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27 Nov Hunger Games Fashion Show!

hunger games

Our AMP students had the opportunity to help out a local Aveda Salon, Life Salon and Spa, and get models ready for the Hunger Games premier and local movie theater Fashion Show Event! The students did amazing work, and made the models look like they had just come from the capital! Heggy led our talented group of students!

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26 Nov Millie’s Princess Foundation


We had such an awesome opportunity to have some of our esthetician students and staff go to salt lake and be involved with the Millie’s Princess Foundation. The Aveda Salon Landis hosted the event in honor of Amelia Flamm, who is the little girl the foundation was named after. She passed away 5 months ago from a 4 year battle with cancer. Millie was 7 when she passed.

Her family wanted to start a foundation that could help other families with children that have terminal illnesses. Financially it is a huge burden. This charity helps raise money to help families with their financial loads, so they are able to have more time with their loved ones.

During Millie’s short time on this Earth, she reminded others to see the beauty everywhere.

So in honor of her life, please partake in an act of kindness today!!

We all enjoyed our time meeting families and friends of Millie’s.
Lots of nails were painted, Lipstick applied… And the happiest little girls meeting their favorite princesses.

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07 Nov Guest Blogger: Carrie Bellus, Aveda Pure-fessional and AID Cosmetology Team Lead


Today we have a guest blogger, Carrie Bellus.  Carrie is the Cosmetology Team Lead at the Aveda Institute in Denver, as well as an AVEDA Cut and Style Pure-fessional!

“I didn’t go to college.  The day I told my high school teachers I would not be applying to college was day one of becoming a little self-conscious about my chosen career path. Parents of friends would reply with “Oh” (that was usually accompanied with an awkward pause and disappointing look) when I shared with them my decision.  I had multiple teachers who approached me often in my senior year to try and ‘save’ me from ruining my life.   Thankfully my mom was my biggest fan and told me repeatedly I was making the right choice.  The right choice started with choosing AVEDA.  I want to share a few strong memories from my AVEDA education.

Dress code.  I learned about the Aveda Unified Look right away.  This even included black socks ONLY!  (they actually checked my socks!) We were taught to take pride in our look including how we wear our hair.  I was actually coached on wearing ponytails! I was taught I represent Aveda and the beauty industry.
Product knowledge.  Let’s put aside the product brand for a second, the product we use in hair is an important tool used to help get the desired result.  It literally changes the ‘fabric’ that is our hair.  Think about the days you’ve received compliments on your hair, what product did you use to finish the look?  In a lifetime I think everyone can think of ONE product that they would take to their grave with them.  AVEDA is (obviously) very passionate about their products , their story, their aroma, their performance and even their packaging.  Because they have a love affair with their products they LOVE TALKING ABOUT THEM!  I still clearly remember the day we had our product knowledge day in school. I could have listened to her talk ALL DAY LONG.   And that was 14 years ago!  I am thankful to Aveda for seeing it is not only important to know about hair, skin & nails but also about animpressive line of products (tools) to help get the job done.
Inspiration.  AVEDA has a lot of artists to look up to and be inspired by.  And AVEDA Institutes make it their business to make sure these are names we know.  It is important for a student in this industry to look up to someone who has achieved such high levels as well as the stages of the next step, working in a salon or  being an assistant .  Inspiration that I can achieve ANYTHING and that AVEDA is a FASCINATING company to work for is something I learned early on.  I remember the day I had to choose a look to recreate on a mannequin head for a career fair.  I chose an Aveda Collection look that Lisa Vann (http://www.lisavann.com/) had created.  I permed a head and then cut it with thinning shears.  I was SOO proud of myself.  The fact that I recreated an AVEDA collection look while still a student… well I thought that was pretty impressive. (although I later found out I never mixed the perm right and may have been why my curls looked a little ‘off’)  But I am thankful that Aveda Institute education gives you that opportunity over and over again to feel as your technical level is reaching new heights
AVEDA family.  From day one I felt a part of something bigger.  It’s not every hairstylist against each other.  It’s a community and a network that is always seeking new levels of support for each other.
Community.  Let’s give back….’la dee dah dee dah…..”  Okay they’re talking about charity stuff again.  My paradigm of charity work changed when I joined AVEDA.  Everyone here/there/everywhere was/is SO EXCITED ABOUT IT AT ALL TIMES.  I couldn’t help but get more and more involved to the point of seeking out opportunities on my own.  I couldn’t get enough of that feeling you can only get when someone says thank you, you have helped make my day, change my life, and/or made me feel good about myself again.  Whoa, I thought that was only for therapists.  Nope, it’s AVEDA’s mission.
Wikipedia says… “Emerging as one of the coolest cult brands of the decadeand as a lovemark, AVEDA became a global brand itself known for merging two previously divergent concepts – great products and green design for the welfare of the planet and its inhabitants.”
The thing about AVEDA is they pave the way for our future professionals of this industry to have a head start, have good professional behaviors and make SUCCESS a TRUE ASSESIBLEachievement.  It’s not even about having to say I am an AVEDA stylist, it’s just knowing through AVEDA institute education, my path is set up for success.
I love being out and having a stranger say “you smell like AVEDA”….  I literally smell amazing ALL the time ;))))
I love having a dress code that isn’t business as usual.  Black is sexystylish & looks good on everyone!
I am not alone in loving AVEDA.  The statement “I work for AVEDA” is always followed by “I love AVEDA”.
AVEDA continues to achieve new heights continuously.  As we know www.avedapurepro.com is always an awesome website to check in with to find out the latest.
Beauty school has a stigma.  But AVEDA isn’t just a beauty school.  It’s an opportunity to be a part of something great, something inspiring, something that smells good, something successful and something I CAN BE PROUD OF.  I thank the AVEDA brand for allowing me to proudly shout from the rooftops what I do and who I work with.
This past weekend I stopped into my old Aveda school and it has had me reflecting on the great experience I had while I was there.  It is pretty powerful to know that our education team has the ability to shape over 300 futures.  What will they say about you and the experience you gave them 14 years later????”
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01 Nov AFFIRMATIONS – “5 Things to remind yourself Daily!”

One of our educators this morning did this wellness for the future professionals and I loved it! I think it is so important to encourage OURSELVES, and one of the best ways to do that is through affirmations. I thought these were pretty great and wanted to share them with you all this morning 🙂

“5 Things to remind yourself Daily!”

I am amazing.

I can do anything.

Positivity is a choice.

I celebrate my individuality.

I am prepared to succeed.

And if that wasn’t enough…

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31 Oct happy halloween – zombie makeup!

The future professionals here at the Aveda Institute in Provo were able to do some Zombie make up for the staff of the Marriott hotel here in town. It was so fun to see them in their costumes, and to have the future professionals turn them into true characters! Who doesn’t love a good Zombie?! Get the look started with some Aveda makeup: Blues, Purples, Black, and Greys: Pencil, Shadows.


zombie1 zombie2


HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have a great night 🙂 This great pumpkin via: Anne Skubis

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18 Oct 10 Reasons Why Laughing Is Good for You!


Discovery TV posted 10 Reasons Why Laughing is Good For you! I thought I would share these with some of you for our fun photo booths shots from our Open House this summer!

10: It Decreases Stress


9: It Helps Coping Skills


8: It Improves Blood Pressure and Flow


7: It Provides a Burst of Exercise


6: It Impacts Blood Sugar Levels


5: It Manages Pain


4: It Boosts Your Social Skills


3: It Reduces Aggression



2: It Energizes Organs


1: It Boosts the Immune System


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15 Oct Re-purpose your Aveda Packaging!

Eli Burton, our Aveda Institute Provo EC Team Lead, lives the Aveda lifestyle and mission through and through. She is always doing things that set such an example for the rest of us. One fun thing that Eli does is how she likes to reuse anything she can, more specifically, some of our Aveda packaging! Do you have an empty bottle of something lying around?

Eli likes to cut off the top of old bottles and fill them with flowers! Brilliant! We have used this new decorating method around the institute as well as given them as gifts! Look around your home and see what you can re-purpose!


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14 Oct Provo Open House Recap!

Back in August the Aveda Institute in Provo had an Open House! We teamed up with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and together we had a great night! Students invited and friends and family to see what the Institute is all about, and guests enjoyed mini services as well as some floats and cookies.

We loved partnering up with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention because it gave our event more of a purpose. It was truly inspiring to hear one of our own students talk about how suicide has affected her family personally and all the things we can do to help, and learn more about the resources available to us. They talked about how important it is to make people’s day a little brighter, and talked about not bullying.


Such a great night! Stay tuned for some Photo-Booth Pictures from the night!

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20 Sep Constitution Day!


Did you know this past Tuesday was Constitution Day! As a federally funded school we are required to knowledge this important day, and why wouldn’t we want to? We are all proud to be an American, or at least to be living here 🙂

Lisa our Financial Aid adviser helped us get in the spirit by handing out flag stickers and having our AMP team read off cool facts about the Constitution. We even had some great breakfast treats courtesy of Costco. Thanks for all the great work Lisa and AIP AMP team!


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