foundation of business skills is important for our students. We strive to prepare our students to be effective at managing guests, products, and more from the potential position of management. Business basics can also help students learn to market themselves and grow their personal business, whether they work at a salon or in their own private business or practice.

The Aveda Career Network

The Aveda education is designed to help students prepare to work in any salon or spa, but it can also give students an advantage in applying for opportunities at Aveda brand salons and spas. Students who attend non-Aveda beauty schools often have a difficult time getting positions at Aveda salons and spas. With an Aveda education you license as a cosmetologist or esthetician to apply at any salon or spa.

Beyond career preparation, the Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes strive to bring outside opportunities in to the school for students to experience. This can include things like career fairs, presentations, guest speakers, and much more. The networking opportunities can play a critical part in making the education at the school lasting and impactful.

Join Aveda Today

Attending Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute isn’t just about learning cosmetology or esthetics, it’s about providing the opportunity to transform your life. Embrace your truest self and contact us to learn more about our programs today. We have campuses in Phoenix, Tucson, Provo, and Denver for you to choose from.