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June 13, 2018

New Upcoming Transportation Options for Students in Provo

If you have driven anywhere near the Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute in Provo recently, you probably noticed that much of the road is under construction! While we may not love the eyesore that construction brings, we’re very excited for the completed project. This construction project will be bringing the new Utah Valley Express (UVX) transportation system right past our school!

What is the UVX?

The UVX is a new style of bus transportation that is scheduled to open the first routes in August of 2018. What makes this system unique is that it uses large accordion busses that have dedicated lanes to speed up transit times. The buses are hybrids, using both electricity and gasoline, which can help cut down on emissions and improve the air quality. The new routes are intended to cover longer stretches than conventional bus routes. The buses are also 60 feet long instead of 40 feet like ordinary buses, allowing for more people to use them. The bus stops are also going to be built on raised platforms to provide easier wheelchair and general disability access.

We’re particularly excited about the UVX project because the route between Orem and Provo can open up transportation options for students who do not have their own cars. The UVX could also be a more cost-effective and planet-friendly alternative allowing people who do own cars to change their commute. This would allow those students to ride their local UVX and hop off right next to Inspire Greatness Aveda!

What Does the Construction Mean for Aveda?

We’re especially excited about this transportation project because of the options it will open up for our students. Students can come from farther away, or they can choose affordable housing in other cities or towns and commute. The additional options can enable our students to afford school more easily by providing new transportation options!

University Avenue, the street in Provo that Inspire Greatness Aveda is located on, is in a near-constant state of construction. This can make finding parking confusing for some, so here is a diagram that shows places where people can park for free.

The areas highlighted in green are places for people to park as recommended by the Utah Transit Authority while the project is underway. The nearest place to park is the parking garage located across the street from the school located on 200 N and just off of N University Ave. There are several other locations highlighted in green within a block or two from the school that you can choose from as well, such as parking along Center Street. With the way that roads can close and redirect for construction, keep a few places in mind just in case these change.

You can visit the Utah Transit Authority website for more updates on the UVX progress.

Plan Your Education Today

We’re thrilled about this new transportation project because of the earth friendly option it provides for people in the entire community. Will this new UVX project open up an opportunity for you to attend Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute in Provo? Contact us to begin planning your future today!

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