Dress codes and uniforms are a common part of salon and beauty school life, and you may have even noticed that most of the stylists wear black. Have you ever wondered why that is? Aside from being the most stylish color of all, a black apron or uniform gives cosmetologists a secret edge that most people aren’t aware of. Here are the five main reasons cosmetologists wear black uniforms:

1. Black is Always in Style

When it comes to wearing a uniform color that always works, black is the way to go. Black is always in style, it goes with most other colors and accessories, and it is flattering to most body shapes, skin types, and hair colors. Black is also a more professional color, which is helpful for providing a professional atmosphere for clients. Black is the superior color for looking your best on the job.

2. Black Helps Stylists See Color

The bright lights and varied decor in a hair salon can make it hard for a stylist to see the “true color” of the client’s hair. Ever wondered why hair stylists stand behind you after your hair is finished? It’s so that they can see how the finished result looks in front of a neutral background. If the cosmetologist was wearing something that was colorful, it could distort how the real color of the client’s hair looks. Black is a convenient and consistent way of accurately evaluating how hair looks!

3. Black Makes Hair Easy to See

Hair can be finicky to cut and style because there are thousands of hairs that can have a mind of their own. The black uniform is a great backdrop to help solitary hairs pop out for the stylist to easily see, and this works with most hair colors. Black hair does blend in with the uniform in most cases, but the hair pops out against almost any other background. This means the stylist can use their uniform as much or little as they like to give the contrast they need to see how the hairstyle is coming along.

4. Black Stays Stain-Free

Hairstylists, especially ones that specialize in hair color, spend a lot of time around products that have the potential of staining clothing. A black uniform is much harder to visibly stain, meaning that even if a color explosion happens on the job, a stylist can look professional throughout the day. Could you imagine trying to keep a white uniform clean as a professional hair colorist? It would be an absolute nightmare!

Smiling cosmetology students wearing black attire

5. Black Has The Most Options

When it comes to shopping for black clothing, there’s no shortage of shapes, sizes, and styles. Most uniforms require that a cosmetologist simply wear black with the salon apron over top, which means that stylists have plenty of room to express themselves and their individual style. Many clothing options are abundantly available in black, so it makes life a little easier for professional hair stylists!

Put on Your Black Uniform

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