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Category: Wellness

January 9, 2014

8 Ways to BEAUTIFY!

Have you ever tried Aveda’s Beautifying Oil? Here are 8 ways to use it, treat yourself with a little relaxed wellness.

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January 4, 2014

A New Kind of Resolution

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Our AIX Admissions Dream Maker, Sally Halder, shared this New Years Resolution Wellness today that I had to pass on!  As many of us have learned from Brad Van Dyke, our Director of Education, in his “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” Master Series, setting goals for ourselves is key to the second habit: beginning with the end in mind. Why I like this wellness that Sally shared so much, is because it breaks large resolutions down into 12  short-term goals, which may eventfully become habit. I also love the idea of setting and sharing these goals with my friends for accountability, support, and group celebration. So, will you be in my “resolution of the month club?” 🙂

Happy New Year!


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December 13, 2013

5 Little Known Benefits of Drinking Water!

5 Little Known Benefits of Drinking Water 



We are so fortunate to live somewhere where we have water accessible, and that it is clean. Yet most people are not drinking enough! With winter and dry climates here in full force, it is important to remember to stay hydrated.

The benefits of drinking water have been much discussed in the media. Water helps keep you hydrated, which is important because every single cell in your body needs it in order to absorb nutrients and expel waste products. But what are some of the less well known benefits of drinking water?

1) Drinking Water Keeps You Young

Drinking plenty of water is great for your skin. If you don’t …

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November 28, 2013

Give Thanks!

Hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving with friends and family! There is so much to be thankful for! In fact, studies have shown that you should be thankful everyday, not just on a special day of the year.

Scientists have found that people who practice being grateful regularly, experience many health benefits including:

Smoother and coherent heart rhythms.
Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
Stronger immune system.
Higher sense of attentiveness, alertness and energy.
Less physical pain.
Longer more restful sleep.
Better able to handle stressful situations.
Healthier relationships with others.
Better physical fitness.
Fewer feelings of sadness and depression.

To experience many of these benefits try to become consciously aware of what you are thankful for in your life. There are ways you can do this; the key is to pick something that works for …

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November 23, 2013


One of our educators played this video as wellness and it brought FP’s to tears! It such an amazing story of kindness and an amazing way to start your weekend.





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