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21 Aug Our Students’ Take on Current Beauty Trends!

At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute, we have plenty of great and talented students who learn how to create and express themselves through beauty. Here are some of the best 2019 trends from our talented students you need in your life right now!

Platinum Hair

Look created by @lexietinamarie at Aveda Institute Denver.

What’s a better way to make a beauty statement than going platinum? Named after one of the most precious metals, this hair color can make you feel priceless.


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Balayage Is Still Here

Look created by @stylesbyriles at Aveda Institute Tucson.

If you’re looking for more depth to your hair but want to keep it simple and chic, balayage is the way to go! Have you ever seen someone who doesn’t look great with a perfect balayage? We haven’t!


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Rose Gold Gal

Look created by @hairbyanna_xo at Aveda Institute Denver.

Rose Gold is a classy and beautiful look that brings out the soft pink tones in your complexion. It’s versatile and can go with many different skin tones.


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Minimalistic Manicures

Look created by @inspiredbeautybykatlyn at Aveda Institute Provo.

There’s nothing better than a simple and elegant manicure to make you feel put together and beautiful! Keep the colors and patterns clean to tie together any and every outfit you pair your new nails with.


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Beautiful Braiding

Look created by @bohemebeauty_ at Aveda Institute Tucson.

This look is the perfect balance of fun and high-class. Who can resist a low maintenance braid that makes you feel like a queen?


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New Color, New You!

Look created by @estheticsby_brookeoneill and @estiianaa at Aveda Institute Phoenix.

Coloring your hair can always give you a good change in your life. Even though the hair color trend has been going for a few years, it’s still going strong! We love all color changes, but this hair transformation is something we adore.


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Scrunchies and Braids!

Look created by at Aveda Institute Provo.

Scrunchies have become all the rage this year. So what’s cuter than pairing it with the perfect braid and using multiple scrunchies? Nothing!


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Want a Similar Look?

Visit our student salon to get pampered by our students under the direct supervision of licensed professionals. These trends are perfect to incorporate into your look for the rest of 2019. Visit our blog to see why these services are especially great if you’re a college student.

Do You Love Creating?

At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute, we encourage our students to create their original ideas. Are you someone that has a passion for creativity? Take our quiz to see if an education in cosmetology might be right for you. You can also learn more about how cosmetology can help fuel your excitement for cultivating beauty.

Ready to learn how to get started? Check out our programs at the campus closest to you.

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21 Aug We’re Part of the Aveda North America Artistic Team!

At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, our team is constantly setting the bar for excellence. This team is responsible for advancing Aveda beauty education by developing programs specific to the North American continent. We are so proud that five of our Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute family members have become a part of this team!

Brad Van Dyke: Spa

With a background in exercise science and psychology, Brad has always been interested in total mind and body wellness. After working with other brands at the beginning of his career, he decided he wanted to work with Aveda in 2000 because of our dedication to holistic wellness. He started working in one of our spas and came to the institutes in 2005, eventually becoming director of education over all four Inspire Greatness Aveda campuses.

Brad Van Dyke with an Aveda product.

In his new role on the North America Artistic Team, Brad wants to show consumers how incredible Aveda spa treatments and products really are. He’s looking at what is happening in the spa world, what spa social accounts are doing well, and what best practices the Aveda brand can adopt. “My biggest vision [for this team] is to develop individuals who can be the future voice and cheerleaders of Aveda spa,” he says. “We will still have our global team but it’s great to have a North American focus… I’m excited for the team to showcase what Aveda spa is all about.”

Brad Van Dyke, now a member of the Aveda North America Artistic team.

During his 19 years with Aveda, Brad has seen what incredible opportunities are possible in the beauty industry when you’re willing to work hard. “As much as I wish people could have overnight success, there’s a beautiful, long career to be had in the beauty industry if you’re willing to put in the work, time, and hustle,” he says. “You need to be a cheerleader for the brand and the industry so you can educate the consumer.”

For some incredible beauty inspiration, check out Brad on Instagram @bradeleo3!

Anne Skubis: Makeup

Anne is a graduate of our esthiology program at Aveda Inspire Greatness. She found beauty as a refuge during some of her most challenging years and enrolled in our school after seeing a commercial on TV. She’s been with us since graduating about 11 years ago, working as marketing director, director of the Tucson campus, and now a director on the North America Artistic Team.

As a director for the North America team, Anne wants to bring more awareness to Aveda’s makeup line. “Aveda makeup is the best!” she says. “We’ve had makeup for guests for several years. I want to get the artist network to fall in love with it as much as I have.” In addition to using these products in our salons and spas, Aveda’s makeup team has gotten to work with models at events like the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) and Aveda Congress, as well as New York and London Fashion Weeks.

Anne Skubis, now a member of the Aveda North America Artistic team.

Just like all Aveda products, our makeup represents the brand’s dedication to holistic wellness and the environment. With Aveda makeup, consumers can feel good about the products they’re putting on their face. They’re not just beautiful, they’re sustainable. “We’re caring for the models, guests, and ourselves by using a product that’s good for our bodies,” Anne says. “[And] we’re caring for the world by sourcing ingredients responsibly and in ways that support communities.”

Anne Skubis and Allison Olean.

Want to see some gorgeous makeup? Follow Anne on Instagram @anneskubis!

Allison Olean: Spa and Skin Care

Allison (Alli) is the admissions team lead at Aveda Institute Provo. After graduating from the esthiology program at our Denver campus in 2015, she went on to work in admissions at the school while also working in a local Aveda spa/salon. After relocating to Provo, she was able to focus completely on admissions. As part of the North America team, Alli will educate people about Aveda’s spa and skin care treatments, products, and programs. “I think I was chosen for the team because I have a unique perspective!” she says. “I’m an Aveda graduate, someone who has experience in both a treatment room and an institute, and I currently serve as an Aveda ambassador. I currently have (and have had) many roles in my career and I feel like I can bring a lot of insight to the team!”

Allison Olean in front of the Aveda sign.

With an intense passion for beauty and broad knowledge of the Aveda products and curriculum, we know Alli will be an excellent asset to the artistic team! “I am absolutely obsessed with both the products and treatments,” Alli says. “I am excited to share why I love them with North America. There isn’t a lot of education or awareness around spa, my goal is to educate, encourage, and inspire.”

Bring some daily positivity into your life and follow Alli on Instagram @allimaebabe!

Allison Olean and Brad Van Dyke.

Jude Richter: Spa

Jude Richter joined the Aveda North America Artistic Spa Team in May of 2019. As a skincare educator at Aveda Institute Denver, he couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this spa-focused team! “I love being on the team,” he says. “We’re like family. It’s amazing to be able to impact people on such a large scale.”

Jude Richter

Jude has worked in the beauty industry for 12 years and has been with Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes since January 2019. He’s passionate about skincare and looks forward to educating others about how awesome Aveda skincare products are. With a solid background in education, we can’t wait to see what awesome things he does going forward. For any aspiring beauty professionals, Jude has this sound advice: “Never give up on your dreams. Have some intention and focus on the process,” he says. “Let go of results. The results will show up when they are meant to.”

To learn more about Jude and his love of skincare, check him out on Instagram @richterjude!

Alicia Christus: Spa

Wellness-enthusiast Alicia Christus also joined the Aveda North America Artistic Spa Team in May 2019! She has a background in marketing, but she’s been in the industry since 2005 and worked with Aveda the entire time. “Aveda is a lifestyle. It’s an influential brand that changed my life in college,” she says. “I had an Aveda spa experience that changed my life and knew that I wanted to be part of the brand. Inspire Greatness has been my only experience with the brand and now I’m part of the team! I’m excited to see the brand in a new way at a corporate level.”

Alicia Christus providing skincare services.

In addition to her role on the Artistic Team, she’s also the guest services team lead at Aveda Institute Denver, as well as a part-time yoga instructor. Both yoga and Aveda skincare are centered around holistic wellness and Ayurvedic methods. Alicia is equally passionate about both, which is what makes her such a fantastic asset to this team. “[My jobs] definitely [all] influence each other,” she says. “They build momentum. I love that I can incorporate my yoga into the experience of the facial. When I’m able to get a guest in my room, they’re getting full body moments.” We can’t wait to see what Alicia’s marketing savvy and knowledge of holistic wellness brings to the table!

Alicia Christus

You can see more of Alicia’s dedication to overall wellness on her Instagram profile! Follow her @wellness_is_beauty.

Get Inspired With Us

Do you want to be part of a brand that’s dedicated to sustainability, innovation, and creativity? Apply to one of the Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes! You could follow your goals in beauty while learning from talented professionals like Anne and Brad. Contact us today for program information!

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Person getting a massage.

23 Jul Why Pursue Dual Licensure?

If you are already a student at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute or you want to enroll, take a moment to consider dual licensure! Pursuing two complementary programs (esthiology and massage therapy/cosmetology and esthiology) can be a great way to enhance your skills and become a sought-after professional.

Benefits of Dual Licensure

According to Brad Van Dyke, Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute’s Director of Education, dual licensure can create a career that is successful, diverse, and long-lasting.

“As the owner of three salon/spas, I know I would hire a dual-licensed professional over a single licensed individual,” he says. “I’ve worked alongside other dual-licensed estheticians/massage therapists and in every single case I grew my business [at least] three times faster than someone with a single license.”

More and more students are choosing dual licenses because they want to diversify their skillset and mix up their daily tasks. When we talk about longevity in a career, we aren’t just talking about time– we’re talking about actual health and stamina. “Working in other domains helps create longevity in the career,” says Brad. “You’re not putting your body through the same repetitive motion. Even on a body mechanic standpoint [you’re] working your own body muscles and moving a lot more. Repetitive movement is when your muscles break down. Breaking it up with other modalities helps keep the body and muscles fresh.”

Woman receiving a facial.

Program Requirements

The length of your dual licensure depends on the programs you choose. Esthiology and massage take about a year to complete, while cosmetology and barbering (offered only at our Denver location) dual licenses can take up to 15 months. At all of our locations besides Denver, students need to finish one program before starting the other. Get in touch with an admissions representative to determine the exact prerequisites for each program.

Career Possibilities

With a dual license, a variety of career possibilities could open up to you. “When you go to resort spas/cruise ship spas people want dual-licensed people,” Brad says. “They just want to go to [a single] professional for services. Resorts and cruise ships are where it is most appealing. [But] even in salon/spas in cities, owners see it as really valuable to their business.” The boom in massage, esthetics, and advanced skincare modalities is huge right now. Why not combine skill sets so you have a more diverse service menu to offer your future clients?

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Want to learn more about dual licensure at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute? Contact us to get more information! Becoming a dual-licensed beauty professional could help you secure a fulfilling future in the industry. We’d love to talk with you about dual-license options, so reach out to us today!

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Woman in red stands in muted sunlight.

20 Jun Our Top Summer Skincare Tips

When the weather gets hot, it’s time to make sure you’re taking care of your skin. While summer is the season of tans, glowy skin, and beachy hair, it’s also the season of bug bites, sweat, and sunburns. To make sure your skin is at its best this summer, follow these simple tips!

Don’t Skimp On SPF

Sunscreen is important all year long, but when the sun’s rays are the strongest it’s even more crucial. If you want to protect your skin from sun damage, wear a water-resistant, non-greasy, broad-spectrum sunscreen that’s at least SPF 30 on your face and body. Aveda’s Daily Light Guard Defense Fluid is a great option. You can also dress to protect yourself from the sun by wearing lightweight long-sleeved clothing, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats. Make sure to also apply SPF products to your lips and scalp, as these areas are often skipped and burn fairly easily. When you do get a sunburn, take cool showers/baths to relieve the pain and use moisturizers that contain aloe vera or soy to soothe the skin. Most importantly, make sure to drink plenty of water since sunburns pull fluid to the surface of the skin which can lead to dehydration.

Aveda Daily Light Guard SPF.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is the best way to get rid of dry, flaky skin. And if you’re planning to show some skin this summer, It’s also a great way to prevent ingrown hairs after you shave. Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant is a gentle, non-abrasive liquid exfoliant that won’t irritate the sensitive skin on your face. As far as body exfoliation goes, our Beautifying Radiance Polish is formulated with mineral-rich salt crystals and organic plant oils to help scrub away dead skin and prevent bumps and redness after shaving.

Aveda Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant.

Properly Care for Bug Bites

When you’re spending time outdoors during summer evenings, make sure you’re protecting yourself from insect bites. Insect repellents of the past often included toxic pesticides, but nowadays there’s a huge variety of chemical-free, safe products on the market. These often include natural ingredients like lemon eucalyptus oil, lavender, cinnamon oil, and tea tree oil. If you do have bug bites, try your best not to scratch them, as it often leads to bleeding, scabbing, and scarring. Apply an ice pack to itchy bites or use an over-the-counter anti-itch cream like hydrocortisone. You can also take antihistamines for bites that are seriously itchy and/or painful.

Woman applying insect repellent outdoors.

Treat Acne All Over

Summertime means sweat and sunscreen. And sometimes sweat and sunscreen mean clogged pores and oil buildup. This often leads to acne on the face or body. Resist the urge to pick your spots and use the right products to handle breakouts. You don’t want to use harsh chemicals to treat your breakouts because that can cause the skin to become dry, red, and irritated. Look for something with gentle, natural ingredients like Aveda’s Outer Peace Acne Relief Pads. These convenient round pads exfoliate and unclog pores with salicylic acid and pure plant extracts like lemon, rose geranium, and tea tree.

Woman with long brown hair examines a pimple.

Add Antioxidants

Looking for natural ways to soothe, brighten, and moisturize your complexion? Hit it hard with antioxidants like green tea, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. You can find these naturally occurring ingredients in facial serums, moisturizers, and toners. To start your skincare ritual from within, add antioxidant-heavy foods like strawberries, blueberries, cherries, blackberries, pecans, and artichokes to your diet. Not only are these extremely beneficial for your skin, but they’re also delicious and in season during summer!

Hands holding strawberries.

Pursue Your Love of Skin Care

Is skincare one of your biggest passions? Are you constantly researching new products, trends, and ingredients? Our esthiology program at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute could help you turn that passion into an exciting future! Contact us today to learn more!

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Allison Olean, Aveda Institute Provo's admissions team lead.

14 Jun Meet Allison Olean! Aveda Institute Provo’s Admissions Team Lead

At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, we love working with passionate people. Whether it’s a student, staff member, or educator, there’s nothing better than seeing someone who truly loves what they’re doing. Allison (Alli) Olean, admissions team lead at Aveda Institute Provo, is a stellar example of that kind of devotion.

Alli’s Background

Growing up, Alli spent a lot of time at the salon/spa where her mother worked as a neuromuscular rehabilitation massage therapist. However, she didn’t really get a taste of the personal, creative side of beauty until she was older. “My mother was very particular about me partaking in the beauty industry,” Alli says. “She wouldn’t allow me to wear makeup, color my hair, get my nails done, etc. until I was a senior in high school. Not being able to experience that world made me so curious.” By the time she was 18, Alli was completely immersed in all things beauty and knew she wanted to pursue a career in the industry.

Allison Olean in front of the Aveda sign.

“I guess you could say [that] being so restricted as a teenager caused my slight obsession as an adult!”

in 2015, Alli enrolled at Aveda Institute Denver in the esthiology program. After graduating, she worked as an admissions advisor at the institute and a spa team lead at an Aveda Lifestyle Salon (Glam at the Grove Aveda Salon and Spa). Working both jobs put her at about 80 hours per week, making it difficult to focus her efforts on either position. She relocated to Aveda Institute Provo in 2018 to be the admissions team lead. This gave her the opportunity to devote 100% of her time to the campus and students.

Allison with a group of staff, Alumni, and educators.

Dedication to Students

As the admissions team lead, Alli spends her days working with current and prospective students. It’s a busy job with a lot of responsibility and she loves every single minute of it. “[My favorite part of my job] is the connection I have with my students,” she says. “These students have seriously changed my life– the way I see other people, the way I see myself, and the way I view community.” From taking prospective students on tours, answering emails, and reviewing applications, to handling financial aid estimates and actual enrollments, Alli serves as an advocate and resource for students from day one.

Sharing the Aveda Love

When it comes to her love for Aveda schools and the brand as a whole, Alli has no problem sharing her enthusiasm. “What don’t I love about Aveda?” she says. “I love how Aveda integrates wellbeing and philanthropy into an industry that can oftentimes be viewed as vain. I love the products, I love their successful business models, I love their education, I love the way they give back, and I love the culture.” While it’s fantastic that our schools have high completion, licensure, and job placement rates, we also have a friendly, inclusive culture that fosters growth and creativity.

Allison Olean using an Aveda product.

“I truly believe we have the best students in the nation,” Alli says. “We produce salon owners, NAHA and Edwin Neil winners, and New York and London Fashion Week stylists. Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute is incomparable.”

The Aveda North America Artistic Team

Just when we thought our incredible admissions team lead couldn’t get any more impressive, she proved us wrong. After rigorous auditions in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Alli was invited to become part of the Aveda North America Artistic Team! “My goal for being a member of the North America Artistic Team is to create excitement and awareness around what Aveda spa and skin care has to offer,” she says. “Going through auditions in Minnesota was not easy, but it reignited my passion for education and has shifted the way I talk to my students about career goals post-beauty school.” As an Aveda graduate, brand ambassador, and someone with experience in both a treatment room and a classroom, she hopes that her unique perspective can provide insight to the team.

Allison Olean and Brad Van Dyke.

Looking for some inspiration and positivity? Follow Alli on Instagram @allimaebabe!

If you’re interested in any of our programs at Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute, contact us today for more information! We’ve got awesome staff members like Alli at all of our campuses and they’d be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Reach out to us today to learn about pursuing an education in beauty!

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Beautiful girl in a floral dress smiles at the camera.

28 May 5 Steps You Should Take When Transferring Beauty Schools

Sometimes your dream beauty school doesn’t always turn out to be the one of your dreams. You may find yourself needing to transfer because it isn’t the right fit for you or because of circumstances outside of your control. If you’re looking to transfer to a different beauty school, here are five steps you can take to make the transfer process easier!

One: Explore Schools

Transferring to a different beauty school can feel like a fresh start, and sometimes you’ll have to go back to the basics: looking for the right place for you. If you’re currently enrolled in a cosmetology program, make sure the one you’re thinking about transferring to offers a cosmetology program. If you’re in esthetics, make sure there’s an esthetics program. That’s often the first thing to do!

When looking for a new place, contact the admissions department. They’ll let you know:

  • How to apply
  • How to transfer hours
  • What documents you need from your previous school
  • Financial aid and scholarship opportunities
  • When the next classes start

Much like your first beauty education endeavor, you should schedule a tour to get to know the place you want to transfer to. See how the culture and facilities are different, and take the time you need to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Woman looking at phone and laughingTwo: Apply

Once you’ve picked the new program of your choice, it’s time to start the application process. You’ll want to work closely with the school to see what parts of the application process you’ll need to do and anything you should know as a transfer student.

Three: Get Everything You Need From Your Current School

Transferring isn’t a matter of just choosing a different place and applying. Contact your current school to get the documentation your new choice needs to make the transfer easy. You’ll often need:

  • Your transcript and hours they’ve reported to the state board
  • A list of any outstanding payment balances
  • A release from your previous school

This step is an absolute must! A transcript can help you get the most out of the work you’ve already put in. It makes it easier to verify how many hours you’ve already completed and how many you have left. However, just because you have the hours doesn’t mean all hours will directly transfer.

At Inspire Greatness Aveda we cannot guarantee that any or all of your previously completed hours will transfer. However, we do look at each transfer on an individual basis to determine how many hours we can accept from your previous school. We’re happy to work with you!

You should also expect to pay any outstanding balances with your current school before you can enroll somewhere else. If you are transferring because the institution you are currently enrolled in is closing, they may prorate the amount you owe based on how many hours you’ve already completed.

Four: Re-Apply for Financial Aid

Your federal financial aid doesn’t automatically transfer when you move to a different place. You’ll need to log into your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) account and add the appropriate school’s code to transfer your application to your new choice.

Inspire Greatness Aveda has financial aid available to those who qualify. If you’re transferring to one of our locations, you’ll need to add the school code of the one you’re planning on transferring to on your application. Our codes are:

From there, your original financial aid should transfer, but you should work with the financial department at your new school to see if there are other steps you need to take.

Five: Believe in Yourself

It can be daunting to switch from one program to another, but you can do it! We’re here to help you every step of the way. Here are some other things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about transferring beauty school.

  • Keep in touch! Just because you’re transferring doesn’t mean you don’t have to stop talking to the friends you’ve made at your current school.
  • Make new friends. New school, new opportunities to find people with the same interests as you. You can get to know some great new students.
  • Work closely with your advisors. We want to see you succeed in your future. If you have any questions about what you need to pursue an education in beauty, don’t hesitate to ask!


Want to Transfer to Inspire Greatness Aveda?

If you’re interested in pursuing an education at one of our locations, book a tour with us today! We’ll be happy to help you get you started on your new journey.

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Smiling blonde girl outdoors in summertime.

28 May Get Inspired With 5 Stunning Summer Hair Color Trends!

Thinking about switching up your hair color? Summer is the perfect time to play with highlights, bright colors, and warm tones. May is coming to an end, so if you haven’t decided which color to try this season, we’re here to offer you a dose of summertime hair color inspiration!

Shadow Roots

Got naturally dark roots and dyed blonde hair? Shadow roots could be the summer look for you. This is a low-maintenance way to create gorgeous dimension in your hair. It also makes transitioning from your natural shade look a lot more natural. Balayage and ombre have been in style for the last decade. Shadow roots are a fresh, modern take on the look. And if that’s not enough to convince you, shadow roots allow you to wait several months before retouching your roots! It’s the perfect look for the busy woman who just can’t be bothered with upkeep.

Copper Red

For those who want something truly warm, try copper hair. This rich, glossy shade beautifully catches the rays of the sun and comes in a variety of shades. Some shades look more brown or blonde, while others are monochromatic. Copper can be blended into a balayage, woven in as baby lights, or used as an all-over color. Warm up your dark hair color with copper or add brilliant dimension to blonde hair with subtle copper highlights. It’s a great way to create that effortless, sunkissed glow everyone wants in the summertime.

View this post on Instagram

We 🖤 @madelame and @madelame 🖤’s @aveda • “I love Aveda’s hair care products not only because they make my hair look amazing, but also because they’re all about the earth! As someone who is passionate about the environment, I find the work they do for clean water all over the world to be so important, and all their products contain naturally derived ingredients. They don't use parabens, mineral oil or synthetic fragrances. Just guilt-free, good-looking hair!” Actress and #AvedaPartner @madelame is joining us for #EarthMonth. Double-tap if you are too. #AvedaMission #AvedaCleanWater • • • #aveda #avedaproducts #avedaspa #avedaskin #avedaskincare #avedasalon #avedaearthmonth2019 #earthmonth2019 #earthmonth #plantderived #allnatural #certifiedorganic #green #charitywater #cleanwater #ecofriendly #repost

A post shared by #INSPIREAVEDA (@inspireaveda) on

Rose Gold

Yes, rose gold is still trending. And yes, we’re still huge fans. Say hello to the warm weather with this beautiful pink hue. And don’t worry, you can still try out this trend even if you aren’t a blonde. Rose gold looks gorgeous on brunette, bronde, and strawberry blonde hair. Rose gold’s lasting power has proved that it’s more than just a passing trend. It’s a feminine, fun color that’s here to stay for a while.

Chocolate Brown

If you want a summertime color change but don’t necessarily want to go blonde, you’re in luck. Rich, chocolate brown hair is one of summer 2019’s ‘it’ shades and we are here for it. This shade is glossy, dimensional, and looks stunning with any skin tone or eye color. Whether you want to go from blonde to brown or lighten up super dark hair, this lustrous brunette color is to die for.

Ice Blonde

Don’t be fooled by the name, this frosty trend is going to be hot for summertime! Icy blonde is one of those powerful hair colors that always makes a statement. Just keep in mind that it will require bleach, which means you’ll have to be vigilant with your hair care routine to prevent damage. To keep breakage at bay from the get-go, chop off some hair and rock an icy blonde bob.

Want to Learn Hair Color?

You could learn to create these trendy hair colors and more in our cosmetology program, offered at all four Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute campuses. If you’re passionate about hair, makeup, and all things beauty, contact us today to learn about applying!

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Woman getting a massage.

23 May Why Our Massage Therapy Program Stands Out

When you think of massage therapy, what comes to mind? At Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute, we see massage as part of an overall wellness journey. Our massage therapy program is rooted in Ayurveda, one of the oldest holistic healing systems in history. This practice is centered on the belief that health and wellness can be achieved when the mind, body, and spirit are balanced as one. The Ayurvedic system isn’t the only thing that makes our massage program stand out. To get a better idea of what makes our massage therapy program so special, we talked to Liz Aigner, a massage educator at our Denver campus.

Liz Aigner with Brad Van Dyke and Amanda of Aveda Institute Minneapolis.

Shaping Well-Rounded Massage Therapists

Before coming back to Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute in 2016, Liz Aigner was a lead licensed massage therapist and manager at a massage studio in downtown Denver. While she held this position, she noticed that many massage therapists had gaps in their knowledge. This propelled her to pursue massage therapy education at Aveda. “I knew that going into teaching would help me mold, facilitate space, and create a new generation of talented, sufficient massage therapists,” she says. “I knew this could change the landscape of excellence in bodywork and massage practitioners.”

Our Massage Curriculum

The Aveda massage program is one-of-a-kind. With its focus on holistic wellness, the curriculum incorporates anatomy, physiology, and guest customization techniques. This 600-hour program teaches multiple modalities so students can learn the various types of massage. To make sure every student gets the support they need, we keep our class sizes small and offer one-on-one attention. In addition to normal classes, we provide master classes to enrolled students and alumni. These advanced courses take the curriculum to the next level, with techniques like fire cupping and Thai massage. “Aveda sets up students so they can enter into any niche they feel drawn to,” Liz says. “Spas, wellness centers, chiropractic practices, gyms, yoga studios, and rehab facilities. We set up a solid foundation for students so they can decide what fits their style best.”

Practicing fire cupping.

A Focus on Wellness

If you’re interested in healing and wellness, massage therapy could be a great choice for you. “As people, we don’t get enough human touch,” Liz says. “Healers of all practices benefit from educating society on the power of touch, the importance of a healthy body, creating a quiet and calm mind, and opening the spirit through healthy touch.” Liz also says that one of the most important things massage therapy students can learn in our program is the act of self-care. “When we take care of ourselves, we have the stamina to take care of our guests, family, and friends,” she says. “This program is meant to open you up to new experiences and self-exploration!”

Start Your Massage Therapy Journey

Massage therapy can be a great choice for those who are flexible, compassionate, and dedicated to wellness. With continuous chances to grow, it’s a career path with plenty of opportunities for growth and learning. To learn more about applying to our program, contact Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute today! We offer massage therapy at our Provo and Denver locations. We’d love to help you pursue your goals in health and wellness.

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Shot of Big Ben, a double decker bus, and the Houses of Parliament in London.

29 Apr The Inspire Greatness Team at London Fashion Week

For the past few years, our staff and students have had the incredible opportunity to participate in Fashion Week. Designers and stylists across the globe want to work with Aveda because of our professionalism, quality products, and dedication to sustainability. This year, we traveled across the pond to London for Spring Fashion Week, which happened from February 14th-19th, 2019.

“Aveda has been sending artists to fashion week for many years,” says Sherrie Adduci, Digital Brand Director of Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute Tucson. “Our schools started participating about five years ago. We allow students to send a video application to us to be a part of the experience. Dozens apply from each campus.” The chosen students will then take online classes to prepare for fashion week. They learn everything they need to know about creating the looks and getting the right vibe.

Our team at London Fashion Week.

The Designers

For this fashion week, our students got to work on shows for Roberta Einer, Roksanda, and Ashley Williams London. The looks for all of these lines were natural and undone rather than intense and glamorous.

Models at London Fashion Week.

Roberta Einer

With a focus on textiles and classic techniques, Roberta Einer designs playful, experimental clothing. The pieces feature are highly detailed with hand-sewn embroidery and embellishments, creating a couture look you won’t see elsewhere.


Roskanda’s cocktail dresses pack a punch. Not only are they vividly colored, but they also have unique silhouettes and interesting textures. This line is feminine, modern, and focused on the strength of women.

Ashley Williams London

This contemporary, quirky line is known for its logos and graphic pop style. With humorous slogans, recognizable images, and vintage shapes, this brand embodies the youthful, fun side of London.

The Fashion Week Experience

About 20 Inspire Greatness students attended Fashion Week with two chaperones, one for hair and one for makeup. Brad Van Dyke, Aveda Director Education and Director of Spa on the North America Team, oversaw the whole event. Sherrie was the students’ chaperone for makeup. She was there to serve as a guide and resource, as well as step in to do makeup when needed. “It was my first time there. It’s a little bit scary and nerve-wracking, but it’s an adrenaline rush,” she says. “You get to do what you love. It goes by quickly and then you wish it wasn’t over.”

Aveda team backstage at Fashion Week.

This opportunity was a great chance for our students and staff to meet and work with designers, models, and stylists that they’ve admired on social media for years. “People wanted to work with the Aveda brand because of our beliefs [and commitment] to the environment,” Sherrie says. “They had high expectations for our students because every Aveda student they’d had before was professional.”

Aveda Opens Doors

These are the kinds of experiences you can be a part of as an Inspire Greatness Aveda Institute student. Aveda is respected across the globe for its quality and ethos. That means our students have access to a wide variety of educational resources and training opportunities. If you want a chance to be part of Fashion Week or another exciting event, contact us today. We’d love to answer any of your questions about applying to one of our programs!

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Catwalk for water event

10 Apr Earth Month at Aveda Inspire Greatness

What if water coming from the faucet, shower, or hose was not guaranteed? Imagine you had to walk three miles to a well and three miles back to get the water you need to cook, clean, and drink. Most of us have been fortunate enough to have clean water accessible to us. However, many people around the world are not so lucky.

Taking care of the Earth is one of the core values that make Aveda different. In honor of Earth Day, Aveda has set aside an entire month to love, celebrate, and raise funds to protect the Earth and its people. We are especially focusing on Earth’s water.

The Aveda network has raised $60 million for Earth Month since its inception. Because of this, 1.2 million lives have been impacted in more than 90 countries! Aveda has helped with projects that tackle challenges like toxic pollution and lack of safe drinking water. They also protect 920 watersheds like lakes, wetlands, and rivers and address climate change issues in over 1,300 communities.

Since we began our own Earth Month efforts, the Inspire Greatness network has contributed $710,646. These numbers show that Aveda can have a big impact on helping the environment. Sometimes it can feel like there’s nothing you can do to make an impact, but when we all come together change is possible.

Global Water Crisis

At Aveda, we recognize that while water is essential to life, many people in the world do not have access to clean water. In fact, 663 million people live without clean water. That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide or twice the population of the United States without access to life’s most basic human need.

The majority of those people live in isolated rural areas and spend hours every day walking to collect water for their family. Not only does walking for water keep kids out of school and take up time that parents could be working and earning money but the water often carries diseases that make these families sick.

When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health, increase access to food, grow local economies, and help kids spend more time in school. The water crisis is huge, but it is solvable. We work with local experts and community members to find the best sustainable solution in each place where we work, whether it’s a well, a piped system, a BioSand Filter, or a system for harvesting rainwater. Our partners also coordinate sanitation, hygiene training, and establish a local Water Committee to help keep clean water flowing for years to come.

Aveda Inspire Greatness Initiatives

Catwalk for water event

Charity: Water

Purchasing the limited edition Shampure Hand and Body Wash benefits clean water projects around the world through charity: water. Charity: water is a non-profit organization that provides drinking water to people in developing countries.

100% of sales of the hand and body wash go towards charity efforts. You can feel great that 100% of the purchase price goes directly to the organization. One bottle equals one person given clean water.

Catwalk for Water

Each Inspire Greatness Aveda campus will be having a Catwalk for Water fashion show event. This is a yearly tradition and has been a fun event for students, staff, and alumni in the past.

This year, our Denver campus’s event was on March 31st, Phoenix’s fashion show will be the 26th, Provo’s the 27th, and Tucson’s May 4th.

Appointments for Clean Water

1 bottle equals clean water for 1 person

In 2013, we helped the Aveda network set a Guinness World Record for fund-raising through haircutting during the 24 hour Global Cut-a-thon. We will participate with our global network again this year, donating 100% of our net service revenue the day of the Cut-a-thon. Provo’s Appointments for Clean Water day is April 11th, Tucson’s is April 17th, Phoenix’s is April 24th, and Denver’s is April 29th.

“What I love most about this event is that it is mostly business as usual! With a strong focus in Reservations, Education, and Experience Center on booking and maximized productivity, this day is sure to be a success,” said Sherrie Adduci, who is helping put on Earth month events at the Tucson campus.

Get Involved

If you’re passionate about taking care of the Earth and helping others, becoming a student at Aveda Institute could be the right path for you. Please get in touch with us to learn more about the opportunities an Aveda education could bring you.

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