Aveda Inspire Greatness is nothing without its exceptional staff and instructors, and Brad VanDyke is no exception! We recently had the opportunity to get to know him and his role at each of our campuses. He’s a part of the lifeblood that helps everyone at the school learn and grow!

About Brad VanDyke

Brad originally completed a four year degree in exercise science and psychology, but sought to find a career path that embodied his personal vision on how he wanted to connect to the world and the people in it. He later completed a massage therapy program and started working at an Aveda salon as a massage therapist around 18 years ago. It was during that time that he fell in love with Aveda because it aligned with his personal beliefs. He’s been with Aveda ever since!

Why Inspire Greatness Aveda?

More than anything else, Brad loves Aveda because of how it aligns with his personal beliefs. He believes in taking a holistic approach to wellness. He has always observed that there is a connection between what stylists do and overall wellness. You can both look and feel good. This mentality is a central part of Aveda’s culture, so it was a natural fit for Brad to join!

Brad’s Role at Inspire Greatness Aveda

Brad contributes a lot to the Inspire Greatness schools in his role as Director of Education. He oversees education at all four campuses, ensuring that the curriculum is optimized and current, kits are up to date, and that our team is equipped to effectively engage the students. His day to day is all about connecting with team leads and observing team members in the classroom or on the clinic floor. Brad calls Denver home, but travels to each location regularly so he gets a good idea of how things are going. Brad also oversees all of our points of difference programs, such as our fashion week travel experiences in London and New York, the North American Hairstyling Awards competition, and our study abroad experiences in India, Toronto, and Madrid. These experiences are part of what makes an Aveda education extraordinary, and Brad is an integral part of what makes these experiences successful!

These programs are a big deal because they can help set our students up to be successful. Students get the practical experience of working alongside professionals in the industry by going to these fashion shows or competitions and connect to that network. Those networking opportunities help connect students with the industry, and in our case, specifically the Aveda brand. It’s not just a one-time event, most students use these experiences as a networking and marketing opportunity to explore their career options.

Advice for Students

When asked about advice for future students, Brad had this to say:

”Recognize that you are entering a career, not just a job. It is creating something that can be a life-changing path. A job is just something you show up to do. A job is something that passion may not align with. For me a career is something you commit to and recognize that there can be continual inspiration to give and give and give if you put yourself out there.

Our industry has a lot to offer. It is a matter of finding what you’re good at and where your passion is. When you do that you can have a life-long journey or career. It’s beautiful when you can find that. I’m grateful for what this career has offered me, and I know it can offer a lot to other people who want to go and get it for themselves.”

Meet Brad at Aveda Institute!

Brad is very involved with the education at Inspire Greatness Aveda, so even if you don’t attend the Denver campus, you’re bound to run into him! You can have the opportunity to meet Brad and other staff members with inspiring stories like his. Contact us at our Denver, Provo, Phoenix, or Tucson locations for more information about our programs or to schedule a tour!