01 Nov AFFIRMATIONS – “5 Things to remind yourself Daily!”

One of our educators this morning did this wellness for the future professionals and I loved it! I think it is so important to encourage OURSELVES, and one of the best ways to do that is through affirmations. I thought these were pretty great and wanted to share them with you all this morning 🙂

“5 Things to remind yourself Daily!”

I am amazing.

I can do anything.

Positivity is a choice.

I celebrate my individuality.

I am prepared to succeed.

And if that wasn’t enough…

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25 Oct Green tip of the day

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.08.41 PM

It’s getting a little chilly outside, and many people think that letting their cars idle will help “get their engine running” but in all actuality driving is a much more efficient way to warm your car up then letting it idle. If you often idle in fear that restarting your engine wastes more gas then I am here to bust yet another idling myth, idling for 10 seconds uses more fuel  than restarting your engine. By stopping idling for just 10 minutes you are saving 1 pound of carbon dioxide from being released into the air(the primary contributor to global warming).

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02 Aug Great Posture = More Energy

Today’s wellness comes from Guest Blogger Stephanie Christenson of Workout with Steph.  Stephanie has a BS in Kinesiology and she is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NCSA), a Practioner of Pilates Studio (Polestar Pilates), and a Certified Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance).  Oh yeah, she’s also an amazing sister.  😉

Let Go

As a professional you create a great experience for your Guest! How about creating a great experience for yourself every day through posture?  I would like to teach you just a few cues to improve your standing posture.  Posture is important to your health, wellness, and energy level.  Through proper posture (or alignment) you are able to move, stand and work most efficiently as a Future Professional. The first step to improving your standing posture is being aware of how your currently stand.

Great Posture = More Energy

Alignment is all about awareness.  Do you have great posture?  How do you know?  Are you aware of how you stand?  Let’s create an awareness of how you currently stand.  It will be fun! Then we will change it a couple times.  Then, you will return to how you usually stand.  In this way, you will be able to experience alignment and awareness.  This exercise is best done with friends so you can give the instructions to your friend and watch how their body changes, and then they can trade places with you.  Let’s begin:

  1. Stand comfortably and be aware of your two feet on the ground.  Now think about your two legs.  Notice how your pelvis sits on top of your legs.  Shift your attention to your spine.  Think about your shoulders and arms.  Finally observe your head on top of your spine.
  2. Now, feel as if your head is floating up and your arms, spine and legs are hanging from your head. (repeat this sentence again to your friend then pause for 30 seconds)
  3. Next, imagine all of the energy of the legs, spine and arms is surging up the body and the head to floating on top of this energy current. (repeat again and pause again)
  4. This time feel the energy of the spine traveling up.  Your head is floating on top of this energy current.  The arms and legs are hanging from the spine. (repeat these words to you friend again)
  5. Notice how your body feels in this alignment.
  6. Finally, very consciously, return to how your choose to stand everyday.  Feel how your body changes position and how it feels now.
  7. Pick the alignment image #2, #3 or #4 makes you feel best aligned.

You are now more aware of your posture.  Now you can play with the different images of alignment.  Try them out while you are in class, working with a Guest, standing in line.  Your awareness will change, your posture will change, and you will realize more energy in your life.

For more information on living a life with more energy, check out my website. There you can find free workouts you can do at home to increase your energy level even more!  Feel free to email me at workoutwithsteph@gmail.com.

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The visualizations used in this post are adapted from the book Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery by Erik Franklin


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18 Jul Stay happy, stay young

Studies show that laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. There are few things that bring balance to your mind and body faster than laughter. Laughter will connect you to others, keep you grounded, focused, and alert. With all the benefits off laughter you can see why we like to play pranks on each other during class! Here is a hilarious video of Rae (AIX esthi future professional) hiding in the towels for cosemetology future professionals to fold:

Whats the best prank you’ve every played on someone?


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