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July 2, 2013

May the (Control) Force Be with You!

photo-9Today’s product spotlight shines bright on Control Force and Air Control hairsprays.  I stock up on both of these amazing aerosol as they offer different finishing results!  (And because I am a product junkie.)  Don’t make me pick a favorite!

Control Force is Aveda’s firmest hold hairspray and offers long-lasting hold and humidity-defense for all hair types.  (Not that we need much humidity defense in the Sonoran Desert, but monsoon season is fast-approaching!)  It is also fast-drying and brushable, and contains UV filters and anti-oxidants. The calming aroma includes Bulgarian lavender, bergamot, palmarosa, and vetiver- but if you ask me, it smells like Lucky Charms marshmallows!

Where Control Force is firm, his sister Air Control is very flexible!  Air Control has a dry delivery, which is quite unique for a hairspray.  Another unique feature is the breakthrough pine resin technology that delivers hold. Most of the hype around Air Control, however, focuses on its yummy aroma.

What I love  most about both products is that they have a net-zero impact on the Earth’s climate. What does it mean to have a “net zero climate impact” you ask?  Well, in our day-to-day lives, we produce Carbon Dioxide emissions by burning fossil fuels (gas, coal, oil) for energy. CO2 is a Greenhouse Gas. Greenhouse gasses present in our atmosphere greatly affect the temperature of the earth, and the temperature of the earth greatly affects the life (plants, animals, you and me!) on it.  We can offset these emissions by funding projects that cause an equivalent reduction in greenhouse gas elsewhere. Aveda’s funds renewable energy through NativeEnergy to offset the CO2 emissions associated with the manufacturing, transportation and use of Aveda aerosol hairsprays.  Because the emissions are offset 100%, there is a net-zero climate impact!  Got it? 😉

When I polled our fans and followers on Facebook and Instagram, it was  pretty close, with Air Control taking a slight lead!  Most comments mentioned the aroma of Air Control, while the Control Force supports cited the incredible hold that it offers for their unruly locks.


The battle rages…James, Tucson Educator, and Mariah, Tucson Future Professional, battle climate impact (and each other) with their favorites!

So, have you picked a favorite yet?

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