Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute Represented at NAHA

The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) have come and gone once again, and what a blast it was! We couldn’t be more proud of Aveda Institute and its students for the awe-inspiring collections they created this year. As always we set high standards for the students and they blew right past them. The judges were wowed as three of the five best student collections nominees were Aveda Institute students. Aisling Campbell even went ahead to win!

It was not only our privilege to observe these students as they successfully competed, but we got in a little competition of our own! Our extraordinarily talented team at Inspire Greatness worked tirelessly to create some fantastic and inspiring looks as part of our new RetroActive collection. Here we’ll look at some highlights and takeaways from the team. You can also watch our behind the scenes YouTube video for a look at what it was like to put together such an exciting collection!

Heggy Gonzalez: Finding the Perfect Unicorn

Heggy was a shining example of persistence in creating this collection! She talks in the video about how exciting and chic the 60’s and 70’s were, and talked about how challenging it can be to capture that essence. Her favorite look was the bowl cut, and said that the hairpiece that was used needed to be colored seven times before they got the color just right! Heggy showed us that getting the perfect look isn’t always a product of luck, but one of hard work and persistence!

Brad Van Dyke: Make a Plan, and Plan to Adapt

Brad is the type who loves diving right into the action and working with his hands, but not before some careful planning and consideration. He works with an editorial mindset, which means he plans and prepares a concept ahead of time and creates around it. From that inspiration, he can start playing with the look on the models and put together a look that turns heads!

Anne Skubis: Let Your Art Shine

Anne likes to practice her art from a holistic approach. She works with her models from a wellness perspective with the goal to make the model feel beautiful and healthy. She does this so that her art can really shine. Happy models are beautiful models! Anne reminds us that it’s important to keep in touch with the human and emotional side of beauty.

Aveda Institute Inspires Greatness

This time of year is so exciting because we love having the opportunity to work together to create something beautiful that we can use to showcase our skills and inspire our students. Creating stunning looks isn’t just what beauty schools are about, it’s what we do.

These thrilling works of art are what we love to see from our talented instructors. For us it demonstrates that Aveda Institute isn’t just a beauty school, it’s a place where art and beauty comes to life. We want you to join us as we make the world more beautiful one collection at a time! Find out more information about our programs and how you can be our next premier talent!

See our behind the scenes video here: