Fans of ice skating, skiing, and other winter activities may look forward to the colder months, but winter can also make it more difficult to keep your hair healthy. Fortunately, there are several steps residents of Utah, Colorado, and Arizona can take to protect their hair when it is especially cold and dry outside. At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, we prioritize keeping our students and clients informed about the most innovative ways to protect their hair from less-than-ideal weather conditions. Here are five tips for protecting your hair during the winter months.

Use a Humidifier

Much like cooling your home during the summer, heating your home during the winter often pulls moisture out of the air while adjusting the temperature of your home to a comfortable level. Although this effect may not be as extreme as it is during the summer months, it can still be hard on your hair and skin. Using a humidifier in your home, especially while you are sleeping, can raise the humidity level in your home to a level that will help keep your skin soft and hydrated and your hair shiny and luxurious.

Wear a Hat

Hat hair probably is not your idea of a fashion statement, but leaving your hair exposed to the elements during the winter months can do far more damage than a bit of static. Exposure to the wind and cold can make even dry hair weak and stiff, and leaving the house with wet hair that turns to ice before you get where you’re going can do even more damage. Choosing a hat made partially from silk, satin, or another material that tends to be better for your hair can help to further prevent unnecessary damage while wearing your new favorite winter accessory. 

Minimize Heat

Avoiding heat altogether is not likely in the winter months, but keeping hot water, hot air, heat-related styling tools, and other types of heat to a minimum can help boost the health and appearance of your hair. You may love the coziness of a hot shower or sitting directly under a heater when it is frigid outside, but your hair cannot thrive in an environment that makes it excessively dry, and these heat sources should be used sparingly. Using a spray or cream that protects your hair from the heat before using your curling iron or hair dryer can also help to minimize heat damage. 

Use Moisturizing Products

Creams that add moisture to your hair can also add a protective barrier between your hair and the elements during the winter. These products help seal moisture to your hair, which can keep it from being affected as strongly by the cold, winter weather, and heating products. 

Care for Your Hair Regularly

Getting your hair trimmed regularly during the winter months can help eliminate damage to the ends of your hair that may occur even with proper protection. Your ends are more vulnerable to damage than the rest of your hair, and keeping them healthy can go a long way toward improving the overall appearance of your hair.  

At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, we prioritize helping clients throughout Utah, Colorado, and Arizona find solutions for protecting their hair during the colder months. While the effects cold weather, snow, and ice can have on your hair can be significant, as can the heating solutions you may use when it is cold outside, there are several steps you can take to keep your hair smooth, shiny, and undamaged during the winter. Contact us today for more tips for protecting your hair under less-than-ideal circumstances or to shop for your favorite products to use during the winter months.