10 Common Misconceptions About Beauty School

30 Oct 10 Common Misconceptions About Beauty School

Everyone comes to beauty school with a different story, a different background, and a different perspective. Sometimes we hear many different misconceptions about what our students thought beauty school would be like prior to attending. Some misconceptions might even make people feel afraid to look into beauty school careers, so we wanted to clear up ten of the most common misconceptions we’ve heard about beauty school!

1. Cosmetology is “just for women” & barbering is “just for men.”

While it is true that cosmetology classes are often dominated by women, and barbering classes are mostly dominated by men, it’s definitely not a rule. Regardless of what your gender is, you should absolutely choose the career you are interested in. Don’t let anyone dictate what type of career is right for you, there are many talented male cosmetologists and female barbers in the world!

2. Beauty school is for young people.

It is not uncommon to see young high school graduates making up the majority of beauty school students, but there are also many beauty professionals who have started their careers later in life. Some people even get a decade or two into their careers before deciding that they want to join the beauty industry. Just take a look at our director Anne’s beauty school journey. Beauty school is for people of all ages!

3. Beauty school is for people who are naturally gifted at cosmetology.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Beauty school is where you go to acquire new skills and talents with cosmetology. Whether you’ve been playing and styling hair for years, or are a novice interested in mastering hair, cosmetology school can be right for you. No matter your starting skill level, everyone has the opportunity to learn new things in beauty school.

4. You don’t have to go to beauty school to become a cosmetologist.

The laws regarding cosmetology licensure can vary between states, but in general you need to obtain your cosmetology license to practice as a professional cosmetologist. Having that license allows you to expand your scope of practice, offer advanced treatments, and makes finding employment significantly easier. We often have clients who come in because their hair was not properly colored, or they tried an at home hair dye thinking they could just apply it themselves, or have a friend apply it for them. There is so much more to cosmetology than simply applying hair color, and it often is necessary to have the proper licensure.

5. Cosmetology career options are limited.

It’s common for people to think that cosmetologists have to just work behind the chair cutting hair after beauty school, but that’s not true at all! Many people enjoy working behind the chair as a stylist or in the spa as an esthetician, and there are people who want their careers to take them somewhere else. As a beauty school graduate, you could:

  • Work as a platform artist.
  • Develop new beauty products.
  • Represent a beauty brand.
  • Own or manage a salon.
  • Specialize in your favorite treatment or service.
  • and many more.

Your career as a beauty professional is what you make of it, so dream big and do what you are excited and passionate about!

6. It doesn’t matter which cosmetology school you attend.

Most accredited cosmetology schools teach similar topics that are required by the state for preparation for the licensing exam, but that’s where the similarities end. Each school can use different product partners, a unique culture, offer other additional training, certifications, and more. Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes, for example, teach using the Aveda product line and being a part of the Aveda network can open opportunities a graduate from another school might not have. Be sure to tour the schools you are investigating to learn more about the culture and unique opportunities and courses from each.

7. Beauty school is easier/harder than traditional schooling.

Cosmetology school is definitely different from traditional schooling. Many people struggle in high school because the classroom learning environment doesn’t work as well for them. Beauty school is unique because students begin in a classroom setting and transition into a completely hands-on environment. Many students who struggled in high school often find that beauty school speaks more to their learning style, which makes the learning process easier for them. Beauty school can also be challenging, because you really do get out of it what you put into it. If you want the most out of cosmetology school, you need to be open to learning and trying new things, and making sure you thrive.

8. Beauty school is too expensive.

Cosmetology students come from many different backgrounds, and every school has different pricing, so “expensive” means different things for each student. This is why school accreditation is important, because it allows beauty schools to allow federal financial aid options for their students. That, and good schools generally have an admissions staff or advisor who can help make beauty school happen.

9. Beauty professionals don’t make a lot of money.

Similar to the misconception about the limitation on career options, there are people who believe that beauty professionals don’t make much money. The truth is that cosmetologists have a great deal of freedom to control how much they earn. There are some people who want to become cosmetologists so they can work a few hours a week to help make ends meet, while others really hustle and spend most days working with clients from sun up until sun down. What you make is determined by how hard you’re willing to work and how well you can build your clients, as well as what you do with your education after beauty school. Attending different courses throughout beauty school will also open additional avenues of making money.

10. You have to be creative to go to beauty school.

Beauty school can be home to all kinds of thinkers and personality types! Cosmetology allows people to choose things they are good at and specialize in them, which means that if you are a creative, colorful, and artistic individual, you can specialize in hair color and spend your career working creatively. You can also spend your time doing updos, working on the runway, or specializing in vibrant colors and trending hairstyles. If you’re more logical, personable, and structured, you could specialize in something like eyelash extensions or classic haircuts where creativity doesn’t play as much of a role. Beauty school offers so much to students, so you can find something that resonates with who you are! Wondering if your personality is fit for cosmetology? Take our quiz to find out!

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