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Our Program

Barber School in Denver, Colorado

Everyone who lives in or around the mile-high city of Denver, Colorado, understands the lure of this exciting metropolis. Active, fashionable people live here, and they fuel the growing demand for wellness and beauty services. The Denver campus of Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes includes a barber school program that helps set graduates on an exciting new career path in the beauty industry. With a focus on male clientele, popular barber shops are staking out a prominent place in the world of personal beauty and grooming services. Discover in-demand skills and build your confidence in our barber school.

The barber school curriculum was developed by an Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes barber. At that time, they were one of only six Aveda Institutes professional barbers working in the U.S. Whether you are just starting in beauty education, or are a well-versed pro, our barber school teaches the knowledge and practical skills necessary to become a sought-after barber. If you are interested in gaining skills and experience in personal care services, want to supplement income from a seasonal job, or yearn for an occupation that provides mobility or self-employment opportunities, our barber school in Denver, Colorado, may be right for you.

our goal

These days, people of all genders and sexes want to access high-level personal grooming services. The goal of the barber school at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes in Denver, Colorado, is to help beauty professionals offer services that appeal to a male clientele. Students may want to combine the barber school program with other areas of interest, such as esthiology, or hairstyling, depending on career goals.

We strive to provide a degree of schedule flexibility in the barber school program to accommodate the busy lives of our students, including a choice of day or evening classes. The kit developed at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes includes professional-grade tools that will serve graduates long after leaving the barber school.

Two barber school students make client comfortable in chair while washing hair


Our barber school curriculum covers all the basics, as well as advanced techniques. As students gain skills, they get real-world experience with clients who visit our student clinic. Under the supervision of seasoned professionals in our Denver Campus Salon and Spa, barbering students learn how to handle the needs of different clients and keep them comfortable during their haircut, shave, or coloring. They gain listening skills and get a chance to explore styling with a variety of people. Here are some of the techniques and skills covered in our barber school:

  • Haircutting and Styling Techniques
  • Clipper Cutting Techniques
  • Straight-razor Shaves
  • Razor Fades and Head Shaving
  • Beard Grooming and Face Shaving Techniques
  • Hair Color and Chemical Texture Techniques
  • Money by Qnity – Career and Financial Planning  
  • Business Building 
  • Social Media and Marketing 
  • Well-Being and Self Care

why aveda?

Aveda products are valued around the globe for consisting of high-quality, plant-based ingredients. The brand models sustainable practices and caring for the earth. Students at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes are supported in pursuing their creativity, curiosity, and ambitions. We provide a respectful environment for learning and embrace a teamwork approach. Our graduates are prepared to start working in the beauty industry with an eye to advancement. They often make significant contributions to both the world of fashion and their own communities. We help set them up for success with a variety of activities, including opportunities to work with Aveda professionals during Fashion Week, and participating in our Master’s Series Workshops.

Program Details

How long is barber school at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes? The barber school program in Denver, Colorado, requires 1,500 hours for licensure, the number of weeks spent in the program depends on whether students attend part-time or full-time. For part-time students, the evening class track may take longer than the daytime program.

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SOC Code 395011.00 Barbers

CIP Code – 12.0402 Barbering/Barber

Transfer hours are reviewed at the Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes and accepted or denied on a case-by-case basis.

Barber school student’s hand shown combing client’s hair during haircut

Job Prospects after Barber School

Graduates of our barber school are qualified to find employment throughout the world of beauty, in spas and salons, mobile operations, government institutions, barber shops, and as beauty business owners. Students who are interested in self-employment often find part-time jobs and temporary gigs through employment agencies. Students with specialized interests may find work with designers on fashion runways, in video and photo shoots, or within the music or movie industries.

Train to Become a Barber With Aveda Institutes

If you are considering a career in beauty, our barber school provides the skills and experience required to begin working. You’ll be confident in the workplace after working in our student salon with many different clients and types of services. Our graduates carry the Aveda name with pride, and it opens doors around the world. For more information about Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes’ Denver, Colorado, barber school, contact us today.

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