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July 1, 2013

Styling Tutorial by AIT Advisor and Graduate Alysa


Today we will be starting with 5 steps to a perfect, voluminous blow out!  We often hear feedback from our Guests that we have room for growth when it comes to styling.  Additionally, with the new trend of blow dry bars and styling-exclusive salons, it is great to know how to style like a pro!
1.You’re going to start with towel-dried hair and apply a nickel seized amount of Smooth Infusion Style Prep (you may need more or less depending on the amount of hair you have) Rough dry your hair until it is about 75% dry.
2.Now you will add a nickel sized amount of Smooth Infusion Glossing straightener(start applying product at the ends and move up until you reach your new growth) and part  your hair into manageable sections, here I did six because she has a ton of hair!
3.Use a round brush (I prefer the combination brush that has boar & ceramic bristles).
4.After each section roll it under and use a pin curl clip to secure it, you can use a bobby pin or whatever you have but pin curl clips work the best.
5.Spray Air Control while hair is still rolled with clips and let it sit until all sections have completely cooled(you can apply your make up during this time, cat eye eyeliner to accompany your blow out is always a good choice) Take out the clips and you have a super easy blow out with no straightener needed!
Thanks to our beautiful model, Nell, Tucson Experience Center Team Lead!

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