We’re always excited to see what our graduates are able to accomplish, and Lynne Killey is no exception! She’s an outstanding example of what you can accomplish with hard work and passion for what you do. She’s an inspiration to us, and we hope she can be an inspiration to you too!

About Lynne

Lynne is one of the earliest cosmetologists to graduate from Aveda Institute Denver! She graduated from our cosmetology program back in 2006. What stood out to us was the fiery passion she had for skincare and her decorated background in business. At that point she had already created a few skin care products as part of her business, but she wanted to learn more about working in spa environments so that she could be more successful as a salon owner. Her drive to be an outstanding salon owner eventually led Lynne to the Aveda Institute Denver. After graduation, she worked in some Aveda spas in the Denver area to get more experience in the spa environment.

“I learned that the more you focus on your strongest skill set and get clear on what you want, the easier it is to move forward.”

Building a Business

Lynne originally owned two spa locations, one in Denver and the other in Pagosa Springs. She made the tough choice to let go of her Denver location so that she could focus on developing her beauty products in Pagosa Springs, which is where she truly wanted to spend her time! To get the word out about her products, Lynne sampled at farmers markets, built marketing campaigns, and increased her distribution through Amazon. Spending time on the quality of her product is important, she likes to put her best efforts into each bottle before they leave the hive!

Lynne’s Secret for Success

One of the greatest challenges with running a business is getting the word out, and Lynne quickly learned that online marketing would not be as easy as she thought! She tried putting her product out everywhere, including sites like Etsy, eBay, Pinterest, social media, Amazon, and even her own website. She discovered that photography is the key to product positioning and allure, and was able to find the most success by partnering with Amazon. Now her business has grown to the point where she has people who help her with orders and shipping, which gives her the time she wants to refine her products!

“For us, partnering with Amazon has been a big success. We can use their warehouses to store and stock products, fill orders quickly, and gain a much larger customer base to our products. Our Organic Cuticle Oil has been an Amazon Best product on and off over the last five years, generating the sales of more than 200 units a month!”

Not only is her product line performing well, Lynne’s spa in Pagosa springs is in excellent shape! It’s currently in the final stages of a remodel that will give it a new look and feel. She loves the spa because there are so many different treatments she can offer to help people look and feel better. One of her personal favorites is the hydraderm exfoliation facial, which is a gentler version of microdermabrasion. Lynne loves being able to develop products that can help her spa experience improve!

Advice for Students

When asked about her advice for beauty school students, Lynne says:

“Find the parts you love and spend your time doing that. It is great to try new things and see what products, styles and services best suit your own style. You will tend to attract what you project – so make sure you love it.”

Learn About Aveda Institutes

Are you interested in pursuing a career that can allow you similar freedom and flexibility to chase your dreams? Lynne is just one example of someone who has made a tremendous impact with her education at Aveda Institutes. Reach out to us for more information on how an esthetics education can help you build the career you want most!

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