Get to know our guests, students, team members and network Aveda salons and spas!

January Spotlights

Natalia massage studentStudent Spotlight: Natalia Starodubtseva, Massage Therapy

Natalia, aka Natasha, is currently in the Air phase of our Massage Therapy program and will graduate very soon. Prior to joining our program, and arriving to this country, Natalia has a Masters in Chemistry and was a Chemistry Teacher back in her home country, Ukraine. She was also a massage therapist and when she immigrated into the US she had to re-certify, which brought her to Aveda Institute Denver.

“I love the teamwork and togetherness. Wearing my Aveda apron makes me feel connected to something bigger.”

Favorite Aveda product: Bergamot Singular Note is my favorite Aveda product. I love the uplifting aroma and use it during my massage services.

Why did you choose to attend Aveda Institute? I chose Aveda for the excellent training, verification of knowledge, availability of well-trained practitioners, course duration and value for the price.

Hero/Industry Icon or Mentor: I have wonderful mentors in my educators LoraLee and Michelle!

In my spare time, you will find me: Swimming in the pool!

I’m inspired most by: Knowledge.

Something unique about me is: My knowledge of several languages and cultures make my treatments very unique.

What are you most excited about accomplishing after graduation? Possessing a new specialty, a set of skills and knowledge that I can share with others!

Kelly spa studentStudent Spotlight: Kelly Edgin, Esthiology

Kelly is wrapping up her first phase of our esthiology (skin care, makeup, waxing) program and recently starting offering facials in our student spa clinic. She’ll be progressing soon to offer the full spa service experience.

“I chose to attend Aveda Institute Denver because of the recognition in the beauty industry. I also wanted an education I knew others would be impressed by.”

Prior to Kelly becoming a student at Aveda Institute Denver she was a full-time foster parent for 10 years and adopted four of the five daughters she has now. It’s amazing she’s found some time for herself to go back to school and learn a new skill. Kelly is also a certified Nail Technician and AAS Interpreter for the deaf. She’s excited to complete this program and be able to offer more services to her guests.

Her favorite thing about Aveda is the sense of community. “I am inspired by the people I have met at Aveda. I have met some of the most amazing people, who’s stories are truly inspirational.”

Favorite Aveda Product: The new Wedding Masque Overnight for face and eye. The results are amazing and you can instantly see the difference in your skin.

Industry Icons: I follow many nail techs around the world through social media. They inspire me to go beyond my comfort level, to reach higher and dream big! They include:


Poochiez Pawz Nail Studio

Tony’s Nails


Ocean Nail Supply

My mentors included my business partner, Alana Dobbs and my CND Ambassador, Mary Chhea.

In my spare time, you’ll find me: Spare time? I don’t have any 🙂 But I do hope to someday pick up the guitar again.

Haley cos educatorTeam Member Spotlight: Haley Sample

We are excited to have Haley Sample transition into the Assistant Team Lead role in the Experience Center starting in February! Haley joined our team a year ago as a cosmetology educator. She’s wrapping up her current phase, teaching Grounding for our new cosmetology students. Haley brings six years of Aveda experience to our team and a passion for Aveda products!

Greatest Industry Accomplishment or Goal: When behind the chair I built my books in 6 months, became the Salon Coach within 2 years of starting my career, moved to Colorado to educate, and now becoming the Experience Center Assistant Team lead

Hero/Industry Icon: Mom and Dad, they both created me and made me the woman I am today. I am thankful for there support even through my crazy years. They continue to motivate me and push me to better my best. Being so far from them (they are in Florida) makes me have so much more value for my relationship with both of them. When I told them I was dropping out of college to go to beauty school they both cheered me on the whole way. I am very lucky and blessed to have TWO parents that are insanely good to me.

What I love most about Aveda is: The culture, we pride ourselves on taking care of all our guests. Our guests is everyone including ourselves! The wellness from inside ourselves is spread to each individual we come in contact with. We are a strong network and team, meaning wherever we go ANY Aveda is home. We strive for excellence and we believe learning never ends. Everything the mission states I believe and incorporate into my everyday life

Favorite Aveda Product: oooooooohhhh this is a little hard to say, because if anyone knows me they know I am an Aveda junkie. But if I was stranded on an isle it would be: Dry Shampoo, Air Control, Chakra 3, and TULASARA. (I tried)

Pets and/or Children: A SOON TO BE FUR Baby owner. (rescue)

In my spare time you will find me: Yoga, Workout, Any out doors activity, eating Ice Cream

I’m most inspired by: EVERYONE AROUND ME, every life has a story and I love hearing them. The reason I got into this industry was to understand what makes a person feel beautiful and what I have learned is every soul is different. Beauty is something that comes from within and showing someone on the outside how beautiful they really are is the biggest pay off of this industry we are in. This is our creative outlook. Our way of express ourselves in colors, textures, movements, and placements. It is what I thrive off of as a being and I love being surrounded by people who feel the same way.

Advice to our students: Never give up, never stop practicing, and Never stop learning. Look at each day and experience as an opportunity to grow and learn more. Even the great services have as much to learn from as the not so great services. What made it great what made it not so great? Practice is the way to stay up in this field. There is ALOT of learning in practicing and observing the stylists around you. There is no reason to feel a day was a boring day or a waste of time. If you have the right mindset that everything is an EXPERIENCE with learning and growth attached to it, you will NEVER have a boring day in this industry.

Aveda has changed my life. It taught me everything I needed to know on how to be a successful stylist, business woman, and person. I have meet some of my lifelong friends from my Aveda Institute program and made memories I can never forget. I continue to grow with Aveda each day of work and each education course I am able to take. I love how much education is offered even after getting licensed. I recommend Aveda to anyone who is trying to gain inspiration in their life. Even if they aren’t wanting to do hair there are so many layers to this company and I am excited to continue exploring all of them!

Katie B guest spotlightGuest Spotlight: Katie Broeren

Meet our loyal guest, Katie (nickname, Charlie) shown here with two of our recent cosmetology graduates. Katie has been our guest here in Denver for many years and an Aveda guest for over 30 years. She’s visited salons and Institutes all over the world, including Chicago, New York, Miami, Paris and Rome.

She credits the Aveda Institute Denver experience with making her feel “beautiful and sassy.” Katie recently went for a bold, new look with this beautiful pixie cut. With this new style, her favorite Aveda styling product is the Light Elements Defining Whip.

Katie’s favorite part of the Aveda experience is the relaxing, stress-relieving scalp massage. Katie enjoys reading in her spare time and is a full-time volunteer.

Dale with Marty and GregGraduate Spotlight: Greg Cooper Schulze and Marty Salinas, Van Michael Salons

We are pleased to welcome back our graduates, Greg and Marty to lead a Master Series this week on balayage and bridal/updo styling, and to host a workshop for Industry Day & Education Jam.

Greg “Cooper” Schulze has been doing hair color for almost 7 years now. He started his career at Aveda Institute Denver in Colorado, where he learned from some of the best stylists in the industry. Soon after graduating he started working for one of the top salons in the industry, Van Michael Salons in Atlanta, Ga. Van Michael has one of the best training programs in the industry and has set Cooper up to be one of the top

Hair colorists in Atlanta. Cooper’s clients include actors, top CNN personalities, and Atlanta’s elite. He’s behind the chair five days a week and is pleased to share his tips on balayage services.

Marty Salinas is a Master Stylist and Educator for Van Michael Salons in Atlanta, Ga. During his seven years in the Beauty Industry, Marty has specialized in Cutting and Up styling while working with some of the top stylists in the Industry. His services have been called upon for weddings, photo shoots, fashion shows and movie premieres. He has worked with the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) featuring designers: Daniel Vosovic, Burkman Bros, Emanuela Duca, and Whit; and a Campaign Commercial Shoot with Elizabeth Arden NY and Maybeline.

Marty was an Official Stylist for The Atlanta Falcon’s Cheerleaders, CNN and has worked with numerous Television and Radio Personalities. His work has been featured in Modern Luxury Brides Atlanta, The Atlantan, So Magazine, VoyageAtl and multiple Bridal Blogs. Marty was recognized as 2016 winner of “Best of Atlanta -Haircut” by Jezebel Magazine and recently had the opportunity to work NYFW styling for designers such as Kyboe, Chromat, CG(Chris Gelinas), Chiara Boni, and Delpozo. Marty will be demonstrating the secrets behind his success with updo and bridal styling.

wild roots salonWild Roots group photo








Aveda Salon Spotlight: Wild Roots Salon

Wild Roots is a new Aveda concept salon located in Broomfield, CO. They opened on September 6, 2016. The owner, Amanda Shields is a former cosmetology educator from Aveda Institute Denver. She’ll be hosting a workshop at Industry Day next week to focus on the differences between booth rent and the salon business model.

Number of salon chairs/spa treatment rooms:
5 chairs, 1 treatment room

Services offered: Full range of hair services, including brazilian blowout, extensions, facial waxing, lash extensions

How do you support new talent? We have amazing in-salon education offered by some of our most advanced stylists, as well as Aveda Purefessionals. We also do lots of advertising and ‘deal of the days’ on social media, calling to action day of, and walk in appointments – which can be snatched up by our newest stylists! We teach the importance of pre-booking in order to retain guests, and build a solid clientele, and have a great referral program to get friends and family of everyone you see in the door.

What makes your salon/spa unique? We have a small, family feel, and a super motivated group of stylists and guests service coordinators. We encourage work/life balance, work on a 4 day work week, and also offer every 6th Saturday off for each stylist!

Stylist get a mix of in salon education, and choice of classes through Aveda, and even outside of the network depending on what they are most interested in. We also do hair and make up on location, which allows the stylist to get out of the salon and work in beautiful places! We also donate to a new nonprofit each month, including a small percent of our proceeds, as well as money raised by our wonderful guests!

Benchmark celebrations or successes:
Wild Roots Salon has grown 10% or more each month that we have been open so far!

Tips for new students? Take in every ounce of information from every educator who walks through the doors of the institute. They have so many years of collective knowledge, and are your tools for success! Use school to practice being a professional. Show up early, have great attendance, and practice the points of difference and professionalism so that you are on point and ready to go when you enter your first salon of your career!