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August 16, 2018

Celebrating World Beard Day

World Beard Day is celebrated by bearded and non-bearded people all around the world on the first Saturday of September. This year it lands on September 1st, so we get to kick September off with a celebration of the timeless masculine masterpiece that is the beard. Beard styling has taken on new life in recent years, so we’ll take a look at some of the most impressive beards and styles we see out there today!

Boardroom Beards

Beards have always come in and out of style, but a place where beards are more accepted than anywhere else is in professional settings. The “Boardroom Beard” is the perfect showcase of immaculate grooming combined with sharp attire for the ultimate professional presence. It’s hard not to feel confident when you look fantastic from head to toe.

The Incredible Incredibeard

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It would be wrong to talk about amazing beards and not mention Isaiah Webb, also known as the “Incredibeard!” Webb’s flair for the dramatic and creative beard design caught instant attention across the internet. Beyond being a zany beard artist, he also shows beard lifestyle and how to handle such an incredible amount of facial hair. His style may not be for everyone, but there’s no denying it, he definitely knows how to handle the beard!

Beard Oils

With the rise in popularity of essential oils, beard oils have become similarly prevalent among seasoned beard groomers. Beard oils can be the perfect finishing touch for beards of any length, providing nourishment and energizing aromas with each application. If your or someone you know has a beard and isn’t using beard oils, it’s an easy way to step up the beard game overnight!

Beards of the World

Aveda takes pride in being a global brand with roots all over the world. This means we come in contact with all kinds of styles and backgrounds, some of whom also have impressive beards! Especially in places like India, where Aveda was originally conceived, beards are often part of religious or spiritual practices and are much more than just a fashion statement. Regardless of where the beauty industry grows with beard trends or styles, the world will always be full of men wearing beards.

No-Shave November

If we have anything to thank for the modern beard, it would probably be No-Shave November. The organization started in 2009, but didn’t hit peak popularity until 2013 when it partnered with the American Cancer Society. To participate in No-Shave November, all you have to to is refrain from shaving for the month of November. The organization encourages participants to donate their monthly shaving expenses for cancer research. No-Shave November may be geared towards men and their beards, but women are encouraged to participate if they want an excuse to not shave their legs and donate to cancer research at the same time!

Learn Beards at Inspire Greatness Aveda

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