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February Spotlights

Aisha HurtStudent Spotlight:
Aisha Hurt (aka Esha) is a cosmetology student in our Expression phase.

Before attending cosmetology school, Aisha was a Customer Service and Healthcare Front Office Coordinator. When Aisha was making the decision to go back to school in the beauty industry she spent a lot of time researching and touring schools. When she toured Aveda Institute Denver she felt at home right away and has been taking full advantage of all the opportunities her education has provided so far.

What is your favorite Aveda product?

“Wow, I can’t name just one. I have a few that I love to use, like Smooth Infusion because it produces the best blowouts, and the emollient finishing gloss from the Brilliant line because it makes my hair feel so smooth, plus it has an amazing aroma. Also, the Dry Remedy Oil is great for moisture and a little goes a very long way!”

What is your favorite thing about Aveda?

“The atmosphere! From the moment I walk into the Institute, I always feel a sense of positive and upbeat energy from the educators and students –  which can turn any bad day into a good one. Also the team and educators are always there when you need them. They are very supportive and they are always willing to share whatever knowledge they have. Last, but not least, all the wonderful students! I have become great friends with many and I know these relationships will last for a lifetime.”

Hero/Industry Icon or Mentor:

“Personally, my hero is my husband for returning that support I gave him during the 14 years he was in the Marine Corps. He also supports me in my career choice. My mentor is my father who taught me to always be myself and strive for my best, and has always been a big support in whatever I decided to do. Next, my Icon would be Johnny Wright mainly because I was lucky enough to meet him at a hair show in Atlanta and be inspired by his work behind the chair, and all the way to the White House when he was the personal stylist to Michelle Obama.”

In my spare time, you will find me:

“Hanging out with my husband and kids, whether it’s bumming around the house watching old movies on Netflix or taking them to whatever events are happening around town.”

I am most inspired by:

“Creativity! I love how this industry allows you to be yourself and be as creative as you want.”

Where do you see your Aveda education taking you?

“To wherever opportunities I take advantage of within or outside Aveda. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES WITH AVEDA and the network. I have been a student for the past eight months and I’m looking forward to new and exciting education that Aveda continues to offer, as well as professional relationships with guest educators or salon professionals. My graduation is in September of 2017, and I am really excited to look back at all my work and see how far I’ve come and to hopefully work in a top salon and maybe even be able to be a traveling stylist.”

Alicia Parks ChristusTeam Member (and Student) Spotlight:
Alicia Christus

Alicia is our Marketing coordinator at Aveda Institute Denver and will celebrate 9 years with Aveda in May of this year. She is a certified yoga instructor and has a BA in Journalism. Alicia hosts Ayurveda workshops and yoga classes for our team and students in-between coordinating events and activities on campus. She recently joined the Esthiology Program to become licensed and continue her education with Aveda.

“Joining the esthiology program has been a dream of mine since I started working when the Institute first opened in 2006, and I’m thrilled to finally start this journey and become the student, again.”

What are your favorite Aveda products?

“This changes every time Aveda launches a new product! Right now my favorites are the Tulasara Radiant Awakening Ritual (dry brush and oleation oil), the new Wedding Masque Overnight, and my long-time favorite is Air Control hair spray. The aroma is what I love most about Aveda. You know, #SmellsLikeAveda ”

Why Aveda?

“I LOVE AVEDA and the products are what inspired me to work for the brand. When I was walking by the Institute almost 12 years ago, I saw the ‘coming soon’ sign in the window and I knew this was my start to working for Aveda. I stayed with Aveda because of the Inspire Greatness brand, the vision and leadership of our owner, Dale Le Monds. I have to admit it took me some time to adjust to the idea of working in a “beauty school” because the true beauty and inspiration that happens here is never really known until you become a part of the experience. After a while, I was proud to say I work at a beauty school because it is such an amazing space. We have great students here working to change their lives and the lives of others. We are here to INSPIRE.”

Hobbies and Interests?

“Yoga. It’s pretty obvious too. I am so lucky that I can bring my passion for yoga to our Aveda community. It’s the best part of my day when I can connect to our students through yoga. It was Aveda that re-inspired my passion for yoga and eventually led to me taking a few years break to focus on yoga full-time. After about six years working in various roles here, I felt the calling to indulge in yoga. I become a studio manager and teacher trainer. I started to miss my time at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes and, just like yoga teaches, the universe provided and I was offered a change to come back a few years ago and it’s been amazing. You can follow my story on Instagram @aliciarae_yoga or come take a class with me at CorePower Yoga Stapleton.”

Advice for students?

“Now that I am a student (only 3 weeks into the program) I am gaining to much perspective. Trust the process. Everything will come together as it is meant to be. Second, appreciate the opportunities we all have to be here. We may not all get involved in the fashion shows or Earth Month events but we have the choice and it’s pretty inspiring that we get to be a part of something more.”

“Also, I have some advice for those of you thinking about a new career or trying on something different and fun… learn about our esthiology program! This is such a cool experience, even if you aren’t sure about working in a spa. The Aveda curriculum is so rich in Ayurveda and health, wellness. It’s beautiful. It’s been fun to work with my classmates and play with the products and different services. Yesterday I learned how to do part of the dual exfoliation facial and it was so cool to see the instant results and how you can be a part of making someone feel and look beautiful.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“I hope to finally own my own home and have a garden to grow my own food and some chickens, a pet pig and some rescue dogs and cats. I’ll definitely still be with Aveda and Inspire Greatness and I am open to the possibilities now that I’ll be licensed. I’ll still be teaching yoga for sure and maybe one day leading our own yoga teacher training’s here at Aveda Institute Denver.”

When I am not at Aveda, I am …

“Well, I am here a lot right now 🙂 I am lucky to have great support from my husband and son who are giving me space to slack a bit on my wife/mom roles to fully engage in being a student while I work full-time. So, when I am not home with family or finding time on my yoga mat I enjoy watching movies, going on walks, shopping at Whole Foods and Natural Grocers and farmer’s markets, and drinking kombucha.”

WendyGuest Spotlight: Wendy Correa

Meet our loyal guest, Wendy (shown here with our student, Preston). She’s one of our day makers because she’s been our guest for nearly 12 years, since we opened! She enjoys healing others in her own practice as a massage therapist and appreciates receiving the same healing here at Aveda.

Why do you come to Aveda Institute Denver?

“I always have a great day here. It’s a great day at Aveda.”

What are you favorite Aveda experiences?

“All the stress-relieving rituals and gorgeous styles and hair color I walk out with, every time.”

What are your favorite Aveda products?

“I practically own a store by now with all my Aveda products. I love them all.”

Wendy enjoys healing, writing and doing yoga in her spare time. Thank you for being our guest Wendy and for being our day maker!

thumbnail_Salon full imageSalon Spotlight: D’Ametris Salon


Ame and Dennis Metcalfe,
American Board Certified Hair Colorists

Manager: Ame Metcalfe ABCH

Years Open: since 1998


Location: Historical Olde Town Arvada

thumbnail_Salon-aveda middio

Number of Chairs/Treatment Rooms:

7 chairs, 4 color bar chairs

Best Practices for Business Building of New Talent: Our culture is designed so that the new talent practices “prefect practice” of the 6-figure hairdresser in three different Salon classrooms to develop successful results faster. We have proven results to coach Salon Professionnel’s to earn 6-figures with work life balance.

Timeline: 8-12 month career training program called Protege


Pay: Guaranteed hourly wage.

Aveda graduates accelerated program available to apply for. Career and benchmark coaching monthly.

First classroom:

Three month-long intensive technical programs with three areas of focus: Haircutting curriculum , Hair color curriculum at the American Board Certified level, and Esthetic, design, lifestyle and personality.

Second classroom:

Assists for a 6-figure hair dresser

Third classroom:

Performing Client services

Protege is Held accountable to hit benchmarks during their client building time.

Salon Celebrations:

Top 200 salon in North America areas:


Advanced training program

Customer service

Denver top hair color salon Denver AList

American Board Certified Hair Colorist

National hair color educators, Aveda Ambassador, and Inspiring Champions career Coach on the team.

New 2017 salon relocation to a highly efficient industrial chic space. We feature electric chair bases, freestyler blow-dryers, color bar and team culture.

Social Media:

D’Ametri’s Aveda