The month of October is a busy time at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes. Why is there so much hustle and bustle during this autumn month? It’s because we want to help in moving forward the research to cure breast cancer.

Every 2 minutes, a woman in the United States is diagnosed with breast cancer. At Inspire Greatness, we realize this is unacceptable and it’s our goal to:

  1. Give back to survivors.
  2. Raise awareness about breast cancer.
  3. Help contribute to finding the cure.

Here are some of the things we do to help accomplish these goals.

female hand holding a breast cancer awareness ribbon

Give Back

There are millions of breast cancer survivors in the United States. We want to help survivors and fighters in their journey to recovery. While we can’t provide medical assistance, we can help them look and feel beautiful.

During the month of October, Inspire Greatness will have a Survivor Service Day. On this day, breast cancer patients and survivors can come into the salon and get complimentary services. If you’re a patient or survivor, find out which campus is closest to you and when your Survivor Service Day is. Even if you’re not a breast cancer patient or survivor, make sure your friends and family know. We want to give back and serve as many people as we can on our Survivor Service Day!

Raise Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – emphasis on “awareness.” As more people become aware of the reach and affect of breast cancer, more people become proponents of finding the cure and being the change.

Our hope is that many of the things we do in the month of October at Inspire Greatness will do two things. First, make people more aware of breast cancer and the many ways there are for people to get involved and help. Second, help people take initiative and become part of the team that moves breast cancer research forward.

We also hope that people who come to Inspire Greatness for a service or participate in one of our Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities feel like they are contributors to the great cause.

Contribute to Finding the Cure

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Hair & Makeup Show – In October Inspire Greatness will be hosting a fashion show of sorts to help raise funds to breast cancer research. This fashion show will be unlike any other you’ve ever seen. The themes for the Breast Cancer Awareness Hair & Makeup Show are inspired by the music of the 1970s and include Rock & Roll, Disco, Funk, and Punk. Hairstylists and makeup artists will be creating looks that match these themes that you’ll love! The proceeds from this show will go to breast cancer research, keep an eye out for your chance to buy tickets!
  • Silent Auction – Silent auctions are a classic way to help raise funds for a good cause. You can attend an Inspire Greatness silent auction at a campus near you to help further the cause of ending breast cancer. You’ll almost certainly be able to find a great gift to bid on. If you win, you can give the gift to a friend or treat yourself; you deserve it!
  • Runway Contest – We always like to see our students show their talent. In October we let them put their talent to good use and have a Runway Contest to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. Students will create fashion show looks and let their models strut their stuff in front of a panel of judges. This event will be one you won’t want to miss.
  • Limited Edition Hand Relief Moisturizing Creme – Aveda is also a big part of fighting breast cancer and has donated almost $4 million to research. This October you will be able to buy a special edition Breast Cancer Awareness Hand Relief cream. For every bottle of cream that is purchased, Aveda will put $4 more toward cancer research. Not only will you be helping to find the cure to breast cancer, you’ll be helping your hands stay soft and smooth. It’s a win win.
  • Appointments for the Cure – We are so excited to be a part of such a great cause that we are even going to donate 100% of the service revenue from our clinic floor for one day to support research. Find out when the Inspire Greatness clinic nearest you is having their Appointments for the Cure day and schedule an appointment. You’ll want to do it sooner than later, cause times will fill up fast!

breast cancer awareness team of cosmetologists

Getting Involved

The scheduling of these events will depend on the location. To stay informed on when and where you get involved with Inspire Greatness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, follow us on social media:

Building a Brighter Future

An important part of our involvement in Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the effect that it has on our students. Our hope is that they will be inspired to become leaders in the future. We want them to be the driving force behind creating more awareness and progress for causes such as breast cancer. We want to give our students the opportunity to be integral parts of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help give them the desire to continue being drivers for positive change.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

You may have asked where all the proceeds from these events go. At Inspire Greatness, we are proud to give our proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Why? Because the BCRF is the highest rated breast cancer organization in the United States. They have earned an A+ from Charity Watch and 4 out of 4 stars from Charity Navigator. We love partnering up with the BCRF and are confident that our contributions are being put to great use!

Coming Together

Not only is Breast Cancer Awareness Month a good time to get active in a good cause, but it gives us an opportunity to connect with the communities where we have campuses. We want to be a valuable member of the Denver, Phoenix, Tucson, and Provo communities. We want to add value and give back to these communities. We hope that during Breast Cancer Awareness Month we can do that.

Join Us

We are excited about everything we have going on in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We hope that you can join us in our mission to give back, raise awareness, and contribute!