Inspire Greatness Institutes is lucky to have so many inspiring partnerships within our Aveda network. Through these connections, we’ve developed friendships and loyalty because these Aveda “greatsLuis Gonzalez mission” are just as committed to Aveda’s mission and beliefs, as we are! Therefor, when asked if they would be willing to come to our Institutes and host a workshop or presentation, we are so humbled so many are excited and willing to take time from their busy schedules, and take a moment to inspire our team and students.

Like, Luis Gonzalez, purefessional and owner of Vida Salon in Denver, Colo. He joined us this morning to host a color workshop and share his techniques for color applications, inspired by his love, Aveda Hair Color Magic!

Like any traditional Aveda class, he started off with the Aveda mission, learning what we are excited about lately when it comes to the mission: caring for the world, setting an example, creating a lifestyle, inspiring others. Luis’ current focus is the part of the mission where we STRIVE.

“If you don’t start today, you lose today. If you don’t start this month, you lose an entire month. If you wait another year to start doing what you love, you lose another year!” says Luis. When it comes to being successful in this industry, he believes it’s all about knowledge. “If you’re really knowledgeable about what you’re doing, it shows. You have to know what you’re talking about.”

Although most of tLuis Gonzalez triangle of lifehe presentation was about technique, Luis’ message was clear: Strive. He spoke often about the importance of finding what you’re passionate about. “You have the power to be as successful as you want and make as much money as you want. It’s all about what you are doing to do to get there.”

Luis’ story began at a beauty college where he left with enough foundation to get him started but a quick realization that he needed to learn more. He started working for Regis in a salon where he was charging $50 for haircut, admittedly, not exactly knowing had to cut hair – but he had determination, confidence and STRIVE! With a thirst for knowledge, he joined the training program at The Academy where he left with more knowledge but again, more STRIVE to learn even more. He joined the Centre salon team, where he grew successfully for six years. During that time he became an Aveda color purfessional, focusing on the Hair Color Magic program. Currently his salon, Vida, located in the the Highlands area of Denver, is currently the only salon certified with Hair Color Magic.

Luis travels around the network to host color workshops and trainings on this system that he describes as a way to learn how color formulation actually works. “It teaches one to actually formulate color so it eventually becomes predictable.”

Luis Gonzalez foil technique

Through the demonstration, Luis shared a few more tips on success in the beauty industry:

“What is success? Money? It has nothing to do with money. Success is doing what you love. The money will be there.”

Luis become a salon owner about three 1/2 years ago, stating he’s always had a strong business minded focus but lately he’s been motivated by editorial projects. “Editorial work keeps me inspired and it’s hard work that doesn’t make any money. What it does is keeps me motivated to be behind the chair five days a week. That’s my bread and butter. Being in the salon.”

Another tip from Luis? Sure, he’s got many to share and since he’s pretty successful, we are listening…

“Embrace everything that’s happening right now in school. Everything you are being taught will matter and apply in the salon: rituals, retailing, prebooking. Right now is the time to take advantage of every thing you are being offered. And, also, treat every guest like they’re a six-figure guest.”

Luis is available for follow up questions and support and will be auditioning new talent for his salon in June 2016. To connect, follow him on Instagram @lgonzalezhaircolor or email him direct at [email protected]