Student life is notorious for the instant noodle dinners and all-night cram sessions. For many students, pinching pennies and scrounging savings is the only way of getting by. This can mean cutting back on shopping, eating out, or even beauty expenses. If this sounds like you, the student salon at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes is the ideal place for you to get the look you need at a price that doesn’t break the bank! We’ve compiled a few of the many benefits of getting your beauty services performed at a student salon while you are a college student yourself.

Look Great, Save Money

The most obvious benefit of having your hair cut and styled at a student salon is that you can save a sizeable amount of money without reducing the quality or frequency of your services. For example, a haircut and style service at the student salon only costs $15, but it can cost you upwards of $30 (or more) at a full service salon. Services like hair color cost even more, sometimes costing as much as three times as much compared to our student salon! Love the relaxing experience of a salon? No worries, the student salon is designed to feel just like a professional salon.

Same Products, Same Standards

One of the most distinct things about an Aveda school is the use of Aveda products. These products are popular throughout the world, and lead the world in innovation and world-mindedness. The Aveda products are designed to be high quality, crafted with naturally-derived ingredients for maximum effect and minimal global impact. Guests in our student salon receive treatments with these same products to help maintain the Aveda quality of service. Visiting the student salon is an ideal way to get the high product treatments you want at a substantial discount.

The Educational Process

Some people can feel anxious about allowing a cosmetology student cut, style, or color their hair. Guest satisfaction is the number one priority in our student salon, so we take every measure to make sure our students are equipped and prepared to wow their guests. All services in our salons and spas are provided under the direct supervision of a licensed cosmetologist, who will have to confirm their concept for your hair before they even begin. This also means students have access to a professional throughout your service, should they have any questions.. Additionally, our students must complete a minimum amount of program hours before they are permitted to perform services in the student salon. This helps us to make sure that every service is performed up to the Aveda standard!

If you are unsure about your first visit to our student salon, you can always request an appointment with one of our more experienced students.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes offer services from student salons at each of the schools in Phoenix, Tucson, Provo, and Denver. Contact the location most convenient for you to learn more about pricing and to schedule your appointment!

Are you interested in learning more about a career as a cosmetologist, esthetician, makeup artist, or nail technician? Contact us to learn more about the Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute and how an education in beauty can help you build your own career!