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September 9, 2015

Take 10: Chakra 2 Balancing Body Mist

Enjoy this Take 10 from our Aveda Institute Denver Marketing Team Lead and Ayurveda guru, Alicia Christus!

“As we move along through our chakra journey, the second chakra is next in line. However, we don’t necessarily focus on balancing the chakras in order. Often our chakra energy will be out of or in balance in no particular order. Today, the second chakra may be in need of balancing but tomorrow it could be chakra 7.

Take 10 to learn more about your second chakra: Svadhisthana


The second chakra translates to mean “her favorite standing place or sweetness.” It’s all about connection the the 5 senses and relationships to others. It’s located above the pubic bone and below the naval.

The energy is water, the color is orange. The demon that lives here is shame. This is also a place to focus on our connection to touch and feeling safe around others. Feeling nourished, supported and able to relate.

When you are balanced in the first second chakra you have strong connection to your senses, you feel stable, alert, tuned-in and have a balanced emotional state.

When you are imbalanced you may have difficulty with relationships, lack trust in others, and guard against others. You may have trouble understanding safe relationships and trouble with sexuality or reproduction.

Hip opening poses and forward folds are great postures for invoking balance within the second chakra. Aveda’s Chakra Spray is a blend of sandalwood, organic orange and geranium and will help bring balance through a sensory experience and guided meditation. Visit www.misterchakra.com to experience different mantras, meditations and even nutritional options to help balance.

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