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22 Aug Stress-Fix Line



Each week at the Institute here in Provo we focus on a different Product. This week we have been talking about the Stress Fix line! It is back to school season and I can’t think of any product better for getting relaxed amongst the busy new changing schedules!

“Clinically Proven stress-relieving aroma includes essences of lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms and is formulated using the science of aromaology and the power of pure essential oils. We partner with farms specializing in organize plants that can be fully traced from soil to bottle. We feel better knowing that, and hope you do too. Experience new, Ecovert-certificed organic, Stress Fix Body Lotion, Concentrate and Soaking salts.”


Soaking Salts


  • Organic sugar exfoliates and softens the skin
  • Organic sunflower oil soothes and conditions the skin
  • Mineral-rich salts soften the skin

Stress-Fix Concentrate


  • Organic sunflower and olive oils soften and condition the skin
  • Vitamin E provides anti-oxidant benefits

Stress-Fix Body Lotion


  • Organic aloe soothes the skin
  • Organic sunflower oil softens and conditions the skin
  • Organic shea butter conditions the skin


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30 Jul Brad’s Aveda Travel Essentials

For today’s post, we reached out to Brad Van Dyke, Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes Education Director, to share with us his must-have products for travel.  Having started his massage and esthetics career on a cruise ship, Brad is no stranger to packing a bag!  In his current role, Brad is continually on the road visiting our IG locations, in addition to his travels as an Aveda Spa Pure-fessional and personal travels around the world.  Check out his essentials below!

“As I flew to LA this weekend for a 2-day class, I fortunately did not need to put much time into packing. I always have a packed bag.  I travel with only a roller carry-on and laptop case, even if I will be gone for 5 days. Here are my essentials…

Brad's Travel Essentials

  • Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Botanical Kinetics Purifying Creme Cleanser
  • Botanical Kinetics Skin Firming/Toning Agent
  • Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant
  • Green Science Firming Eye Creme
  • Green Science Firming Face Creme
  • Energizing Body Cleanser
  • Aveda Men Pure-formance Grooming Clay
  • Patchouli Singular Note
  • Stress Fix Aroma
  • Stylist Brush
  • Blue Oil-this is a MUST  for everyone!
  • Nourish-mint Renewing Lip Treatment-this is a MUST travel for everyone!
  • Peppymint-this is a MUST travel for everyone! (along with St Claire’s mints-you can never have too fresh of breath)
  • iPad, and of course all the appropriate  gadgets, attachments, and thumb drives
  • Oliver People sunglasses
  • My favorite Starbucks travel mug
  • Running gear
  • All my black clothes rolled neatly to save space
Finally, I subscribe to National Geographic and Travel and Leisure an take time to plan my next excursion/vacation!”
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16 Jul Protect your color and our ecosystems!

Product focus: Color conserve daily color protect

Color conserce daily color protect

Keeping your color fresh and enjoying the summer sun is no easy task. Coming from a former red head I could not rave any more about color conserve daily color protect, its a life saver(even though I am now a blonde I still use color protect daily)! It will protect  your hair from serious summer fadage, but as with all AVEDA products it also gives back to the environment in which it came from. You can protect your color while protecting ecosystems! Did you know AVEDA color conserve daily color protect contains Larch tree extract? Our larch tree extract is salvaged from wood chips created by responsibly sourced lumber processing—which takes protection of ecosystems. Soil, water quality, wildlife habitat and tree regeneration into consideration. The chips are then sold as mulch—so nothing goes to waste. So all in all this product is amazing for your hair and mother earth, it’s a win-win!

Stop by your local AVEDA store/salon and try it out!


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