Selena Gomez rocked the beauty world with her dramatic hair transformation earlier last year. Her two stylists performed miracles on her hair for 12 hours straight in a single day to transition her from her normal dark color to what she calls “Nirvana Blonde”. It looks incredible and her hair stayed healthy! These sorts of transformations can inspire people to try new hairstyles of their own, but there are some things you should consider before undergoing your transformation.

Always Consult With a Professional

Never undergo a hair transformation without first consulting a professional cosmetologist! Everyone has completely different hair, all the way down to the biology of how their hair would react to different treatments. What works for Selena Gomez may not work for someone else. If you’re not careful, you could wind up like Katy Perry who had to cut off all her hair because it was so badly damaged! Ms. Perry still looks fantastic with her short pixie cut, but we’d rather that you get a pixie cut because it’s your choice and not because your hair is fried!

Most cosmetologists are more than happy to consult with you for free about your future style. They have the training and skills to be able to tell you what might work for your personal hair situation. Not only that, they can help you roll out a plan if your transformation might take multiple visits over several months.

What the Professionals Say

We had the privilege to interview two of our outstanding instructors at Aveda Inspire Greatness Institute. Heggy Gonzalez is an instructor at our Provo campus, works in a salon, and is an Aveda Hair Color Purefessional. Ely Sanudo is an Aveda Institute alumnus who now teaches cosmetology at our Tucson location. These ladies know their stuff when it comes to hair! We interviewed them and they both came up with some excellent considerations for a successful transformation:

Hairstyle Must Match Lifestyle

Both Heggy and Ely explained that every hair transformation requires a different level of commitment and preparation. If someone already takes the time to style their hair every day and take care of it, they’re more likely to be a good fit for a long-term, dramatic hair transformation. If someone is used to a low-maintenance style, then a high-maintenance hairstyle might not be the right fit for them. Consider the commitment you’re willing to make for the look!

Try Before You Buy

One of the easiest ways to see if a hairstyle suits you is to try on some wigs! You can also draw your inspiration from magazines, or even try combining photos of you with pictures of the hair that you want to try! If it’s a big transformation, it’s a good idea to try out a new hairstyle before you commit to it, especially if it’s a hairstyle that would take a long time to come back from if you don’t like it. For example, if you have long hair and want to try a pixie cut, it can take a more than a year to get your length back to where it was if you don’t like it!

Transform for the Right Reasons

Some hair transformations can be pretty dramatic and very hard to reverse, so it’s important that you change your hairstyle for the right reasons. If you are undergoing an emotional period of your life, make sure that your transformation is one that you won’t regret shortly after it’s done.

Hair Grows Back, Have Fun With It!

No hairstyle is truly permanent, so you should try new things that you might enjoy! Heggy said that If it doesn’t work out, hair grows back so it’s not the end of the world! Hair is meant to be styled and experimented with. It should be fun, so while transformations can be a big deal, don’t forget that your hair can always grow back!

Prepare in Winter for a Summer Transformation

A change of hairstyle is very common between the winter and summer months. Long, dark hair tends to be more prominent during the winter, while people tend to explore warmer colors and shorter lengths in the summer. If you’re looking to have a chic summer look, make sure you’re talking with your stylist now in case it’s a look that will take several months to achieve. Also make sure you’re taking extra steps during the winter to maintain healthy hair!

Many people like to try blonde colors during the summertime. If you have naturally dark hair, get started on the transition in January through March to make sure the transformation is done in time for the summer rays. Some people can take as long as six months of visiting every month to transition from black to blonde without damaging their hair. Just keep in mind that your hair will be different shades in between your starting and end color along the way, so it’ll be quite the journey!

If you’re hoping for longer locks for the summer, start the growing process as early as your cosmetologist thinks is necessary. Hair can grow at an average of half an inch a month, so if you need an extra three inches by June, make sure you stop cutting in or before January. Alternatively, if you’re hoping to go for a much shorter cut in summer, you can try cutting your hair short in increments so that it’s not so shocking when all of your hair is gone. Consult with your cosmetologist to determine what is best for you!

Learn the Skills for Yourself

Is the science of hair something you love? Do you enjoy problem solving with people to help them look their best? Cosmetology could be the right career for you! Contact us to learn more about what you can learn in our accredited cosmetology courses, or visit our cosmetology program page to read more!