At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes we have a specially designed program for learning esthetics called Esthiology. What is the difference between an esthetics program and Aveda’s Esthiology program? In many ways they’re fundamentally similar, but at Aveda Institutes, we want to elevate our education beyond basic esthetics and help our students prepare to work in any capacity as an esthetician, even in medical spas. The Aveda esthiology program may be right for you if you’re looking for an opportunity in the esthetics industry.

Esthiology And Esthetics

If you compare an esthetics program at another school to the Esthiology program at Aveda Institutes, you may notice that they cover the same fundamental subjects, but the Esthiology program covers a few skills unique to Aveda. Esthiology helps students learn that skincare is more than simply putting products on to make your skin look better. Esthiology takes a holistic approach to the way we take care of skin. It encourages balance; promoting a healthy mind and body to help improve your overall well being. It also teaches that what you put in the body is just as important as what you put on it. Aveda teaches students to be aware of nature, their surroundings, and how all of those things influence their health. When you get an Esthiology education at Aveda Institutes, you can learn the basics of esthetics and how they can work better when you practice a healthier and more holistic lifestyle. Our emphasis on skincare habits is what can help students flourish in any environment!

Medical Spas And Traditional Spas

Medical spas are increasingly prevalent options for students to work in after graduation, so how are they different than a traditional beauty spa? Traditional beauty spas are where people usually go for massage or skincare services provided by massage therapists or estheticians. Medical spas often provide similar services while also providing services performed by doctors such as dermatologists or chiropractors. This allows clients to come to a convenient location to have their conditions diagnosed and treated by the most appropriate specialist. Dermatologists often work with skin diseases and things that estheticians can’t usually work on, and the dermatologists refer their clients to their in-house estheticians for services that can help their patients as well.

The Aveda esthiology education can provide an educational foundation that can allow students to excel in both medical spas and traditional spas. All of our basic Esthiology programs introduce medical spa services such as microdermabrasion and peels, while our masters Esthiology program covers those procedures in depth. These types of procedures are very common in medical spas, so we want our students to feel prepared to practice them!

Training Esthiology Students to be Learners

When asked about how the esthiology program helps to prepare students to work in medical spas, Brad VanDyke, the Director of Education had this to say:

“Because the Esthiology education is foundational, many times when students enter a medical spa they are given specific training on lasers, peels, and other things. What is so beneficial from Aveda is the art of communication and how to be that liaison between a doctor and the client in taking care of their needs. Students learn the foundational information, and we teach them that learning never ends, so when they go into those specific spas they are open to learning new things.”

Every medical spa has its own unique protocols and way of doing things, so the most important thing we focus on is teaching students to be open to learning throughout their careers!

Learn Esthetics With Aveda Institutes

An Esthiology education can be an excellent choice for people who want to live a lifestyle that promotes well-being. Taking care of yourself isn’t just a career, it’s a way of life. If you want to dedicate your life to helping others feel and be their healthiest selves, esthetics could be perfect for you! Visit our programs page or contact us for more information on how you can build a lifestyle career for yourself!