The success of our students and graduates is more important to us than anything else, so when we hear about amazing alumni and the incredible things they are up to, we like to brag about them. This month we had the opportunity to talk with Liz Farnsworth, a graduate from Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute in Provo, to hear about her story and journey so far. She’s an exuberant and talented cosmetologist that helped remind us what being a beauty professional is all about!

A Destiny in Beauty

Liz was acquainted with the beauty world from a young age. Her friend’s mother worked in an Aveda salon, so she was able to see first-hand what being a professional cosmetologist looked like. Liz was always fascinated by the many different services she watched, and couldn’t help but ask questions. Despite this keen interest from a young age, Liz felt pressure to attend a “real” school after graduating high school. She enrolled at Utah Valley University (UVU), but decided that wasn’t for her. Just after classes at UVU began, Liz visited the Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute in Provo for a service, and she fell in love immediately!

Liz loved the look and feel of the school from the moment she walked through the door. She liked how clean, modern, and professional the school felt, and she could tell that Inspire Greatness Aveda was where her “real” school would be. The director of admissions at the school worked with her to find financial aid options to make her beauty school dream come true, and it definitely came true!

Flexibility as a Cosmetologist

One of the things that Liz has enjoyed as a licensed cosmetologist is all of the freedom to perform different services day by day. She has the opportunity to perform any kind of service, ranging from your typical haircut to exciting hair coloring. Liz most enjoys taking care of a client from beginning to end, so being able to provide any service required has made it so she can work with someone from start to finish. Studying cosmetology has allowed Liz to be a more well-rounded and flexible beauty professional.

The Aveda Education

Graduating from beauty school is only the first step to becoming a completely-booked beauty professional. Networking, finding your first position, and building your book of business are the next steps to become a successful cosmetologist. Liz currently works as the Landis Lifestyle Salon in Salt Lake City. Landis is an Aveda salon, and as such has a high standard for the stylists it hires. The salon is prestigious and well-known in the area for the quality and standard of service. Were it not for Liz’s background with Aveda products through Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, she would have had a harder time securing the opening at Landis. Getting that Aveda education is a great way to set yourself apart from your competition!

Advice For Future Students

Choosing to enroll in beauty school can be daunting for many people, but there are many professionals who wish they had gotten started sooner. Liz advises anyone with a passion for beauty to take the plunge and get started on their education:

“If you want it, just do it. There’s a reason you’re thinking about beauty school and are passionate about beauty. If you’re meant to do it, you can change someone’s life, and you can change your own life along the way.“

Liz’s passion for beauty and energy for helping others is a great reminder of what it really means to be a cosmetologist. You can enjoy a career where you help other people feel and look like their best selves. Getting started can be intimidating, so Liz recommends getting in touch with the financial aid advisor at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes. They can help you find ways to fund your future in beauty!

Learn Cosmetology

Many cosmetologists today will tell you that they wish they had started their cosmetology career path sooner. Don’t be another one of those cosmetologists, learn more about the beauty programs at Aveda Inspire Greatness Institutes today! Our campuses in Provo, Phoenix, Tucson, and Denver offer a host of programs to choose from. Contact us to learn about the program you’re most interested in!