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September 20, 2013

Constitution Day!

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Did you know this past Tuesday was Constitution Day! As a federally funded school we are required to knowledge this important day, and why wouldn’t we want to? We are all proud to be an American, or at least to be living here 🙂

Lisa our Financial Aid adviser helped us get in the spirit by handing out flag stickers and having our AMP team read off cool facts about the Constitution. We even had some great breakfast treats courtesy of Costco. Thanks for all the great work Lisa and AIP AMP team!


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September 18, 2013

Aveda Wins ALLURE Best of Beauty Award

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Did you see the news in our Aveda Network Newsletter? Aveda Dry Remedy won Best Shampoo and Conditioner for African-American Hair at the ALLURE Best of Beauty Awards in New York this past Monday!

“Best of Beauty is the most prestigious and highest profile of all beauty magazine awards, so is a great accolade for us. Products are selected and chosen by the editors.

In August you’ll remember that Aveda won the ALLURE Readers Choice Award for Volumizing Tonic, so we are doing very well with ALLURE from both an experts and consumer perspective.”

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September 16, 2013

Pure-Fume & Chakra

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A few weeks ago at the Aveda Institute in Provo we had a Wellness where we were able to make our own personalized Pure-Fume! I made mine with a blend of Chakra 4, which is the balancing body mist for “center of sympathy, empathy and love.” What is a Chakra you might ask?

“The Chakra system is the symbolic presentation of energies which exist in the body influenced by the subconscious mind. Yoga and meditation help you awaken those energies for the most balanced state of the body, mind and soul.

The Drs. Upadhyay, Maharshi Bhardwaj Clinic & Research Centre, India

Consultants to Aveda since 1976

Learn more and explore HERE 🙂 Happy Monday!



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September 14, 2013


Repost from AVEDA http://aveda.cm/MyMudraMoment

Follow the link and discover blissful balance!

Which one is your favorite? We’d love to hear!

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September 11, 2013

Inspiring Greatness at New York Fashion Week

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The Inspire Greatness New York Fashion Week Team

Each September, we offer our Future Professionals and Graduates a once-in-a-lifetime experience to work alongside Aveda masters, Janell Geason and Jon Reyman, doing hair and makeup backstage at New York Fashion Week.  This experience begins with a 2-day Runway Essentials Workshop in Hair Styling or Makeup followed by New York Fashion Week shows.  This year, our makeup team participated in six shows!  Here are some of the highlights from the Argentine Designers and Porsche Design Shows.

Runway Essentials Workshop at the Aveda Advanced Academy in New York

Argentine Designers

Argentine Designers

Argentine Designers

Argentine Designers

Argentine Designers

Argentine Designers

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